Pubblicato il 11 lug 2019
I got in a fight with my teammate to decide who became the starter.. Hope you guys enjoy the story time!
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  • DAMN IT FEEL SO GOOD TO UPLOAD AGAIN! Like for new vid tomorrow

  • Was his name matt wright?

  • Damn, I was hoping he kicked your ass!!

  • This guy is the modern day Buckwheat...

  • What what’s his name

  • Boswell or da other

  • Before I looked it up I thought he fought Chris Boswell

  • 18 freshman?deefuck?

  • I subscribe to your IT-tvs

  • 😂😂you about to crack his shit ain’t it

  • What is his name Chris Boswell

  • You are so cool

  • Do you fought Chris Boswell

  • Is it Chris Boswell

  • Whas his last name write

  • hey man i watch your videos.there great.maybe you should try out for the afl in australia they always looking for accurate long punters

  • weakest tackle drill i EVER seen!!

  • Ok

  • A linebacker woulda smashed you bro u are tiny

  • Almost beat his ass and still dosent git starter Rip

  • ... and some broccoli.

  • Lol in Memphis we call it graveyard with 2 players lay on their back 1 wit da ball n da otha have 2 tackle him n when da coach blows da whistle u had 2 get up n tackle da player wit da ball or da receiver will run yo ass ova, those was da dayz

  • Your kicking is good you are shog

  • Yes

  • did he fight chris bosewell

  • I bet you is Chris Boswell

  • The story of how destroying could’ve went to the nfl but wasn’t a starter

  • I now that you was fan to beat his butt so bad and he was going to cry

  • Y'all fault

  • Hi people

  • Team# destroying

  • Clickbate

  • Was it Christmas boswell

  • Matthew Wright??

  • Hold on you fought Chris Boswell

  • Holy shit u fought Boswell

  • Shaun Suisham

  • Steelers are my favorite

  • These fights only in St.Louis

  • as he said “he’s with the pittsburgh steelers”, i looked up at my tv and watched him kick. crazy

  • Was Scott frost your coach

  • why is it every time he makes the story it's like something happens to him or he's about to do something to somebody else and everything goes and just slow motion lol but he is a great story teller he shod write a book

  • Chris Boswell

  • How much bangs u got

  • You so full of yourself lmao

  • You are useless. You are small and not talented

  • What if it was ray lewis he was going to slam you

  • Say anal before any camper name then I will edit so it won’t make sense

  • Did y'all fight

  • Come to my football game Saturday

  • it was chris boswell

  • You met a lot NFL Players back in college😂

  • Drink more C4 what’s the best power drink

  • Damn story tome da bast

  • When the f*** has UCF lost a game (i know... I know... Pitt got em a couple weeks ago, that sucked) but when has UCF gone 0 - anything. They are 1 of the hottest teams in the NCAA

  • That hoodie go hard

  • LOL I tried to kick once (I was to light in high school for any other position). Damn that shit is straight up hard!!! You've got my respect, I switched to racing cars and had a fun 10 years making money managing teams and traveling the country, then switched to racing horses and gambling for 20. We all find our calling!

  • Handle your emotions better young fella..

  • 😂😂😂😂

    • Bruh I'm dead😂😂😂😂😂☠☠☠☠☠☠

  • When I heard that he was in the Pittsburgh Steelers my face dropped... Lmfaoooo