i cut my hair with craft scissors

Pubblicato il 21 lug 2018
JOANA SWEATER NOW AVAILABLE: hellojuniper.com/channel/UCkin59aR57-RgqvN04jHSIg/p/1865852518461 JOANA SWEATER NOW AVAILABLE: hellojuniper.com/channel/UCkin59aR57-RgqvN04jHSIg/p/1865852518461 Do I recommend doing this? no
Will your mom get mad at you? yes
Do I regret this? I'm not entirely sure


  • She looks like karambaby 👍🏻 Hi from Russia ))) Приветики пистолетики)

  • Ok so i watched this video a couple weeks ago and i wanted to cut my hair shorter to because it was growing out again even though it only went down to my shoulders... well i did it a couple hours ago at 10 - 11 Pm and it looks good but i have no fucking clue on what my parents will say so... rip me

  • Wait you’re 17..?

  • I dont understand, why girls mothers get angry when cut hair?

  • eu amei a mensagwm no final hahah🌻💛

  • You is beriful


  • Es como la ori de mier gringa :v

  • Stop. I mean, you mean, I could just watch as crazy as I did all the time (sorry if I offended someone) as I???m going to be. It changed my whole life...) 0))0)

  • I m scared of the dark ooooooof -.-

  • Мы русские,с нами бог.

  • How long she has this hair?

  • lol I had a hair add

  • хех.... ты странная. И вообще что я тут делаю?

  • Sorry but i hate her voice

  • Being afraid of the dark is not just of the dark itself but of what might be there ._.

  • Все понятно мы нашли у кого каррамбейби спиздила идею и все подхватили

    • Ну она говорила что берёт идеи с зарубежного Ютуба. Но не настолько же

  • Ori de mierda yankee

  • Neden bu video önüme çıktı ki neyse izlemiş oldum

  • Your mom made 7.2k fake accounts and disliked

  • When u finished cutting ur hair, that's how mine looks right now

  • Dez milhões de views, vou cortar meu cabelo agora.

  • I love this video!*-* I'm brazilian Eu não sei falar inglês direito ok?

  • quirky funie xd lol lmao rofl so random lmfao roflcopter

  • quirky funie xd lol lmao rofl


  • I'm army

  • Guess who got her friends to cut her hair and one of them legit was high and hacked her scalp?!? Meeeeee!!!

  • Ela ficou linda de cabelo curto😍

  • Your so funny XD

  • I am 99% sure those are hair scissors

  • Omg It’s fetus Joana

  • Your hair looks pretty good but don’t shave your hair pls,your hair is beautifull

  • you: O O F (roblox death sound)

  • más weona xd

  • Big brain

  • Use the grands of money you got from this video to get extensions or a weave to fix your hair.

  • I have the same sissors and part brush and same scared of the dark 😂lol

  • Why so many dislikes....

  • This was the video that got me started with her, I’ve been subscribing since this video😂💖