I haven't eaten this food in 20 YEARS...

Pubblicato il 20 ott 2019
20 Years later and I'm finally able to try this food again... In this video I relive my childhood by trying one of my dad's favorite snacks: LIMBURGER CHEESE! Let's review this strange food and see if it brings back some memories!
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Early on in my childhood my dad introduced me to Limburger Cheese Spread on Triscuits. I loved it. Despite the fact that this is a SUPER STINKY CHEESE I just couldn't get enough of it! However, when I was about 10 years old Kraft stopped making this particular delicacy much to my dad's disappointment. Fast forward to 2019 and I may have found a replacement for that long lost favorite food. Let's see my reaction to my childhood favorite snack! How will I react? Will I still like it? Or will it be gross?
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  • Serious radiation sickness can occur at 200-400, that cup is literally leathal

  • He has an atomic teacup.. and isn't reporting it to tje government..

  • So with the figs, a certain species of wasp will lay eggs, which hatch in the figs, but as the fruit ripens it actually digests the wasp larvae.

  • Protest that we should have this just for mark to enjoy would be amazing, not really trying to protest but it should be back.

  • Food is therapy

  • Newtons Fig? No thanks, I'll just stick with Newfoundland's traditional Purity products.

  • I love the radioactive pottery part

  • Ain’t no radiation like Chernobyl

  • why tf am I crying?! (ಥ ͜ʖಥ)

  • When he took that first bite It felt like I was looking into his memory with him it was so relatable i really felt that

  • Mark I'm pretty sure you are going to die.

  • Mark just had a Ratatouille moment.

  • Hello! I am also a Mark. This video hit me really hard. I also lost my dad when I was very young, when I was between 9 and 10. He was my hero and meant the world to me. The two snacks we would have were potted meat on a saltine, and vienna sausages. This brought me to those memories, in a time when I really needed it. My lovable wonderful kitten passed away a few days ago, and I was let go from my work. Thank you. Thank you for giving me a reason for happy tears!

  • My grandma always had fig newtons in a cookie jar along with her homemade oatmeal cookies good memories 🙂

  • Mark: C H E E S E Everyone: *sobs*

  • You got slimmer

  • Wake's up the next day with a 2nd purple dick because the radiation

  • Great I hate fig newtons now Question Mark can you be my dad

  • “This was f’ed by a wasp!?” Markiplier 2019

  • Me realizing I can't really remember anything from 4 years ago or further on no :( and I'm 12

  • He’s like a little kid again at 10:39

  • Why did you say Wisconsin like that lol is that how you this we Wisconsinites talk?

  • 6:34 👌🏻Got’ Em!OOOOOOOHHH!!!

  • i signed a petition i found to get it but they aren't even close to the goal yet

  • Has sad moment 2 seconds later “that was weird “

  • Let’s all bring it back!

  • Mark I’m sure you’re dads proud of you for doing what you love

  • Did anyone else just feel really happy watching this?

  • god damn right wisconsin! wheres my wisconsin homies at?

  • You should really get rid of the cup even if you're fine right now. It's just a cup. A plain, stupid orange cup. It's not worth the risk.

  • 2000 means tell the government amy!!!!


  • Mark:"I just remembered my dad getting so pissed off he jumped up and smacked the fire alerm off" Me: +laughs with mark+ :,)

  • We love you mark ❤️❤️❤️ keep up the amazing content brother I love your content I love everything about your content it’s so amazing every last thing bout your content is perfect and just wanna say I love you bro keep it up ❤️❤️❤️

  • Kraft: Brings back limburger spread Mark's Dad: *comes back to life* yo, where the fuckin' cheese mark! did you eat all the cheese!?

  • Yeet that fucking cup out the window now. Preferably before you turn into a fucking ghoul.

  • The whole thing with your father smacking the smoke alarm reminds me of a scene from Modern Family. *"I detected your ass getting kicked!"*

  • This was very nice until I had a New Vegas flashback

  • I am actually crying right now. This is such a touching and emotional video. Makes me think about my childhood. Excuse me, I need to go cry while eating my childhood favourite food while watching my favourite cartoon. EDIT: In case you are curious, the food I am talking about is actually a beverage. Frostie Blue Cream Soda. Stuff tastes like bubble gum mixed with cream soda. I loved that stuff as a kid. Mark, you should try it.

  • Brie is the best cheese No competition

  • 911 dislikes...?!

  • "Oh it's just the Uranium" Bring on Fallout 5 and the new main quest to De-radiate Amy's pottery

  • I may actually try this because I love strong cheeses

  • whats on oct 30?

  • why is the wall talking?

  • I like it but at the same time i grew up with my grandparents who were stationed in Germany i also like liver worst

  • Yeah dont have that radium cup... be careful and wash your hands

  • I think what mostly got me on this video was how nostalgic Mark seemed, made me remember some of the things I did as a child, and some of the things I wanted to but never did as a child, too. Made me want to go do those things now since I was never able to have those memories.

  • I'm a basic b***h and I replayed & replayed and laughed my butt off when ya said "mcbrain " and ya big nose

  • I want to eat cheese bruh

  • For a while I thought I was the only one who had food memories. Its the weirdest feeling... Like... Your just eating a food, and suddenly your reliving the time you jumped out a window with an umbrella or got a fishing hook through your thumb. It's so wierd...

  • 2:35 is he talking about ratatouille?

  • You started tearing up because you miss your dad. That’s a good sign

  • Do y’all drink out of that atomic cup

  • If your dad is still alive wold you take this to him so he cold eat it also

  • Dammit Mark ya made me cry....

  • And all this time I thought limburger was a burger with limbs in it... welp...

  • honestly get rid of the cups!!

  • Mark you should visit your old house

  • Fig newton's are the best!!