I Handcuffed my Ex-Girlfriends Together for 24 Hours...

Pubblicato il 11 mar 2019
That was SO awkward...
I decided to handcuff both of my ex-girlfriends, Molly and Kaelyn, together for 24 hours.. And it was the worst idea ever!!
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If you read this far down the description I love you


  • Brian: Who are these weirdo's? Me: Two weirdo's you loved and decided to date ;) LOL

  • 5:05 to 5:07 Look at molly's t*ts

  • What the hell the camera is so wierd

  • This is stupied!!!

  • money

  • 3412

  • Is it just just me or does molly look so tall.Even compared to them.Its probably her heels.

  • i bet there's handcuffs

  • Molly is defiantly flirting with faze

  • without a doubt in my mind, Kaelyn is a better match for rug

  • Am I the only person who realizes how much molly doesn't like Kaelyn, right when Kaelyn walked into the room molly got sad. WHY KAELYN WHY! Not to mention Molly is a perfect body girl who is also hot and Kaelyn looks like pennywise when she smiles and is out of shape BIG TIME! ITS SCARY!

  • Rug plz get back with molly like for rug to see

  • molly's so hot

  • I like Molly better

  • 14:37 that thing that's so funny like me and molly getting along

  • 7:30 Why does molly look at Noah like that.

  • Rug: Dated Molly and she is his Ex Me:”How !?!?!?”

  • Ouji board I guess

  • Faze rug just wants girls to fight for him BRO LOOK AT YOUR FACE YOUR NOT HOT

  • Hi

  • When mama rug asked molly and kaelyn if everything is all right. When they said yes, I think they were just tryna be sarcastic, like if u agree

  • There is no way Brian kept pressing that spot on Molly’s body twice just to end the FaceTime 🍑

  • They are GONNA FIGHT!!!

  • I like Molly and Kaitlyn

  • The combination is 3412 ok Faze Rug

  • She has a millionaire boyfriend but she wears Nmds

  • Money

  • Could’ve split the money lol

  • How did you know its a 10000 dollars without even counting them

    • Obvious they counted the money before the video think about it

  • You have a tall Ex and Short Ex 😂😂

  • Every body sub to me plz I have 0 subs

  • Molly is hot

  • Yes

  • I love the video so far

  • I like kaelyn's outfit

  • Money and handcuffs I think

  • Molly is so darn unfair. Kaylen couldnt even do her thing.

  • kaelyn built like gruuuuu but shes chill mollys hot but she seems bitchy

  • Molly is to sassy I don’t like her

  • molly is nice

  • I can tell Molly was mad😂

  • Kaylen still like Brian for real she be hugging him all over her and Molly still like him to

  • Kaylen

  • Did anyone else hear kailyn say love you at 2:35?

  • 1234

  • 1342

  • Hi

  • Molly didn’t really like this

  • Money

  • Can we jus point out that Brian actually slept in bed with Molly?! Like 8 year old sleeping with a 18 year old. But did he sleep with Kaelyn is the question?!

  • I prefer kaelyn

  • Say sofa king fast

  • what happen next

  • you should date kaitlen again

  • was I the only one who heard Kaelyn say Love you very quietly at the end of the Facetime?

  • Rug: Is that $10,000? Me: How'd you know that without counting it? 'Cause you placed it there. (Most likely)

  • Let me famous then I will talk to you

  • How you left her

  • Who should get back together with faze rug Like molly Comment kaitlyn

  • how in the world you get your ex girlfriends do be nice to each other like that LOL!!!!!!