I Bought EVERY Console at GameStop...

Pubblicato il 5 ott 2019
From Wii to Switch and PS3 to Xbox One we decided to see exactly what GameStop has...
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  • Austin definitely a Xbox dude 😀😂🤣

  • You have to blow on the disk drive to get the Xbox to work it happens to mine

  • Gamestop is dog shit and take all the consoles back

  • This dude's basically Mr. Beast but like more official.

  • Your selective systems don’t represent what these systems actually can do at this stage in their cycle. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • This is what’s holding games back. Noob gamers who like phone games making developers create these shitty games that we played on Xbox 1. Gross

  • Good for you. people have already owned all those already. why didn’t you buy a Nintendo or snes or Sega genesis or Dreamcast ???? Mealiness video for noob gamers

  • You but xbox disc in wrong for the one

  • Are u proud of ur self?

  • On amazon, the wii is like 700 dollars and wii u is umm, idk 200 dollars! Why!?

  • Who else thought this was logic 😭

  • 3:53 i just love to see ratchet and clank again

  • I bought a Vita, Wii U and PS3 last year from Gamestop without an faults (their Buy 2 get 1 deal, so it totally beat out the ebay listings). So glad I got them then instead of waiting until now.

  • You can sell your damn kid and they will give you 10 dollars

  • weird flex Read More

  • That DSi trade back price is horrendous.

  • Wii sports was my child hood

  • Conclusion: Xbox is better than PS4

  • We have a used tech and game shop called CeX here in the UK and everything used I’ve bought from them works fine and has a 2 year warranty..

  • Dude your really dumb you have to download the game for the Xbox.

  • We have a better chance of selling stuff on OfferUp & getting a fair price (considering the fact we put up the cost lol)

  • Customer: can I trade in this copy of red dead redemption 2 GameStop: oh ok that will be 5 cents Customer: ok Other customer: *walks in* hey can I get a copy of red dead redemption Game stop: oh I have a used copy right here it’s $40

    • Lol I got a new copy from them for the same price.

  • ...Gamestop sucks for buying games! I prefer ebay for a good price! What moron would buy every console to have a youtube vid....gamestop screwed him over!

  • U are so dumb

  • Yo Austin you live next to me cause you went to my local game stop in Montclair California the one across the street from target

  • I still have my fat PS3 in perfect condition🙈🙈🙈

  • this happened to me twice i bought a ps3 there and the first one gave me the flash of death so i went back to eb games to exstange it and they did and gave me anther ps3 so i went home and tested it out and it dint work either so i went back and complained why they selling faulty consoles and i asked them if i can return it and funny story the guy starts saying sorry we dont take broken consoles and then started arguing so on so on lesson learn never buy used consoles from eb games or game stop cuz there either not working or faulty and its better to ask them if u can test it out at the store to make sure everything works as it should before u pay for the console so you know its ready to go and not get ripped off

  • I have the Xbox 1s and getting keyboard and mouse that goes with Xbox

  • i actually got a great ps4 from gamestop

  • Kid:mom I swear I saw the console here!

  • I had a pink DSi 😂

  • Please.ps4. Please i am poor

  • Sir please buy me new 3ds xl I'd really appreciate that not selfish though

  • Put new thermal paste on it

  • Are these preowned game consoles.

  • They should pay you for the Wii U

  • 5:10 MrBeast you work at GameStop now?

  • B v.

  • Austin: **walks to gamestop** Seller: *oh shit here we go again.*

  • Older console's are more durable confirmed