Pubblicato il 11 lug 2019
I got in a fight with my teammate to decide who became the starter.. Hope you guys enjoy the story time!
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  • DAMN IT FEEL SO GOOD TO UPLOAD AGAIN! Like for new vid tomorrow

    • Deestroying so funny bro holy crap I wish u got a hit on him!😂

    • @THEGREATEST ALEX I just had cotton candy today for the first time and it was pretty cool. So cotton candy

    • Deestroying if u wouldnt swong he would be in trouble and u would be in the nfl

    • Deestroying what’s his name I’m a fan of the Steelers and wanna see if he’s ass

    • Guy said then this happened... and showed nothing...

  • Man fuck that coach yo. If that punch connected that bitch wouldve been in hospital

  • Chris Boswell

  • A kicker fight? Lmao is this dude serious. Get over yourself

    • Tell us what you have done in this world to put you above anyone and talk down to them. Sure he is a kicker, one that I have routinely watched kick the ball thru the uprights from 65 yards out, witnessed him running a 10.8 100 yard race , has incredible receiver skills but beyond all that he has something else I suspect you do not have. He has the character to know he is not better than any other man, the heart to spend time talking with children who idolize him and he witnesses to them to stay in school and choose the right path always. Finally something else you rarely see which is he treats a woman in a way she would always know she is loved and he always puts her first. Dude I am a 61 year old white man who has finally shed any racist thoughts from my head years ago and i can honestly say I would be proud of my daughter if she chose a man like him. Red yellow black or white. I suspect even if you are white from a wealthy family i would guide my daughter way away from you. Sorry i chose you to be my rant of the day

  • Chris Boswell?

  • Did anyone do research to see who the player is? Btw it’s Matthew Wright

  • You had coach frost when you were at UCF? That’s dope dude he abouta make Nebraska the best again

  • What is the outro song

  • Yo If you got that spot you would be on Steelers

  • Why is he a kicker he don’t even look like one

  • Was his name Shaun

  • chris boswell or matthew wright

  • I hate when dis nigga plug that dumbass bang drink in mid conversation smh

  • Dee should be in the NFL Like if yo think so to 👇🏽

  • This video sounds like your lien cuz if all this happened why tf would they give him the start

  • matthew wright ugly asl

  • 5:37 😂 😭

  • oklahoma is fun i always pop or get popped witch is NOT fun

  • dat man weak weak

  • Were is your brother

  • im australian, what is canadian football?

  • Your my nigga but in a good way

  • I tapped on this vid just because I wanted to see a team fight but I still listened and subscribed 3 months ago

  • But keep the amazing content up


  • That white privilege

  • Deestroying @Deestroying +Deestroying Dont be lettin these niggas hype u into fights bro

  • So you fought Matthew Wright

  • I like the voice in the game intro


  • I get bangs for free

  • Good as footttt workk bro. Love your videos, congrats on destroying the run on logan events lol

  • What how did he get the job

  • Bro those songs are 🔥

  • Clickbait

  • I know how you feel man I was 2nd string QB for my old team now for fall season I proved to my coaches I can do it after practice coach said I want you to be starting QB🤑🤑

  • Outro song?

  • He better have not passed out aguan

  • I hope you make the NFL one day and I hope you play for the falcons who make the NFL

  • "still look back on that day how i was about to brat his ass

  • selling for money unhealthy bang to your viewers is horseshit The same as you are selfish horseshit and i understand no team wants you

  • If your from Oklahoma and KNOW what a Oklahoma drill is like to show or just like if you said duhh when he said do you know what a Oklahoma drill is😂

  • He comes across like that malik douchebag from last chance u

  • I knew u was gonna win the race

  • What was his name

  • I'm not even gonna cap but I had damn near the exact same story in high school bruh. Take what's yours and show what your worth

  • Nobody literally nobody destroying 24/7 bang

  • you know energy drinks like kill you D i don’t want my guy dying off of energy drinks

  • does anyone know what the song in the outro is?

  • Soft ass contact smh

  • And the kicker that u knocked the shit out of is on the Pittsburgh Steelers lmao

  • This is prolly bullshit

  • When are you gonna rematch ddg?

  • I searched up "bang.com" and got porn...

  • D got them hands

  • You probably would have been in the NFL if you didn’t fight him, that sucks

  • what about the second hit at the end i thought that was the fight

  • Energy drinks fuck you up

  • Wait I looked up Dee stats at UCF and it says he only had one single extra point ? I thought he was the starter at one point?

  • Bro Hampton Brandon about to get you for that ten toes down shit 🤣🤣🤣