Pubblicato il 5 ott 2019
I'm so excited to be back in Sri Lanka!
Info about the TukTuk Tournament: www.tuktukrental.com/steveyalo
Is it safe to travel Sri Lanka? - it-tvs.com/tv/video-ua7JImoOd5Q.html
My Sri Lanka video series: it-tvs.com/plid-PLNITEhd54UEbaPFAO7ETKMK7tFzhhQoRX
Comment below any suggestions for things to do in Sri Lanka :)
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  • Karma tells there is a need in your heart, and I see in your eyes regret, I am your Yoda, at 3 times your age I will do 3 standing back flips for every one you do, on any said beach. follow your heart. only your brain will tell you that you can, or can not achieve of your dreams. Let me bring you back in time, Sri Lanka up on the rock alone meditating. I know of your thoughts this day. Karma can be fixed or repaired, but you should never let it rest. at the very least try to fix it as soon as you can. this action will help your brain and heart to rest. Karma tells me our paths will cross. but you will be in to much of a hurry. All my best Stevo! Yoda Tom. Love your work.

  • Editing is hard work.

  • well come sri lanka

  • Ayyubovan Srilanka 🇱🇰🇱🇰🇱🇰🇱🇰

  • Hey.. i'm also from srilanka, southern province.. welcome to 🇱🇰 sri lanka.. 🙏

  • Very interesting travel.

  • Dude the reason everyone's friendly in Sri Lanka is cos they want your money, or some white pussy or a visa to ur country. Thats all.

  • Welcome to my Home town of Mount Lavinia

  • 'AYUBOWAN ' welcome back

  • Thanks for visiting sri lanka visit kandy also such a nice place hill country tuk tuk every where

  • There are two nature parks in the area where the parliament is located. Called "Diyasuru park" and "Baddegana wetaland park". And "Ape gama" tries to depict how our villages were functioning may be 2-3 generations back. Parliament building is also nice to look at from a distance.

  • Glad to see ya again here in Sri Lanka 😊

  • Love to see you back in Sri Lanka. Enjoy Steve! You're there in the middle of an election, I'm sure you'll get to see the circus up close and personal. I'm jealous 😂

  • Welcome back to Srilanka, Have a good time

  • welcome man 🙏

  • Welcome back to Sri-lanka.

  • Check out this link there have go kart racing near to colombo it-tvs.com/tv/video-y3cl84jcdg8.html I wish you can win this tuk tuk title. Yes in colombo you can go Damro Mall there have few entertainment thing which is like gaming 🎮.. Also there's have ever weekend colombo street food festival. Have many beach parties on saturday night 💃 💃 (Mt. Lavinia is best)

  • Forwarding an Invitation for a Lunch at my home if you are able.

  • You are welcome back

  • You know that coconut is actually cheaper than most of the places in sri lanka!! For rs 50..

  • ❤❤❤❤

  • Good timing dude.... You just came right on the election period 😂

  • Welcome to the paradise island.

  • I’m in south but have to come to colombo From tomorrow onwards as my vacation is over 😪 Welcome Back 😉 And thank you for comings ❤️

  • So good to have you back..awaiting for all those amazing videos 🤙

  • Where's the patreon at? I'd totally invest in you.

  • Hi Steve .. How are you doing... Warmly welcome you!!

  • Welcome to Sri Lanka bro! By the way if you would love to experience some street food in Colombo I recommend you to head towards Aluthkade/Hulftsdorp street, especially during night hours it's buzzing with variety of choices. Check the below link and enjoy your stay in the beautiful Island of Sri Lanka. roar.media/english/life/srilanka-life/half-a-century-and-counting-hulftsdorps-unique-culinary-offerings/

  • Gall face you should go.

  • Oooh woow. Welcome brother 😍

  • I'll subscribe if you do more as in MORE tuk tuk videos like the tuk tuk challenge tournament

  • Srilanka--Europe again srilanka and New York again srilanka 🤩

  • Ohh bro you are back again. let's do it man.

  • Welcome back yo! :D Totally missed the release day of the video. Would have told you about a few places to enjoy colombo, mostly beer or coffee spots though xD

  • Hi Steve can you go to the villages of walpola and batuwatte about 10 miles north of Colombo

  • Welcome back we love ❤️ you

  • Because of you I'm also entering the TukTuk tournament! Keen as to meet up in person, I'll be arriving to Colombo on the 17th October. See you there🤙

  • Are you in love with Sri Lanka?

  • Hey man! This is Brandon. Cassie and I just put down our deposit for the Tuk tuk tournament, so we’ll see you in a couple weeks! Just wanna make sure it’s the right one though.. it’s from October 20th to November 1st, and is partially sponsored by red bull, right? There’s a few tuk tuk events in Sri Lanka, as I’m sure you know. Haha.

    • Nvm. Just read our confirmation email for the reservation, and it mentions tuk tuk rental as the main company behind this. Sounds like we signed up for the right one! Super pumped for this, and thanks so much for sharing the info.

  • This one gonna missed you, #budgeteer❤️ Much luv from🇱🇰 yalo❤️

  • Greetings from Austin, Tx long time viewer , Will be glad to support you on Patreon , You turned around from your walk in front of my high school . It stretches from that point to the sea in Mount Lavinia

    • Thanks for offering your support, Ken! That's so crazy that I passed your high school.

  • As u say you’ve only scratched the surface of India, you’ve got to back!!!!!

  • try kurunegala. no one comes :( but a lot to visit

  • welcome back to Sri Lanka 🇱🇰, I guess you can hike Adams peak and singharaja rain forest 🌳 this time , just an idea 💡 it’s the off season but will be fun to climb it

  • Welcome back in SRI Lanka. Waiting to see interesting videos around the island!

  • WeeBeee parekoy! Me thinks you needs some yumyum Jollibee in your tumtum brah!👍 (Time for another adventure in the P.I.?)

  • Welcome Back to Our Home!!! Travel safe !!

  • Steve’s got a lankan fever👍🏻

  • Love from Sri Lanka

  • Why did you come again,

  • wait what, That coconut is even cheaper than i get being a local ha ha the cheapest i got was rs.80

    • Ernest Hester lets See surely will Do

    • hey Jeremy, you should collab with this guy. I’d like to see what adventure you two can do for your viewers. 👍🏼

    • U r right bro, ur buddy Dale's previous to foot accident v log he walks around Colombo & buying coconut in two places for Rs 70 & 80.

  • 9:16 try Little Star’s food. They are tasty

  • Welcome back man!

  • There’s a lot to do in Colombo. Street food, sightseeing, museum of Colombo, the zoo, beaches. (I’m Sri Lankan and from Colombo but I currently live overseas in Auckland, New Zealand.)

    • I forgot to mention my dad owns s gem and jewellery shop if you’re into that stuff. Let me know

  • 👍🇱🇰🇱🇰👍👍❤️👍👍🇱🇰🇱🇰👍❤️

  • can Sri Lankans participate in that game?

  • Welcome back to Sri Lanka Steve. But I can see one or two dirty politicians pasted their election posters everywhere in Colombo city. Let's force them to stop these stupid work and keep Colombo city clean.

  • Well come back 💚💚

  • suuuuuuperb...