I Made a Jet Pack! (ONE DAY BUILD)

Pubblicato il 15 ago 2019
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We threw together a quick jet-belt using two Kingtech micro jet turbines! It produces 74kg of thrust! If we get a third jet engine... or a lighter pilot... we'll be able to fly! But for now... Real life double jump?! I can't believe we have our own jetpack now...
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  • Try to make a zora tunic from breath of the wild. The increased swim speed so try to water proof the belt.

  • Mark rober : I made a captain America shield Hacksmith: hold my beer

  • Next step Advanced warfare jetpacks (Minus the dashing)

  • yo i need gear for the area 51 raid

  • Why dont u make a flying vehicle with those.... It can give more stabilisation.... Use more get packs to fly really

  • Neighbor: hey could you keep it down Me: not really I have jets strapped to my waist and I'm jumping around my yard Neighbor: yeah yeah yeah whatever just keep it down

  • To be honest, filming with the pixel 3a is better because it has better colour focus

  • Make a daredevil suit

  • Get someone who has a high jumping record to try it lmao.

  • Is the phone pixeled like a android

  • You should make misterio

  • Make chewbaccas crossbow

  • this reminds me of the movement from titanfall

  • No entiendo nada pero igual están enteresantes

  • Do u mean we made a jetpack ur friends

  • hes tony stark. only a few more years till he starts making nukes

  • Jump from a building

  • im seeing a very titanfall style thing developing here. i would suggest adding some gyros on a series of motors to make a sort of auto stabilisation system. even in a different module like backpack. might make it easyer to control if you want to continue this project.

  • pilot, your titans almost ready, hang in there

  • jump off the roof

  • i told you to do titanfall jetpack

  • Also, I would love to see you try and make the most powerful phone in the world. For example, being able to play ark at 60 fps and above.

  • I've got to admit, the picture quality stayed consistent and clear but I could definitely hear a difference in mic quality. And the colour was a bit less vibrant. Anyways luv the vids. You are the reason I am studying d and t, math, and computer studies at school.

  • Is no one gonna comment about JT’s boner while he had the suit on?

  • Will you be selling these

  • No lie but

  • Hack Smith’s looks like Dr Strange

  • Looks like apex legends

  • He looks like mister fantastic with the silver on the side of his hair.

  • Why not just do Fixed-mounts on the legs, and have a throttle on a glove, leaving hands free to maneuver and grapple?

  • The real of the legend of aang

  • wall run wall run wall run wall run :D

  • I spotted the difference.......

  • If he tilted like 10 degrees too much he Will go helicopter

  • 'Do not attempt to recreate anything shown in this video' yeah i would if i had a fricking Jetpack

  • Maybe you guys could try running with the jetpack by leaning it forward

  • You aint given up with the iron man project

  • Is one of your guys Australian

  • hi there i have a few suggestions for u to improve it i think :D cus of your belt u don't have a good grip to ur jet belt u need something more stiff to handle that actually u need to improve ur belt with some wearable iron brace second is the handle for ur jets with 90 degrees handle u can't control it cus u can easily lose control by twisting one of ur arms u have to think of something else to handle that

  • Titanfall jumpkit anyone?

  • This is like the jet pack on the back of Titanfall 2 pilot

  • This is android jet pack so move out of the way iphone

  • Wish I could try that out

  • Pilotwings is real

  • I love the fail

  • I can see exactly when the video switch took place BUT it is very subtle. I could see you getting away with just these phones for any location it was too difficult for a bigger setup. I bet the average person would have a very hard time telling the difference. I can only tell because we have both in one video and was told to look for it. Could you set this up again with a vectored thrust system? Then you wouldn't need to have the engines mounted in such a awkward location.

  • The quality is a lot better

  • The google pixel is more darker

  • The real man who deserves red IT-tvs button 👍👍✌✌😞

  • If these people don’t go down in history I do not know why they won’t.

  • **Google sponsors** Me: **watches with a pixel 3a**

  • he doesent fly

  • Awesome jet pack

  • There is a slight difference in the audio

  • So what you’re telling me is that this video has a kinda jump kit from Titanfall lol

  • Me: sees a disclaimer not to try this also me: awwwwwwww again also me: wait only so many people can build a jetpack

  • He made a jump kit from titanfall 2

  • I have a suggestion if u have 2 more jet engine u can fly i can assure u that u can fly u need to find out that how much pound can one engine pull up.... N i m a big fan of ur channel i also just start my IT-tvs channel so please help me out what should i do to increase more subcriber

  • Funny thing is, this might be a couple hundred dollars in the future 😂

  • Need a lighter pilot?, I weigh 102 pounds so sign me up!