I made $10000 Making Trap Beats on my IPad Using Beatmaker 3 + [Tutorial]

Pubblicato il 7 mag 2019
1:02 How I made 10k Making Beats
2:55 Beatmaker 3 Tutorial
Beatmaker 3, in my opinion, is the best beat making app on IPad. Very Simple to use with a ton of options and features to make professional beats. Its only 24.99! And, Yes I did make $10k on beats I had made using this app! Hope you enjoy the Video/ Tutorial.
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  • In todays capitalism era, I find it hard to believe you weren't getting paid for this awesome tutorial.. by BeatMaker Company

  • Wow man very good video hats off to you :), i did buy and downloaded the Beatmaker 3, love it and very fast, but i would like to ask you where did you download the Looper Man samples, it's not in the store is it, if so how can i access it please? and i noticed you have others also in your Imports folder, please can you share where do they come from? Keep up the awesome videos 10/10.

  • Buy a Bluetooth mouse for iPad. I got mine on amazon

    • Good stuff. I forgot about the ios13 Bluetooth mouse support and the timing of this video

    • This video was made before the update with mouse support, but I use mouse now 👍🏾

  • Let’s talk about the quality of this damn tutorial tho

  • Great vid man, just wondering, what iPad version is that?

  • This video is gold. Thank you man

  • Straight to the point a very dope and informative tutorial thx Bro!!! Gotta cop this

  • Great video. Really enjoyed that tutorial!

  • Is this on iPhone too?

  • This was pretty cool. Thanks.

  • Great tutorial!

  • Bro even if I never get beat maker 3 I subscribed because the video was fire.

  • anyway. . . .

  • You can now use a mouse!

  • love the tutorial dude ! sick studio !

  • what drum kit did you get that kick ?


    • 😂 I guess that’s why I’m Cocky 😂😂😂😂

  • With all the one shots kits out now, you could make melodies from scratch on there.

  • This is exactly the video I was looking for! As a more “traditional Songwriter“ I’ve been looking for ways to make more modern beats adding the instruments that I play and have more fun with my music… Thanks again! :-) G

  • Please make more iPad Pro tutorials for making beats . Liked and subbed .

  • Anybody got any references where i can learn how to use the mpc x, i got one but am overwhelmed with all the feautures but i guess thats a good thing

  • this some heat no cap

  • Nice program...👍🏿

  • Yo! those 808 kicks are bangin... do those come with the beatmaker or are those your own imported kicks?

  • That’s shit wavy asfk my guy ! ✊🏽

  • Sheesh, I appreciate you putting this out here very helpful bruh.

  • Nice tutorial 🔥

  • Man this beat is dope as fuck!

  • 10000 dolars?

    • Yup...Check out Taylor Girlz EP, I produced whole EP when they signed to RCA. Tell me which two songs I produced on BM3👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾 music.apple.com/us/album/who-are-those-girlz-ep/1203864893

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    • That’s what I like!! Promote Promote Promote!!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Thanks for this tutorial it helps me out a lot due to the fact that i am new to this. Where do u find your sample loops to use with beatmaker 3?

  • I am going to try beat master 3 looks good I liked your tutorial it will be helpful for the beginner like me.

  • Talented

  • Great video, great beats! You just sold me on this app.

  • Hey brother i have a question have you ever worked with making hip hop instrumentals without the use of a computer and how was that expeircnce i am loving more and more the idea of scratching down to the bare essentials of music and the raw power it had when hip hop was first introduced. Very intriqued but also at a loss with information on where to exactly start i hope to one day be in a respect field with the ogs

    • @Bolo Da Producer thats awesome man. Brother to brother what would you suggest I start with as a person. I feel personaly if i start with all the new tech I might spoil something for myself that im unaware of. And have you ever done any classes on this type of work or overall are you just self made. Thank you for responding much respect brother

    • Yes I still use some of my old keyboards and my MPC 2500 from time to time. I still enjoy making beats with the computer. It just sounds a lot bigger and the experience is great 👍🏾

  • I need some beats. Checc my songs out to see beats I been using. Im looking to purchase a nice sum of beats that's similar to the songs im Makin. Subscribe and write me if have similar beats to my music and tell me how much $$$ it-tvs.com/plid-PLSnCA40izIosR5aRwPvoPlmgfXiJARYP3

  • coming from an still using the MPC software, this here is just BANANAS, IM blown away at what in seeing bro, WHAT THE F!@#$, YO I GOTTA GRAB ME AN IPAD, just so i can try this software, thnks bro, this was very in lighting..

  • sick like a boss

  • this video sold me on buying beat maker 3, they need to cut you a check lol

  • and dam, these are loops.. who is paying for this?

    • It’s not just loops. This is just a tutorial. I holds vsts as well. Do the research b4 to comment

  • i remember going to sears and seeing keyboards in the electronics section. you would push a button and make a beat.. this is that..

    • If you watch some of my other videos you’ll see that as well

  • Is there an android version of this?

  • A combination of mixpad and fl studio.

  • Of course i find this after just buying fl studio mobile

    • hit up apple and they will refund you, just say you aint mean to buy it

    • Lol FL mobile is decent too. I did a video making a beat on it

  • Mingo let me get that !

  • Super simple and dope....gotta try it

  • Bolo you get making Bangers 🔥🔥🔥for The Taylor Girls

  • Thank you for explaining especially me being new n just wanted to give it a go I know nothing about making music can u tell me the best place to down load the tunes or beats music from thanks for awesome video

  • You make it look so easy huge props!


  • Sick

  • WOW, this is so impressive

  • H

  • I have fl mobile though.

  • Damn. Only on iPad?

  • Beamaker or garageband for iPads

  • This is impressive.

  • where can I get samples from?

  • Great video. Also you sound like the game

    • @Bolo Da Producer my son is interested in beat production he's 12 we have a launch pad but it's difficult to make beats with the standard package. Can i drop you an email?

    • Lol and thanks

  • Nice👍👍