I Built a Bass Guitar Out of CARDBOARD

Pubblicato il 4 nov 2018
Making and playing a bass guitar made of cardboard.
I made this at home in just one day.
I added some rubber bands to make sure that everything stays in place. It turned out that they work as a whammy bar too!

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  • My collection of meme bass guitars is growing, what should I make next?

    • @Flying V illegal

    • bass Guitar Made In Cans!?

    • Very impressive... but can you build a cardboard out of bass?

    • Very impressive, but can you make a bass of human teeth?

    • It doesn't count the neck was not cardboard. Thumbs down

  • Pour some resin on it VOILA ! Your 🅱ASS became more solid

  • seriously try it out!

  • this bass sounds just like the picked bass in garage band

  • -wooden- bass Cardboard bass ✅

  • Make a bass with a wammy

  • you are crazy

  • Can u built bass out of plastic

  • Is it in F minor?

  • You could literally make a career selling bass guitars made out of anything.

  • Very impressive, but can you make cardboard out of bass?

  • Don't need an NSDC certification or training. Just the passion to do something to prove a point. And time for it.

  • Very impressive... but can you build cardboard out of a bass?

  • MUSE - o=Our time is running out:)

  • Can you make a plastic guitar ~(you can't)

  • Make the string from cardboard too

  • OMG

  • Next, do an orange peel bass guitar.

  • Spaghetti bass plz.

  • Woohoo he played the Jin Kazama Theme!

  • Inventive!

  • love the rubber band whammy

  • we all know you killed 69 dollars bass. that's crime

  • You are amazing but can you make a bass of clothes?

  • Very impressive, but you can do a bass guitar with a guitar?

  • Fender already did this with a strat

  • Bass Master.

  • I like the way of look-like-a tremolo @ 0:42 - 0:49

  • Brazil Krai cusão, o mlk é foda no baixo

  • Can u make cardboard strings?

  • Love muse

  • Bass out of glass

  • make a bass out of clay

  • The neck and the headstock is wood, thumbs down.

  • This is probably one of your worst sounding basses but still cool to play

  • But can you do ice bass guitar

  • HOW DID HE DO IT?????

  • Impressive, but can you make a bass out of mayonnaise?

  • Very impressive but can you play a bass with a whammy bar

  • Wonder how long that one lasted

  • Honestly sounds really good

  • I fear that the bridge can break

  • oh jeeze the strings are a bit off, you can see the g string boutta come off

  • If the intonation is pretty close all the way up the fretboard, that is very impressive, no 'buts' about it. Good work Davie, hope you had fun making that bass guitar. Please don't pull it apart, hang that on the wall as a good talking piece of art, it really is very cool. Cheers!

  • Can you make a glass bass? this is really impossible

  • Muse for the win boys

  • This guy does what he loves everyday and makes money of it props to him!!! 👍😁

  • Time is running out, you better make a lasagna bass oh and muse lovers, ull get the reference.

  • Very impressive but can you begin your own bunisses.

  • actualy sounds better than my bass

  • Make a bass guitar made of....Chicken

    • has to be vegan else the vegans will freak out

  • Impossible I say 😵

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  • sounds just like a regular guitar.

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  • Make a guitar of glass

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