I got RAIDED in Minecraft!!! - Part 8

Pubblicato il 3 lug 2019
We get raided in minecraft epicly
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  • Por qué escribe título y descripción en Español y habla en inglés :v?

  • Animal abuse

  • Türkler bu yorumu beğenisine başkaları bişey yazdık sansin

  • Dont

  • When the villagers shake their heads it means they font have any trades for you

  • You are good at killing pillager

  • The fact he thinks he can put a cat in a bucket...

  • in mincraft

  • i played ur game tuber simulater it's very nice game to play and let me tell u that u can ride ur horse in boat

  • PPlay meadow

  • Ah the old times

  • Felix: “hippity hoppity your monies is my properties!” Me: hippity hoppity women are property! Lel!

  • Felix: “I’m so generous......” Felix: “Now where are the other ones I need to kill them!”

  • Lol i cant stop watching

  • Pewdiepie: If Sven dies, this series is over Sven: *Challenge accepted* Me: *You've signed a death contract...*

  • I wonder how many times PewDiePie said The word “Gamer” in this entire playthrough

  • -uwu-

  • I am here after Pewds blowing up ikea tower with tnt along with sven and other pets

  • Привет из России)

  • Dolphin died because of no water

  • 5:35 Dolphin: I don't know how to breathe

  • whoever is watching this during the beetroot council tnt tragedy is probably just as sad as I am

  • I'm so late but I've played minecraft for so god damn long and im so fucking surprised he saved the village with just iron armor and an iron sword while im out here dying round 3 with full dia. What a gamer

  • What you say your swedish not America

  • 1M like 😀

  • 1:42 *India’s population in 10 years*

  • 13:08 Казалось бы причём тут Украина?

  • ur dolfin escaped to heavan... he needs water even tho in rl they need air and just hold their breath.

  • 30:46 its over anakin i have the high ground

  • My lil brother just shouted what a big mama u got there

  • Why did u trade with a wandering trader

  • 2,3 million likes

  • Back in this time Sven was alive Sign here to over throw the council of beet👇 Also Sign here for him to Tourchor the council beet👇

  • Pew I want u a pet fox

  • Что я тут делаю?

  • Pewds its now 2.3 million so two Minecraft months

  • Omg ses trop

  • what is the volume thing

  • 11:51 there is a blue thing *nevermind it’s a globe 🌎 *

  • Why did you start with the US anthem?

  • 10:08 PEWDIEPIE: i gotta pee HEADPHONES: why u put me down so hard HIS OTHER HEADPHPHONES: because beats suck razer better

  • Nice, super,me very like!

  • 1269 anyone?

  • You can drink milk to remove bad effect.

  • notch made them

  • felix:don't shoot pillager *shoots* felix:so you have chosen death

  • pewds: "Mine craft is so peaceful\Great! *1 Nanosecond later* pewds furiously killing sheep: D I E D I E D I E sheep that pewds is killing: *confused screaming

  • My sister and I watch your Minecraft vids

  • Watersheep

  • did you see how many likes does pewds get


  • This is actually making me want to play Minecraft

  • My sister ships Pewdiepie and Joërgan...

  • SpectTe

  • Like si no entiendes nada pero igual lo ves xd

  • Dolphins cant live in land

  • The child is still alive he looked in the wrong house

  • 10:13 lmao what just happened

  • pewdiepie: Im so genorus Also pewdieie: where are the ones who got out i will kill them

  • Everyone are talking about fricking a creeper but nobody's talking about fricking a skeleton 5:29