I Got A Bow With INFINITE Ammo In Minecraft - Part 17

Pubblicato il 17 ago 2019
I made a bow with infinite ammo in Minecraft
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  • Make a series where u use vanilla minecraft and like more furniture and more wepons mod


  • Get a cat

  • Did you know that if a creeper gets hit by lightning they transform into and more powerful creeper

  • 22:40 it feels like Felix finding diamonds for the first time

    • 29:38 my mum almost heard dis close call. 0-0

  • Jack: *hears lava* Is that above me? Also Jack: *Mines straight above him*

  • Jack:is there a mod that lets you see less around you? Me:That is called xraying, it's used by cheaters.

  • Nobody while playing minecraft: Jack while playing minecraft: "this is cozy."

  • if you gt another horse you should call it pherbis/ferbis (idk how to spell lol)

  • you like that thunder wait til you find a channeling trident.

  • I can't believe he killed use code moo first vanoss now him

  • Jack don't play music around Sam you remember what happened

  • Jack play ravenfield again

  • jack should have said this is Ireland not zombieland

  • 29:20 so your abilities to use a damn sword just went away? Lol gj Sean

  • 👁👄👁 💪🏻👕💪🏻 🦵🏻🦵🏻

  • Sean: Your.. Delicious delicious game! Me: Sean are you ok who hurt you?

  • He has a better bow than that but like he said he has blindness

  • now i wanna play minecraft

  • You are painfully cute 😍

  • now ever morning I'm screaming ding dong ding dong top of morning

  • Puffer fish is for water breathing potions

  • Watch out watch out 35:52 ohhhhhhhhh

  • So with jacks logic basically you named your cat...cat?

  • Jack your pets are named Sam and kat/cat right ........so technically you named your pets off of a tv show called Sam and Cat

  • Why didn't he put Projectile Protection on his Shield?

  • yes x ray mod

  • Omg Sam and cat😂

  • The skeleton's bow

  • Jack: sees creeper Also jack: NIGERUNDAYOOOO!!!!!! And yes, this is a jojo reference

  • Sean is so wholesome I swear!❤ I always watch his videos when I'm sad and this/meme time is my favourite series to go to. If he ever sees this, I just wanna thank him because his smile honestly cheers me up so much

  • Jack if thunder hits a pig I’ll turn the pig into the zombie pig man

  • The best time to fish is when its raining.....you can get alot of XP by fishing,

  • Complains about wasting levels but uses 7 levels just to change name

  • I’m sorry jack but you running away and being scared of everything is annoying I get being cautious because you’re new to the game and I understand that but you can’t make an omelette without breaking a few eggs. No hate

  • Great now I wanna curl up with a good book in a thunderstorm at night

  • wtf was he doing fighting those spider lmao

  • X-ray mod

  • Their is xray

  • Was proud he discover enchanting books is more economical than making more tools and combining....literally next episode makes another axe to enchant and combine 🤦🏻‍♀️😂😂

  • If you drink milk the possend Will go away

  • Big fan of you! :3

  • Xray Ultimate let's u see ores

  • You made and your fans are are also made pagal If the fans are Indian then don't subscribe these challel

  • 18:08 all mighty whore lol

  • Put it on 1.75 and it looks as if he's a baked cheez toasty

  • 15:16 yes, there is actually, you can easily find people making videos using it im not sure how it's called but one of the videos i watched of someone using it was "x-ray minecraft"

  • I wish you had the trident

  • All u need now is mending 1, and unbreakabing

  • Rain on Minecraft and it started raining where I am🤦🏾‍♀️

  • Jack-" Do I have a bow that's full.... No" Me- IT'S RIGHT THERE... AHHHH

  • 2:23 you should have taked the efficiency III with olny nees 1 xp level

  • Why did the pause menu flash on screen

  • Jack: i have 14 diamonds My brain: thats enough for two sevens

  • heads up anyone out there didn't faced a charged creeper it will blow up area and it willl give its head when it blows up

  • there's lighting in the game wood is bad wood can burn down to the ground

  • puffer fish can help you male potions

  • what about turtles

  • I just wanna know the seed and version he's playing on

  • Finbar and furbular