I Finally Found A Nether FORTRESS In Minecraft - Part 15

Pubblicato il 15 ago 2019
I did it, I Finally Found A Nether FORTRESS In Minecraft
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  • Look at the windmill Jack

  • jack: im so sorry sam sam: weaklings die. big deal

  • Beautiful windmill

  • Hi

  • I started to cry

  • Jack you said you will never bring sam on an adventure again so he does not die but look at you. You really want to kill your dogs don't ya?

  • feather falling jack feather falling

  • He actually made me cry

  • He did a really great job, much love 💓💓

  • Jack the wither skeleton that u thought u blocked dropped a skull

  • Like a couple episodes and he now does this grave thing for his dogs

  • The windmill is Orthanc and the Irish castle is Barad-dûr.

  • 15:20. I litterly broke into tears... 😭😭😭 RIP. Sirsha,, and unnamed puppy child.

  • Jack: Imma take sam on an advent- Me: NOOOOOO!

  • My Dutch heart is so proud of that windmill

  • Where's boys cried: Fallen kingdom Where's girl cried: Titanic Where's everyone cried: Saoirse and unnamed Sam's child funeral

  • 18:30. That is a really cool, naturally generated ice fish...

  • does anyone else get super annoyed that he doesnt use his diamond stuff?? he has a whole diamond set of armour

  • I love how pends literally uses diamond blocks for graves but Sean doesn’t even want to use leads


  • Jack: builds windmill Gorillaz Would Like to Know Your Location

  • YES

  • That’s very impressive

  • Dear god the wool on the windmill isn’t right *screams in OCD*

  • Jack: I have my render distance on max Me: cries in 2 chunks

  • Make a dimand sword

  • Did anyone else see the fish at 18:31

  • You should name the cat sherlock or shasta

  • Did anyone else genuinely cry during the funeral because I know I did

  • 12:21 What should I build Oh kitty

  • as someone whos been building in minecraft for almost a solid decade im impressed by jack's skills

  • the windmill um, well, see what you've done is. okay. um. you'll figure it out I'm sure there's like 1938975 others screaming at you for this

  • okay but when he started to show sam the graves it actually made me upset 🥺

  • I watch to laugh. Not cry, damnit! TwT


  • I FOLLOW YOU ON TWITTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Musical Boy

  • Im rly triggered by your stupidity

  • Why don't you put sam kid and girlfriend a banner in they in the grave 🤔

  • you say that the guests are notches cat being recorded but it's actually the person who makes the music discs in Minecraft his cat he recorded it slowed it down and made it as gas noise

  • 6:39 Jack: I haven’t fallen off yet *proceeds to fall off almost immediately

  • U need to build sign so that way you can put their names on the pets Graves

  • When Jack lost shiersha: NNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! When Jack lost All: meh

  • Sean you should have put the color dye on each grave picture frame to represent their collars...

  • Jack you’re a fucking idiot

  • Jack: *needs levels for enchantments* Me: oh just go mine nether quartz Jack: *walks past all the nether quartz* Me: okay listen here "Jack," if that even is your name.

  • YAY im dutch its beatifulll

  • jack: he was their dad. us: so sad. *small pause* wait a damn minute? wait a damn minute!

  • who is watching this in 2020? like if you are!

  • No subnautica reminds you of minecraft becausee minecraft was made first

  • He gave the sheep a michael Jackson treatment

  • Yes

  • is it bad that i legitimately sobbed at 15:11 until 16:35

  • Everyone: YoU nEeD a nAmE tAg sO tHaT tHe PeTs dOn’T dEsPaWn 25:43 me: I’m sorry, a cat noise?

  • 18:30 is it just me or the ice mountain looks like a giant fish

  • I'm part irish Jack or should I say lad? I don't any more😭😭😭😭

  • The black skeleton gives you poison ☠️ if it hits you 🧪

  • Jack is killing all my children

  • Glad the thumbnail for one of the episodes is the fixed windmill lol I was getting a bit stressed. Still much more ambitious than my projects tbh though!

  • Who else cried at the funeral

  • Jack: “What do I need Nether wart for?” Everyone: *inhales* “BOİ”