I guess you never saw him like that... | Drunk Albert

Pubblicato il 16 set 2019
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  • damn y did the vid end there. we should got a flashback jus then it was begining to look like a romance movie

  • i think its soo great they check if hes over his limit drink responsibly

  • Albert after entering 4th tails. 😂😂😂

  • I thought Lesley was getting married?

  • damn albert got that asian glow

  • Wait is Albert: Asian tanos

  • Albert got mad asian glow

  • the Asian glow in Albert is insane

  • You guys are too funny 😄

  • That song is everything

  • albie is so red

  • the song at the end was pretty wholesome. i’m not crying, you are *sniff sniff*

  • albert went from sending emails that rhyme? . . . to beating lily's guts up, that's a CHARACTER ARC

  • i cried

  • Albert has Asian glow wow

  • Lily is just plainly cruel

  • Gaaah! That email song got me in the feels! Hits me every time i listen to it

  • 8:37 i know that but i dont know from where help me T_T

  • I have the same problem as Albert, and it is not fun.

    • @chelo1523 pretty much the first drink you'll start feeling it. For me, drinking 1 drink is probably close to someone drinking 2-3.

    • But is it instantly ? Or you can take a few drink without getting betroot level

  • i play piano guitar games and i do artz

  • damn.. albert even has a pre-installed drunk-o-meter..

  • 1:59 XDD

  • 2:20 A boomer running away from a zoomer

  • albert is cringe lord

  • 6:41 I’m crying!! I wanna go play Zelda now 😭

  • albert said 🍅🍅🍅🍅🍅🍅🍅

  • Albert be lookin high asf on da daily

  • Dear god do we have a suburned albert or something o.o. His face is a redder as a tomato. *pats* lay down the booze boyie

  • Yo Albert is eating my fav chips

  • That song was so cute Lily

  • 1:25 he changed the card

  • im sick of having to hear lily sing at the end of every good video. SHEESH

  • *albie* *a magician never shows his secrets*

  • Lily is the most adorable hooman 😂

  • Oh my god Lily’s song of Albbie made my heart melt ❤️❤️😭😭

  • 1:55 sushi dragon is too fn cute AYAYA but seriously he's like that one friend who genuinely reciprocates any feeling you're feeling. If you're sad, they're super sad, if you're hyped, they're H Y P E D. What a wholesome dude Bonus meme : 7:52

  • Dammm Albert was so red ! Just like the hairs of Lili LMFAO !!

  • And people say Asians cannot be red Racist's

  • Albert i think you are sick bud

  • Wait.. the a albie song was so good

  • omg the song actually made me cry wtf

  • 8:44 wait whats the song Ive heard it somewhere :/

  • 5:49 what does albert say??

  • Alberts face was legit purple

  • Scarra are you awake

  • 7:35 When you want the weekend to start but it hits you that it is just tuesday.

  • The description got the intro and outro songs but there is not outro🤔

  • Damn his face red as hell lol

  • 1:25 is where he swaps xD

  • That drunk stream was a blast to watch

  • 7:36 I'm amazed Albert kept holding onto the cup without dropping it

  • why does the video stop there...?

  • The cutest friken song evvver❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • 2:46 Damaging/destroying someone else property is totally f**ked up (deposit or not). A landlord could EVICT you if he or she feels you will cause damage to their property. Your adults, act like one!

  • 1:57 im dieing of laughter dude

  • That dang ending thou 😢

  • Albert needs to drink more

  • Albert got that nice asian glow going

  • uwu

  • I'm ready for liberty the anime 8:57