I Handcuffed my Ex-Girlfriends Together for 24 Hours...

Pubblicato il 11 mar 2019
That was SO awkward...
I decided to handcuff both of my ex-girlfriends, Molly and Kaelyn, together for 24 hours.. And it was the worst idea ever!!
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If you read this far down the description I love you


  • I like kaelyn more than Molly cuz she's just simple and nice and I ship them and Brian 😊

  • Why did it end like that

  • his voice is like Michael Jackson

  • Kaylen was kinda rude tbh

  • I wish they left rug there for 24 hours . Just kidding. But that would be a great challenge.

  • Molly gives me bitch vibes from the start

  • Lol they worked together.

  • oooo the tension at the beginning I can’t

  • Molly is hecka chill 😇

  • This ended very differently than I expected.

  • Kaylen is better because mollly is a gold digger why will she not date faze rug because faze rug is rich that’s why molly dated faze rug

  • 14:55 funny asf . Molly a G

  • Molly is funny asf for saying to go to the hair appointment.. lmao they was both pettyyyyyy hahahah

  • Molly we should fuck send me your number

  • idk why people say kaylen is better when her smile is fr some else its just unpleasing so 100% Molly is way better than kaylen lil baddie

  • They keep saying oh we need to go to the hairsolon on we need to work out!

  • Best ending ever so epic

  • Exs will be best friends

  • Molly is hotter and sexier than kaylean I wish I was her boyfriend

  • Molly is like 10 ft tall

    • bLAcK ChInA she wearing shoes with a heel

  • this is so cringey

  • "P ublic coments"

  • Molly gets her hair done Looks the same

  • Hor

  • 1 like: One long life for kaylen

  • Legends say that Rug spent the night in the arcade

  • damn!! The tension when Kaelyn walked in 😂

  • Why is no one pointing out how tall molly is

    • Scorch Trials i swear she got a huge growth spurt

  • faze is a bad actor lmfao

  • Honestly they really should be friends it might be wired at first but it would be so cool not even on camera but even off camera I think they would get along great ❤️😁 ( in my opinion )

  • Who do you like more. Molly or kaelyn

  • Kaelyn definitely carries more natural and genuine beauty inside and out😍

  • Kaylen is toooooo much better for rug

  • No offense but you have to bring back more molly and leave katelyn

  • Kaylen is sweet but i think molly has a great shape of body molly was so sexy

  • molly and kaylen are evil

  • Whoa loves faze rug me

  • :

  • The most awkward video I've ever seen 😂

  • Why didnt he put Kaelyns insta in the description..tf

  • No offense but Molly is lowkey way nicer and more chilled❤️

  • Please no hate on Molly or kaylen....they are both nice pretty..cute....Not gold diggers...........I was sroling down the comments and I saw some what hate comments of Molly or kaylen..just please don't hate them they are pretty nice that's all thank you for not hating on them.. Edit:sorry if I spelled something wrong

  • Rug:*Thirsty for Molly and kaylen* Me:*thirsty for more videos of faze rug* (No hate I promise) :› Edit: sorry if I spelled something wrong

  • Nice video

  • The ending was tuff

  • How is molly your ex girl

  • Best idea rug ima get 2 of my bitches and leash both them 🤣

  • bruh when i saw this vid ex- girlfriendS “S”

  • I wonder if they are still friends

  • Molly is a GOLD DIGGER

  • Kaylen know right then that he was gonna ask at 215 like I want them back together

  • Like not to be rude to molly but Kaylen is so freakin pretty why did your BREAK UP Brain!!!!! She is so pretty like her fashion is so cute!! She is so quiet and like more chill she is so pretty!!!!!!!

  • I'm loveing this video

  • 12:25

  • Molly and faze rug are the best

  • is it me or does it look like molly cut her forearm at 5:47

  • Looks like this challenge is going to backfire on you

  • I think its treasure

  • ˚✧₊⁎❝᷀ົཽ≀ˍ̮ ❝᷀ົཽ⁎⁺˳✧

  • Lol they low key hate each other😂