I'm Switching To The Galaxy Note 10

Pubblicato il 19 ago 2019
Galaxy Note 10+ (USA Link) - amzn.to/2YYcy29
Galaxy Note 10 (International) - geni.us/BBDNkXu
The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 (Note 10 Plus) represents Samsung's latest flagship smartphone offering. The Note series remains the only mainstream smartphone release to include a stylus (S-Pen). I'll be switching to the Galaxy Note 10+ from the OnePlus 7 Pro.
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  • The Samsung Galaxy Z-Fold - it-tvs.com/tv/video-eyuN5SHV-js.html

    • Ninja_turtle_rafael@

    • I um can I please have a phone I have a Motorola and I need a new phone plzzzz

    • ❌ No Headphone Jack means No Purchase and More money saved for next phone

    • It’s a lot of $$$, but my Samsung store in Edmonton is sold out of the Note10+ already. Was just there today. Came home with the regular Note10 :/

    • @ILogic 1 a

  • Who's watching this video from Samsung Galaxy Note10/10+?

  • Why does it matter so much about a minuscule hole punch at the TOP of your phone, the screens huge and you’re going to be staring at the top edge of your phone?

  • Where is the follow up to this? What do you think of the Note10?

  • *My phone:* Samsung S3 I've had since january 2013 *Also my phone:* Battery lasts 40 minutes full use. Freezes, shuts down, glitches, no volumen buttons, no turn on button, can't even hear music from the speakers *The phone I want: T H A T* *My bank account:* barely 20$ *My eyes:* tearing Don't get me wrong, my Samsung's the best, You know what means 7 years and the screen is not broken??? I should be on guinnes records.

    • @A. Hahabas lol

    • @Paperybasher334 I'm talking human territory here, not Astral devices made by cosmiccreatures to prevail everlastingly

    • My Nokia: im about to end this whole man career

  • Could get your old phone

  • I got the note 10+ 5G. No regrets

  • I just bought the Note 10 Plus 5g tonight. The AKG headphones aren't great. Get Mopow Flame 2. So much better

  • It lost the headphone jack so it also lost me 🙃

    • @iiDonutGamezz 35 Tge end is near 😂

    • @MK 24 Lol idk and idc

    • is the battery life good ? how many hours screen on time? Which resolution? Dark mode on of off ?

    • I wasn't happy with that either - but I've had the Note10+ for over a month now and it is incredible -- its dimensions and weight are very close to the S7 Edge but specs/performance are worlds apart

  • One feature the note 10 plus doesnt have is you cant listen to music via USB in your car or play spotify via usb in your car, you would think a 1200 dollar phone would be able to iPhone 7 could do that just fine. Oh and the bluetooth is terrible all it does I stutter, piece of shut phone I already regret switching from an iphone to cheap ass android

  • I switching to ...SAMSUNG

  • Why do you look like you hate it in the thumbnail

  • 0:59 If you watched all the Samsung note 10 ads on YT, this will anoy you "iTS tiME tO cHanGe"

  • Now every one change to galaxy

  • Month later: samsung galaxy 10 has problems

  • Something weird with this video. I opened the video according to the title, which is note 10, not note 10+ Note 10 has only 25W charge Note 10+ has until 45w charge, but in the package comes only 25w so you need to buy 45w separate Note 10 has only 3500 mah Note 10+ has 4300 mah Note 10 has note a cover case in the package Note 10+ does

  • this guy is rich but still care about few extra bucks

  • same thumbnail for the 10 smh lol

  • 3:53 you can charge your butt...😂

  • I just upgraded my note8 plus to the note10 plus. Samsung never disappoints. This phone is superb.

  • 2:24 oh man I loved

  • I like how you have to restart this phone every other day otherwise it turns into a piece of shit in your hand. or how the camera barely work in low lighting if it works at all. LOL

  • It's crazy how this guy is still using Note10+! It's been 2 months.. WOW.

  • The corners are too pointy

  • How can someone say the Samsung is ugly?? It's the most beautiful phone I've ever seen!😳 Maybe some haters.🤔😂

  • Unbox Therapy?? I thought i subbed to you months ago!!

  • Anyone else notice that accent change?

  • atleast you're not an iphone guy

  • Lew, where is the follow up video???

  • Samsung * MISTAKE No (Headphone Jack) No REASON not to go back to iPhone!

  • *I T S T I M E F O R A C H A N G E*

  • So uh, where's the review??

  • dont care if it is the best phone in the universe, no audio jack, no buy

  • I switched to Samsung it is better than IPhone REAL TALK 💯💯👌🏾

  • You switch phones like drawers

  • For everyone who whats to know the name of the color its chrome ITS FUCKING CHROME STOP USEN THE COP JOKES UR NOT EVEN FUNNY SHIT ITS CHROME

  • The color is too gay...

  • The whole note series is fantastic, all around beautiful phones.

  • Never ending tech.... phone tech are growing faster. Just use it till it broke to change by new one.

  • Switches to Note 10. Then never gives a review. 🙈

  • Switched phones on my bday

  • I got a question so I’m using an iPhone XS Max and am switching to Samsung note today which do I get note 10 or note 10 plus

  • I've had this phone for 2 months now and I can say Meh. My note 8 is just as good and has some better features. Note 10 still has some issues and the battery life is pretty crap. I was e expecting some upgraded battery but what a big disappointment.

  • Oh no pixel is the best remember why not the 4

  • where is the phone review? like after you used it for 2-3 weeks?

  • Just here for the corny and lame ass comments

  • I went from a Galaxy s3 to a iPhone, after the 7 plus I went for the note 9 and been happy since.

  • i wouldnt mind trading the S pen for a headphone jack

    • I wouldn't mind having both of them like on my Note 9 lol but I'll live I have a adapter that will be here in a couple of days.

  • Which phone are you using right now????????

  • No one: Unbox Therapy:I'm switching

  • It is time to change. I have been owned the same phone, since 2013, ( Samsung Galaxy S5 my first smart phone, still )

  • I was really happy with my Galaxy S6 and with O/S updates it did everything I needed, especially accessibility features including increasing text size. However, less than 3 yrs of me having it there are no more O/S updates. And then a few apps stopped reading my system settings and I have ended up with to y text that I can't read, that used to be magnified , in Spotify, Amazon, Netflix, Wikipedia, Adobe and many other apps. When I've contacted developers to tell them I've no longer got the ability to read text on their apps they tell me they've got no intention of changing their typeface/font size and I should be able to do it in my settings. They tell me if I'm no longer getting Android updates then their apps are not optimised for my Device. With a hand disability and vision problems I it will sex my phone a lot. Looks like I'll be forced to upgrade nd I'd like the Note 10 but the expense is out of the question. I wonder as wrll whether perhaps something in the latest Android update is blocking the reading of the device accessibility settings? For example, does your Note10+ show Spotify content with very small text that isn't a heading? I don't want to keep updating when there's nothing actually wrong with my phone and it saddens me that the market is forcing me to discard atetiald, take more ftom the planet whilst increasing everyone's carbon footprint. Even the "eco" options of phone only have older Android versions and promise updates gor 2 yrs. I ferl the speed of updating hardware should slow down. I'm trying, but it's very frustrating that I have to use a manual magnifying glass to be able to read anything on my phone or tablet. Would updating to the Note 10 make any difference to my accessibility anyway? Excuse my typos. IT-tvs is another app where I can't magnify my text.

  • The best mobile

  • I have both the note10 plus and the iphone promax. I'm not a youtuber, just a regular person. One is for work and the other is for person (although I do switch between the two based on my mood because I love both). Apples ecosystem is hands down the most flawless OS in any smartphone. For that reason alone, I'll always own an iphone. It's a bonus that it's also pretty powerful. However, I hate how limited it is in comparison to the note10 plus. On the note, not only do you have a stylus but you can also customize fonts, your home screen, etc. Both phones have great pros and cons.

  • I was a fan of the notes but once they took away the jack I switched to the 11 pro max.

    • Because the 11 pro max has a headphone jack right? Your logic is so flawed.

  • Haha you android users

  • So can I have your old phone if you ain't using it??

  • this guy and Marques Brownlee are the most confused morons on youtube.. dont buy iphone . dont buy samsung note

  • I hate how all the new phone have the edge screens, which are absolute garbage! They crack so easily...I've been loyal to Samsung for a long time...but with the new screens and the phone prices...and the garbage new plans for phones...I probably going to look for an alternative on my next purchase...6 months that's how long my screen lasted...absolute garbage!

  • I don't know why people switch phones every year... It's not like they are completely different. Why change a phone that works just as good?