I GOT A WORLD RECORD! | Super Mario Maker 2 #6

Pubblicato il 14 lug 2019
I got a totally legit world record in Super Mario Maker 2!
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  • Hate coffee. Hate onions. Loves potatoes.

  • i like toad -toad you suck- toad your my favorite jack 2019

  • 1:05 he's also a perisite

  • If you hesitate you masturbate -jacksepticeye

  • Would like to see more videos of this

  • Alive is better than dead -Jack

  • Anyone else notice he never got the world record times

  • So…what happened to next time?…(after part 7)it's almost October… Oh no he said sayounara it's goodbye forever NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

  • Are you still taking level codes? If so: R1F-9CK-0WF

  • NarUto

  • Oh no... you actually made me laugh so much I was sick 😂🤢 thank you 😊😊

  • Man this series ended too soon

  • 12:40大丈夫って、カワイイみたいに英語として成り立ってるの?

  • Jack is like Antonio Banderas of IT-tvs 💚💚💚

  • @jacksepticeye: Would you stop saying you have a world record when you don't even tie to the world record holder

  • Jackspeticeye: Tieing with the world record his not considered having a world record, but they are situation where it his only possible to tie with the world record, there his one that it was just a statue floating in the sky, and the flag pole next to hit. Got really anyoing when it appear in multiplayer vs, so I played it in single player to clear it, so when I play online multiplayer it his not going to show-up again, and no matter how fast I went it his all ways a tie with the world record holder, I even comment my time on the comment of his level.


  • 22:47 says world record except he didnt even get the world record

  • No ad what would you do for a Klondike bar

  • I love watching Jack play this game it's nice to have in the background xD

  • 25:13 Jack: [says next time he'll play levels from fans] today: Minecraft videos and no Mario Maker videos of him playing levels from fans

    • skullzproductions - oh awesome thanks. 10/10 would play if I had Mario Maker 2 lol

    • @Jessicarrgh A thanks if you're interested here's what i made for him based on his Happy Wheels nemesis Billy PSV-XSN-DXG

    • skullzproductions - aw damn. Hopefully he’ll play it again. It’s cool that you made a level for him :)

    • @Jessicarrgh A yeah it's been months and i'm still waiting i even made a level for him!

    • *sad Irish noises*

  • is it just me or is there a giant glich at the beggining of the vid

  • If Jack actually succeeded, he would have over 20 million ice creams...That’s a lot of cream.

  • 12:55

  • Hey jack play Mario goes to mcdonalds

  • did jack play ALL the levels for mario maker 1?!

  • toad is an annoying cunt! my FAVORITE thing to do i mario cart was to destroy toad as hard and as much aas possible! XD but to each their own. ;)

  • DanTDM beat that first level!!!!

  • 17:04 ...can't say I've heard of that one before...

  • why did you taped the holes in your chair?

  • How It Feels To Watch A Jacksepticeye Video----18:45

  • Hey Jack! I made a level and would love for you to try it out! “Pipe Choices” Course ID: C05-QBM-MFF Nobody has beaten it yet so maybe you can be the first! Please like this comment everyone so there is a better chance of him seeing it!

  • Jack, you my favorite youtuber and I don’t care if you ain’t get dat high score on the car level so here is what u ask for 🙂 🍦🍦🍦🍦🍦🍦🍦🍦🍦

  • It’s so weird seeing mario levels so simple or not being speedrunned.

  • I can not see any record😂

  • What happen to cloak

  • The intro is so satisfying

  • Everybody might've forgotten about him making a series about this ever since he played Minecraft, didn't they?

  • _18:35__ My 1080p all of the sudden dropped to 360p_

  • 14:24 sounds like Greg from Ratatoing

  • 4:40 SML Reference

  • I hope Jack makes a Vlog about the three guys in a Cabin sipping Scotch .

  • Jack’s first soft lock at 9:50

  • Kinda want jack to play alpharads levels ngl

  • I don’t have ducks to get in a row I have squirrels and they’re drunk

  • Jack"I am training the secret Arts of Mario maker" Falls on spikes a second later

  • I bet my A-level results are nokay 😂

  • you cant be a legit speedrunner jack you didnt say rng 5000 times everytime something went wrong and thank god for that

  • Hey Jack! Amazing video! That second speed run level you did had me ROLLING when you said "It's tickling my taint!"! XD. I don't know if you're still taking level suggestions, but if you are, then here's my level. Give it a spin if you'd like. The code is B2D-7H0-5YF. Good luck..........you're gonna need it lol.

  • 4:15

  • Heh, someone made a pinball machine in portal 2. Its so much fun.

  • Fourth of Jooleye

  • “It’s not my medal, it’s our medal” *communism intensifies*

  • ID: 2VJ-2FW-KFG Plz play my level Jack!!!!

  • (Keikaku means plan)

  • "Alive is better than dead." -Jacksepticeye 2019

  • "Nokay" -Seàn William McLaughlin I'm sorry if I spelt your name incorrectly 😅😔

  • Jack:Dah Dah Dah Dah Dah FUCKKK

  • W7L-FB4-VFG “Danger Zone” by Rocism