I Built a World That Just Ruins Lives - Worlds: History Simulator

Pubblicato il 20 set 2019
I Built a World That Just Ruins Lives - Worlds: History Simulator
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ABOUT: Worlds: History Simulator
'Worlds' is a simulator intended to recreate human history all the way from its origins in alternate world settings.
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  • Worlds, the game where people love to live on just the tip. As a Floridan this makes total sense.

    • GrayStill

    • Yep it does

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    • As another Floridan,this is tru

  • "What is it with people living on just the tip?" Bruh, you live in Florida. lol

  • At 1:34 the world becomes tatooien from star wars

  • Flat earthers watching this must have been very angry

  • Gray: (notices survivability is at 96%) Does this game not understand what torture is?!!! Game: Torture is continued suffering. If you don't survive, it's not torture.

  • Gr33+!/\/g5 ! 1@/\/\ 0F pL@/\/3+ “12936617507316600” ! Gr3@+ \/!d30 0F h0\/\/ 0_R L!f3 r3@lLy !s. lol 😂

  • I am a simple man I see YEET I press like

  • We need these kinds of games in mobile we need moar

  • Make LOL world

  • Play my world

  • How to play this game where i can find it?

  • Is that game free

  • xd

  • Is it just me or does his "rain forest" look like a nose off of one of the pigs in angry BIRDSS. HAHA

  • :o The earth is flat depending on how god is looking at us This game is the deciple

  • A-B-I-C-F-F-A-G-E-G-C-A-F-F Great name for a language ig

  • Lolollllo

  • 5:20 just like that one planet from rick and morty


  • I’m gonna visit the dew forest

  • E Motadz Kawa jibuoileb is the best man

  • "They've almost made it to my rain forrest nipple." National Geographic wants to know your location.

  • This is how borderlands was made.

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  • 2000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 Die in your world 🌎

  • In cripleling depresion

  • And make them suffer By Death

  • We can help people to be crying to Die

  • So the real world

  • Next video: The only game that you can cook Mom`s spaghetti and ruin the entire world

  • The real making a world game is 🌎 📦

  • "Just the tip"-graystillplays

  • What I learned from this video: You don't need to hire a graphic designer for your logo. Just make a world and call it "Yeet" and the rest is assured.

  • Gray...you literally created Arrakis

  • @2:17 "oh here we can set the average yearly rainfall, see we can give em some rain. Look at that now everything's covered with grass :D That's not happening." I haven't laughed this hard in a while hahaha

  • For some odd reason people just like living on the tip Grey 2019

  • -Desert World- ❌ Florida World ✅

  • What about World Box Dingus

  • One day I lived in 104 C

  • I’m glad the creator of our world is not gray