I Built The Most Irish Castle I Could In Minecraft - Part 10

Pubblicato il 9 ago 2019
I built the most Irish castle I could in Minecraft
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  • Jack: gets totem of undying Me: jack that’s so useful Jack; What the he’ll is this

  • Me lying in bed Jack: falling directly into the pressure plate Me: Trying not to scream cause it’s late and I don’t want to have that awkward conversation going “this Irish man I was watching just chose death over keeping his cacti.”

  • 15:38 worst move ever


  • Man, my first time playing Minecraft, I ended up in the desert and built my house near it on the other side of a river. Ran into a temple like "owo?" and started to dig, only for everything to fall apart underneath me... so, seeing him find one, I started to hyperventilate.

  • Jack: I've never been more excited to see a desert in a game b4 Life is strange 2 ep 4: am I a joke to u Jack: yes, yes u r

  • For Ireland

  • JACK: was that a rookie mistake? Everyone:......maybe

  • (Sorry to make you feel bad about yourself but I made guiness in Minecraft! It took three hours)

  • Complete fans (yes I am one lol): Even Jack uses Reddit Me: What have we become?

  • wow, it looks awesome jack. Keep up the good work, and if you need minecraft tips I will help you out in my future videos.

  • When he stepped on the pressure plate it was all over

  • Well jack your half right but u find a wild fam of foxies in da......wild areas......then u do that 2nd half u said

  • 15:50 a noob mistake you only do once... lol

  • Jack: *puts down TNT and makes creeper explode by it.* Me: TACTICAL NUKE, INCOMING!!!?

  • Sean haring one twilight

  • Pro gamer am I right

  • Jack: Sees 4 chests in a desert temple Me: please dont land on pressure plate Jack: *steps on it* Me: WHAT THE F**K

  • Apparently you’re not allowed to leave either, jack

  • big ocd

  • jack load irish person

  • 11:16 too soon

  • Video started you say Any games=top of the morning. Minecraft=top of the minecraft.

  • irish hi ssssssssssaaaaaaaammmmmmmmmmmmm

  • take a bed with you if you go on adventure!

  • i almost pissed myself at 14:30 HAHAHAHAH

  • it's their look harder

  • 27:54 Trippy.

  • when you die from a cactus it says you have been pricked to death

  • wait till Jack find out stained glass exists

  • Dolphines are the best humans.

  • I really want to know what music he uses in the background lol c'mon Jack have a little mercy

  • Blorenge (a hill in Wales) does rhyme with orange.

  • The inchanted fishing rod was lure II so that means it catches more fish!

  • 7:16 *Eminem wants to know your location*

  • when you said WMD I thought worst manmade decisions

  • he is a irish man because BAKE TATERS!! ~ep5

  • Tip: Toem of undieng is when if you jump of some thing very high even the Ireland castle you won’t die when your holding it

  • No get back

  • 7:28 door hinge?

  • Jack: *Starting building an important build with wool* Me: *Gets the minecraft equivalent of Vietnam flashbacks for when I did that* The Thunderstorm: >:)

  • Out of all the 9 blocks why not jump on the pressure plate

  • Couldn't Jack make a sign and stick that on his pint? 🍺

  • knew it was comin

  • I know this was a while ago but nugget was my fav person in kindergarten and i have a siamese cat named after nugget

  • Jack you could've have excited without saving and it would've reset your server to the last save

  • Imagine a desert temple in which the chests were trapped and rigged to TNT and the pressure plate activated a whole down to the real chests

  • Jack you could go on your other save and have your stuff back

  • Also you had a infinity raid, if you want to stop the raids you need to drink milk from a bucket.

  • axes do not do more damage !!!

  • Jack do you need a guy that does redstone I know how to use redstone

  • I really appreciate the Jack's comments section It's so friendly c:

  • What is a guinness i have never heard of that before

  • Jack, there should be a setting where you can change "lose items after death" to off, or something like that... Maybe... I haven't played it in a while and I don't know how much they've changed it

  • The Irish bat man is Jack Hoo noo

  • Pls tell me the seed generator for this world

  • 6:30 that scared me!!!

  • Totem of undieing gives you a second life when you hold it in your off hand


  • Thats the colour of Indian flag