I Got A Bow With INFINITE Ammo In Minecraft - Part 17

Pubblicato il 17 ago 2019
I made a bow with infinite ammo in Minecraft
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  • Jack reeeeally needs to explore the crafting table.

  • 12:50 "This is mychest that has anything to do with animals" - shovel casually just chilling in there "Hmm yes this shovel is made out of animal"

  • And thus, X-Ray hacks are born.

  • funny! It's episode 17 and you needed 17 more levels to enchant the bow! XD

  • Quarts blocks look shiney

  • Infinidagger!!!

  • Jack should put the jukebox he has in the pub

  • Jack has a totem of undying yet gets mad about dying Yup that's Jack

  • Sean- The only man who wants to be struck with lightning.. I’m concerned

  • 15:35 yes jack yes there is and it’s called X-ray hacking and is banned on Minecraft servers

  • i can tell you when creeper have been lighted then hes charged

  • Drop gravel on you and you will see through the walls

  • 26:10 I thought he jumped in lava 😲

  • Music disc 13 is sarey

  • He never opened that chest minecart

  • Dinnerbone!!!!!!!!!!

  • You could of enchanted the book for efficiency

  • i think its more funnier without the webcam

  • In my opinion puffer fish are fun fish

  • Wow u uploaded the video on my Mom's B-day.

  • All I'm saying is don't. Eat. The pufferfish

  • You know what I'm gonna do? I'm gonna play minecraft, make a world in creative, set it to weather change false, and write a book. I'll just have to build a small cottage first.

  • X ray

  • 37:43 - 38:09 The editing cracks me up I love the freeze frame pic

  • You can make quartz block out of those

  • There was a chest in minecart

  • More like dierland

  • 39:23 Jack: Honey, I’m home! Me: *All I can think of* Honey, I’m Trash!

  • Jack your webcam...

  • see throw the walls JACK


  • INFINI- *D A G G E R*

  • i genually love seeing jack being so happy and proud over the things he builds

  • X Ray

  • His bow would be better if adds unbreaking to it

  • Woooooaaaaaw I love no Burnham

  • Jack, to make an XP farm you can builds block all the down from the roof and use slabs for a half opening to kill them, they can’t attack you because they’re blocked off by the slab but you can still hit them with the small opening. You can also put water at the back of the spawner room so the mobs will float towards you

  • Sean you need milk to counteract the cave spiders poison.

  • For the dot after the enchantment , u can actually get more than one enchantment

  • The way he says infinibow reminds me of how Mr. Incredible was said in The Incredibles DVD extra about an old Mr. Incredible show.

  • Your videos without a cam don't feel right

  • Get fire aspect for ur sowd it puts enemys on fire

  • 20:01 Me when i was 5 trying to ride my dog

  • 39:24 damn he didn’t say honey I’m trash

  • 11:34 I love how the music faded in/out

  • Jack: 13 is creepy Disc 11: Are you CHALLENGING Me?

  • I... want to love the storms too.. but my first experience was my cats getting struck and dying.. and last storm my house caught fire which I didn't see until I later found the damage affecting two floors... had to rebuild the very first tree I built around and I'm sure I changed it. Uuuuuuuuuu..... Anyway fish in the rain, you catch faster.

  • JACK it's called xray /xray is the name

  • Petition for Jack to play on servers, specifically bed wars and the hunger games👀👀

  • Jack: I like being a pacifist Also Jack:DiE dIE diE!

  • there is a minecraft hack called aristois alot of people use it for multiplayer servers like hypixel and hivemc but there is a command called block esp and if you enter in a block name such as "minecraft:diamond_ore" will show you esp for every diamond block in your area

  • Samuel Adams is a brand of beer and brewery in Boston. Named after Samuel Adams, the founding father, who was born in Boston and rumored to have been a brewer himself. The Irish settled mainly in the Northeast, with a heavy contingent *in* Massachusetts, Boston specifically. Because of the Irish who settled in; Boston, and most things associated with it, are considered Irish-American. Sam Adams is one of the top drinks of choice for Irish-Americans in the Northeast United States. Around here, you can't go into a bar and not find Sam Adams in bottles and on tap. Not to mention, new-agey neon signs. THEREFORE; Sam's name still fits, just in a very indirect way. He a drinky boy.

  • Jack...stopped... SWEARING?? 🤬✔️ 🤬👎✖️(Swear emoji and thumbs down is no swearing)

  • Jack had BOWER By the way way I know I misspelled it i did it intentionally for the people who watch seereax

  • Is he ever gonna feed Kait..

  • Jack is now the eternal Robin Hood. Not from Sherwood, but Irland. :D Man, that's one enchantment I too am gonna go for sometime; saves the hussle with collecting chickens and gravel to make'm.

  • you should’ve named Sam, Connor. Because Connor is the android sent by cyber life and Connor is an irish name.

  • Used to take bed with moi' when going Down Under (literally) to mine, sleeping in small self-made camps to always spawn nearby if ever getting whacked. In Vita, that function seem to have ben corrupted, maybe just on my console, so have to "cheat" every time I die and reload the game instead. Small downside, tho.

  • *honey* I’m TRAASH