I Got Arnold Schwarzenegger To Say "GET TO DA CHOPPA"

Pubblicato il 20 ott 2019
I met Arnold Schwarzenegger and Linda Hamilton to interview them for Terminator Dark Fate, directed by Tim Miller. Without even having to really ask, Arnie did some memes and quotes saying "Get To The Choppa". In this Linda Hamilton interview she also explains why she came back to the role of sarah connor after all these years.
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  • I hope I can interview Jack when I grow up(I'm a 16 year old) and get him to say "TOP OF THE MORNIN' TO YA LADDIES,MY NAME IS JACKSEPTICEYE!" Arnold really is one of the most iconic actors in Hollywood's history....Conan the barbarian,terminator series,predator,true lies....oh my goodness.

  • I don’t friken’ know

  • 1:47 "She no longer has a mission" 2:01 "She's bitter, alone and still on a mission"

  • Traveller!! I have a gift for you!! *_6:06_*

  • When is Jack going to interview that Irish IT-tvsr?

  • Jack was in a room with a Terminator, and he didn't kill it with a bomb?

  • Is Jacksepticeye Arnold Schwarzenegger and Vanoss

  • Arnold is my favorite actor

  • Do it come on do it kill me I'm here do it now - I remember this meme lol

  • Arnold ask jack: who is your daddy and what does he do Jack: LAUGH 😂

  • You could sense they all knew the film was SHIT!

  • Get aut

  • Ran gol get to the choper

  • Al bi bak

  • I love how Arnold used body building analogies to explain hard work

  • Jack trying not to scream his head off 😂😂😂 Also Jack: ‘Get To the Choppa! I’m gonna meet Arnie!”

  • Love this, Jack you could interview agents of S.H.I.E.D’s ghost rider Robbie Rayas...the new guy in Terminator. Gabriel Luna he’s actually from my hometown.

  • Jack that's a nice shirt where did you buy that .

  • Sometimes I wonder if Arnold rolls over in bed at night and says it in his sleep. "Get to the Choppa, aarrrrgghh" (chops gums). 😔🌙


  • arnie is the best ever

  • Hbj

  • Jack says yeah yeah yeah yeah 4 times in a combo row lol


  • me: thinking that the GET TO DA CHOPPA scene is gonna be at the end. me: going to the end and not finding the scene me: realizing that I have to watch the entire video to find the scene

  • You could tell jack was internally squealing the whole time.

    • He probably stayed awake for days just sitting there thinking about this moment

  • Arnold:l'll be back Fans:Will be back

  • for those 714 who disliked it, wtf are you doing?

  • I got to meet Arnold at the Arnold Schwarzenegger classical's in Columbus Ohio and he is a amazing dude


  • it is amazing to me that you get those oppertunaties to meat all of those people.. i am happy for you sean, you deserve everything good that comes to your way, after everything amazing you have done in your lifetime so far this is some good karma and i am so happy for you

  • so cool

  • I'm so glad Sean handled this interview like a beast, not like other interviews, others really focused on Arnold and not Linda

  • Get to da choppa

  • To save you the time 6:05 is it watch the whole video to

  • I like how when Arnold was talking, the whole time jack kept going 'mhm' 'yeah' like over and over again lol

  • 6:06 is what you came for

  • 6:06 Thank me later

  • You didn’t ask about Conan!!!!!!?!!!

  • to those who are having a hard time finding the GODLY LEGENDARY LINE HERE: 6:04

  • That moment when you realize Jacksepticeye met Arnold before Terroriser.😂

  • 6:00

  • Imagine the gaming Terroriser in the interview with Jack. GET TO DA CHOPPA

  • Sarah Conor came back to tell us she’s bitter and alone and that Motherhood is for suckers... 😓 How did this apply fall so far from the tree

  • The God of all God's

  • We were watching a Liberty Kids video in school and I heard Arnold's voice and I screamed" It's him, it's him, is Arnold Schweitzer"(if that's how u spell it)

  • Why you don't make him to say *GET TO THE COPPA* ?

  • You should interview Kevin smith and Jason mewes on their tour with jay and silent bob reboot. I think it would a great interview

  • I missed u man your old videos the most and the “TOP IN THE MORNING TO YA LADYES” you’ve made my day in the past so much

  • I'm sorry, but I absolutely despised Dark Fate

  • I’d still smash Linda

  • 6:06

  • I love terminator best movie ever

  • That was top notch work! Kudos.

  • Is it just me that watched the video to hear Arnold say GET IN THE CHOPPA

  • 6:02 he says get to the choppa, it will cost you 1 like.

    • I booganged hehe

    • @Moosiemoose 123 good you don't have to pay

    • Shutup bitch I'm not paying shit

    • Doodle pretzel wait that’s illegal

    • Guess I’m a criminal.

  • 5:58

  • Omg, Arnold is an amazing, sweetheart of a human!!!! Yeee three rad people in one room! Whoo!

  • 6:03

  • Nigggaaaaaa