I FILMED myself sleeping in a Haunted House and this happened..

Pubblicato il 27 apr 2019
This is what happened when I recorded myself sleeping in a haunted house .. Haunted House Update.. What ghost activity did we catch on camera ?
Watch the entire series here:
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  • 16:37 anyone else heard the laughter?

  • U got possessed? Was there a jumpscare

  • 26:16 - 26:22 There is something black-ish moving on the top of the video. Just above Jessii's and Mandii's head...

  • That opening tho

  • I was searching for something creepy to watch, and i came across this video. I thought is was fake at first but boy was I wrong! I've subscribed and hit the bell and I'm looking forward to more creepy videos from you. Ima be on the hunt!

  • This video deserves a lot more attention then it got. 🤩🤩

  • 26:24 mandii just staring creepily to the camera

  • Love ur vids

  • All ghosts are named Charles lmao

  • Dude. Their demon eyes!!! And that white noise every time she changes it.. Oooh got me jumping

  • Where do you buy your clothes and accessories? 😍🤗💕🌺

  • fake

  • Did anyone see a baby doll or something go to 6:11 in da vid

  • that poor man lmao someone cuddle him

  • Lol those beads on that lamp were already moving and they move quite easily since they dangle.

  • I luv these type of vids us make and jessie it's amazing XD plz make more pwease :3

  • This is fake the door bell was edited the light on the wall was the phone torch

  • who's been trying Define

  • It's a stupid idea

  • If I was a ghost I would figure out how to eat so I can steal people's food😅😅😅

  • 19:53 Did anyone notice the orb that Brittyy left out in the top left corner?!😱✡

  • Wowoqoqo L

  • My roommates used to complain about a ghost/spirit in the house all the time, not sure what they on about I haven't seen anything in the 300years I've lived here

  • 22:00 orb?? Keep watching and stare at their legs because it flashes

  • why you replay the sound like 3 times its kiinda annoying imo

  • Omfg yass my queen has uploaded another vid I love u so much keep in mind u are my fav IT-tvsr I've been whit u since the start love u soooooo much and u are so pretty❤❤❤❤😘😘😘. Oof me realized that I'm super late I got the notification now I hate u youtube

  • 6:34 When you're just casually talking about makeup, tanning, and skincare while ghost hunting😂😂

  • Logical explanation for lamp: The vibration of your voices

    • definetly, ya ur so right, because when that guy sat next to the other one IT BARELY MOVED, the voice didnt do that

  • why was there 8 minutes of them just laying in bed with almost nothing happening 😂 not complaining, i love every second of brits videos ♥️ and it did add suspense. we need more of the dream team, asap. 😍

  • When ( 18:33 ) came I threw my phone across the room! THEIR EYES ARE CREEPY

  • is it just me but is jessii awake most of the time😂😂

  • 16:37 who giggled after Brittany asked "why are you still in this house?" someone giggled/laughed... its not even faint its loud and clear its so obvious... who/what was that?

  • hold on when you were doing the spirit box session on jessii's channel she didnt record it and said you can watch it on this channel and mandii's channel but when you started the session jessii was still holding up the camera! can someone explain? why was she holding up the camera if she didnt upload the session on her video?

  • Welcome toooooooo: 10 reasons why i will not film myself sleeping!!!

  • What I LOVE about Brittyy: She does not click bait 😀 She is nice and I love her style 👗 She knows exactly where the ghosts are 👻 She has amazing make up 💄 She is just brilliant 😊 She has beutiful hair 👸 She is a queen at discovering a ghost 👸👸👸👸 She is the princess 👸 I love her so much ❤ From small fries ❤❤❤ xx

  • Like videos cool

  • jessi scared mandi weird brittney happy hotel----trivago

  • How y’all not scared of spirits

  • You guys cuddling up in bed is me with my friends! Your so cute!

  • I love watching the dream teams haunted vids PLEAAAAAAAAASE do more I also laughed so much at the scene when you was in bed XD