Pubblicato il 15 lug 2019
I went to Arizona to train and bet Marquette I could punt farther than him!

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  • Is that pinnacle high school

  • Deestorying when you coming to denver

  • focused on being the best but youre drinking that shit drink bang

  • 5:49 yes I got a PhD n******🤣

  • Come to Detroit and watch Voyageur College Prep play

  • Play 3 flags up but in stead of throwing kick it tht would be Koo see who kan catch your kicks ol Superman kicks n shit

  • Stretch marks from growing to quick, his skin looks like he uses steroids.

  • Where can I find the song @ 3:30?

  • That’s my Highschool

  • Who is the terd ? A football player?

  • S/o Danny Duncan

  • Straight up ROLE MODEL!!💪💪💪

  • Damn the best punter in nfl history is a free agent at 30

    • Andrew Wolf you better not be referring to Marquette

  • Bruh fly me out .. wanna get some 1v1s in.

  • Damn his punt looking better just after one day of pointers

  • Greatest ever? What?

  • Brooo how the hell are u not drafted 😂

  • I wish i can meet u i love u have a good day i love football but my mom said i can't play 😭😭😭😭😭😢😢😢😢😭

  • How the hell is my mans here NOT in the nfl!?!

  • Cotton candy bange is good my nigga

  • Broo go walk on as a NFL kicker get that BAGGG

  • Bang

  • I love the persistence but hella annoying w this over hype shit and always saying he gonna make it in the NFL smh.

  • The kid with the teen boss and the chubby kid next to him at the end have to be brothers

  • I go to that school bih

  • 10:20 , the kid like on the left but behind dee looks like Shawn mendas .

  • What’s the name of the song around 10:50

  • I don’t understand how he’s not in the nfl

  • I was so mad when raiders didn't keep this man

    • He sucked ass towards the end of his career

  • calm tf down he was a decent punter for like 4 years

    • He needs those views and that clickbait

    • You play red dead and you’re hating

  • for all you talking about just have a camp

  • At 10:27 I loved the music


  • dont drink bang, drink kickstart

  • No one even ate the dog bagel bruh

  • Bro why aren't you a professional kicker my guy

  • 1:33 what happens when you tell your wins snob friend that it is rose

  • 6:40" The bell dont desmis u i do " that is what my teachers say every day

  • 6:45 den wat dat bell for🤔

  • Nah dude you want the best nfl kicker go meet Logan cook he came from the same town as me

  • Hes one of the best? I didnt even know there was a black kicker

  • Destorying: dat boi was out the frame Me:lmaoo😂

  • 🔥

  • can u come to ohio i love ur vids i would be so happy to meet u

  • Do who can Cath the best with Marquis brown

  • Any other qb1 fans: is that pinnicle highschool?

  • Bang co. is supporting trumps re-election

  • 4:44 nice

  • Stop cursing

  • Song at 14:39

  • I’ll lock you up

  • This video came up as a suggestion, not sure why?? But I am glad it did, love everything about this video, great job keep working hard.... YOU WILL MAKE IT!!

  • Last chance u marquis king

  • your so dop

  • If he kicks 70 yards why isn’t he in the nfl

    • It’s easy to kick 70 yards when it’s not full speed football. No holder, no snap, no pads, no guys rushing to block it. He has all day to think and aim it before he kicks in practice but come game time as soon as that ball is snapped you gotta kick it as fast as possible with the best accuracy and power. Justin tucker has banged 76 yarders in practice. Most nfl kickers can and the same can probably be said for college kickers too

  • man said i’ll give u my g wagon and buy me another😂

  • I love when pros play ball with neighbor kids if. Made it like that’s all I would do

  • He said Canada fields are weird but he in Arizona?

  • who else checked how far the video was when he said thanks for watching

  • what's the song at the end of the video?