I Lived Like Casey Neistat for 7 Days

Pubblicato il 7 giu 2019
For seven days Jake and I tried to live like Casey Neistat. We copied his routine, waking up at 5AM, working out by 7AM, and being in the office at 9AM, with the hope to channel his productivity.
I can't believe he lives like this. It was an exhausting, but a lot of work got done.
Last week's video in Santa Cruz: bit.ly/2XvLbI6
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Some other people who did the challenge
Sorelle Amore: bit.ly/31hXlXx
Ben Morris: bit.ly/2QOKF5x


  • The awkward moment when you post the video solely about having a strict work schedule 3 days late…

  • Good video man, just a little tip: Try not to go too hard with the LUTS, the colours don't look natural most of the time

  • I’m so surprised that your videos don’t have more views. These are amazing, creative, and bring a huge smile to my face. I was born and still live in Santa Cruz and it’s really interesting to see it in a different light. Keep up the great content, the time you spend on it really pays off. Lots of love :)

  • Очень рад что нашел этот канал, очень вдохновляет. Hello from Belarus !)

  • stick with it bro, your channel is going to keep growing

  • 8:12 ahaha, wrong. Casey would not stop at red lights.

  • *Come On* Where's Everyone??😭

  • I love the video where you scroll through Instagram and land on a random picture & go to wherever it was taken ❤️❤️❤️ please do more of them!

  • Im wondering why u dont have more subs. After I saw the vid, I tought u have at least 2 mil subs. But why.

  • please tell what camera gear and software you use for editing.

  • Cool

  • Your content is so owesome

  • What do u use to edit your videos?

  • 3:07 .... what kinda coffee is that lol looks nice and strong for an early morning

  • Damn, this guy is both hawt and talented AF. He's got lots of potential! Rarely do you see these two characteristics come together. Here before he hits 10K.

    • Joe Morales, he is gone way past 10k, I subbed right after watching his Apple one witch had like 1k views at the time, I watched the whole thing thinking he had millions of subs

  • the concept is so cool! good job man, keep things up!

  • Such good content for a small channel

  • Dude, how do you not have more subs?!? This was awesome, man, keep it up, you'll be famous in no time!

  • Another Great Video!

  • What an end to the video!! haha (couldn't really enjoy the vid due to crappy internet, but liked it anyways) Quantity over quality or quality over quantity is confusing. I don't understand what to prefer or whether it should be a balance. I guess balance is the logically correct choice, but FOMO sucks and you feel like doing everything and that leads to a bigger mess. I basically called quantity over quality a 'mess', but it varies (as in IT-tvs). Balance is difficult and I guess FOMO is a big reason for it. Currently trying to battle FOMO in college life (idk whether to devote more time to personal goals or to join college committees and build a social network and some different skills), Andrew, so this video brought out that confusion to the fore of my mind once again... Any opinions?

    • If you're asking for an opinion on college life, I'd say focus on the community and social aspect! There's plenty of time after college to work on personal goals (that's where I am now) but I would have regretted not taking part in college society.

  • Awesome video !

  • You deserve more views, man. Your videos are great! I hope you make it big soon, keep working hard and you’ll definitely make it. Keep up the great work.

    • Thanks Albert! We got a lot more on the way. Hope to hear from you next week!

  • Good to see another video! You're getting there. You just need the algorithm to pick you up. Keep doing what you're doing and you'll be there in no time.

    • Thanks Luc! I really appreciate the support. Another video coming up on Monday!