I GOT A WORLD RECORD! | Super Mario Maker 2 #6

Pubblicato il 14 lug 2019
I got a totally legit world record in Super Mario Maker 2!
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  • is it just me or is there a giant glich at the beggining of the vid

  • If Jack actually succeeded, he would have over 20 million ice creams...That’s a lot of cream.

  • 12:55

  • Hey jack play Mario goes to mcdonalds

  • did jack play ALL the levels for mario maker 1?!

  • toad is an annoying cunt! my FAVORITE thing to do i mario cart was to destroy toad as hard and as much aas possible! XD but to each their own. ;)

  • DanTDM beat that first level!!!!

  • 17:04 ...can't say I've heard of that one before...

  • why did you taped the holes in your chair?

  • How It Feels To Watch A Jacksepticeye Video----18:45

  • Hey Jack! I made a level and would love for you to try it out! “Pipe Choices” Course ID: C05-QBM-MFF Nobody has beaten it yet so maybe you can be the first! Please like this comment everyone so there is a better chance of him seeing it!

  • Jack, you my favorite youtuber and I don’t care if you ain’t get dat high score on the car level so here is what u ask for 🙂 🍦🍦🍦🍦🍦🍦🍦🍦🍦

  • It’s so weird seeing mario levels so simple or not being speedrunned.

  • I can not see any record😂

  • What happen to cloak

  • The intro is so satisfying

  • Everybody might've forgotten about him making a series about this ever since he played Minecraft, didn't they?

  • _18:35__ My 1080p all of the sudden dropped to 360p_

  • 14:24 sounds like Greg from Ratatoing

  • 4:40 SML Reference

  • I hope Jack makes a Vlog about the three guys in a Cabin sipping Scotch .

  • Jack’s first soft lock at 9:50

  • Kinda want jack to play alpharads levels ngl

  • I don’t have ducks to get in a row I have squirrels and they’re drunk

  • Jack"I am training the secret Arts of Mario maker" Falls on spikes a second later

  • I bet my A-level results are nokay 😂

  • you cant be a legit speedrunner jack you didnt say rng 5000 times everytime something went wrong and thank god for that

  • Hey Jack! Amazing video! That second speed run level you did had me ROLLING when you said "It's tickling my taint!"! XD. I don't know if you're still taking level suggestions, but if you are, then here's my level. Give it a spin if you'd like. The code is B2D-7H0-5YF. Good luck..........you're gonna need it lol.

  • 4:15

  • Heh, someone made a pinball machine in portal 2. Its so much fun.

  • Fourth of Jooleye

  • “It’s not my medal, it’s our medal” *communism intensifies*

  • ID: 2VJ-2FW-KFG Plz play my level Jack!!!!

  • (Keikaku means plan)

  • "Alive is better than dead." -Jacksepticeye 2019

  • "Nokay" -Seàn William McLaughlin I'm sorry if I spelt your name incorrectly 😅😔

  • Jack:Dah Dah Dah Dah Dah FUCKKK

  • W7L-FB4-VFG “Danger Zone” by Rocism

  • Woohoo! Go Jack! :D If I had the ability to make a level for you, it’d be based on Subnautica! Something like “Shall we, Sally?”. lol

  • His first softlock.

  • 24:26 I thought you'd say "an ant up my arsehole", but maybe that's just me.

  • Yeah... I hesitate a lot

  • IT-tvs detects censors, now????!!! Um WHAT

  • Here, play my level. I've worked hard on this 8YD-JYN-SQG

  • When you summon kurama during your intense game of Mario maker 2

  • 3:14 Jack: Don't take this away from me again. Ad: I'm gonna take this vape from you.

  • *Whisper* Hey jack no one needs to know if you ate ice cream

  • jack: afraid to swear also jack: mentions masturbation casually

  • Ur the best and greatest Irish gladiator ever

  • 8:58 Shimmy shammy shimmy

  • Beans?

  • Toad you’re the greatest Toad you suck Toad is my favourite Make up your mind jack geez

  • 9:48 Nuuuuuuuuuuu usually in mario, if you go far enough out of the frame, things reset.

  • We gonna ignore how Jack said to upvote comments?


  • He who hesitates, disintegrates

  • Plz play both of my levels 5JB-6y0-9pg and 66p-lmx-y5g

  • 2:47 That's what shé said!

  • U can have 🍦

  • I can have 🍦

  • Jacksepticeye at 3:35: *passes 50 coin Also Jacksepticeye but two seconds later: I think I've gotten every coin so far in this level

  • Hey jackie boy u really fired balled my balls last time with that trickery video last time. But I forgive u because dat baby boy jackie got back! I see you like toad too, i play mario kart and I only play with toad a.k.a mr happy! I guess the stress of me not responding got you going grey...lmao However no worries jackie my mushroom and gaint stem will still fill your holes with color and happiness. But no biting only suckie suckie for long time...lol Anyways just showing 💘....in the meantime f u JAAAAAKIE!

  • I love how most of his "world records" were a millisecond slower than the actual world records

  • @15:12 LMAO

  • While you where saying you can't eat ice cream anymore I got a Klondike bar ad

  • U are the best

  • you got no world records are you that stupid

  • Why u gotta have a pony tail

  • 2:46 Don’t worry! There are pills for that Jack !

  • 24:04 my furry side: jack you may need to look at the small numbers, on both records... My gamer side: YAS JACK YOU MADE IT GOOD FOR YOU, NEXT TIME I SEE U IMA BUY U AN ICE CREAM me irl: ... ok

  • Can you do sally face chapter 5

  • Who remembers subnautica days sally Maria ry

  • Who else noticed that almost all of his "records" weren't actually records? XD

  • Jack- “This controller shaking so much I feel like I should give it money at the end” Me-😐🤨🤭😂

  • Its like this nowadays: IT-tvs Kids: *for kids!* IT-tvs: *also for kids*

  • Jack: "he who hesitates masturbates!" Me: "AND HORNY PEOPLE HAVE NO RIGHTS!!"

  • Jack's getting a bit too full of himself.

  • your the greatest

  • “This controller is shaking so much I feel I should be giving it money.” Best laugh and entertainment I’ve had since the Cuphead series

  • Who else was watching this on thir phone?