I Bought a TOTALED FERRARI at Salvage Auction with MYSTERY Undercarriage Damage SIGHT UNSEEN!

Pubblicato il 26 mag 2019
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I took a big gamble on a cheap wrecked Ferrari 360 Spyder at the Salvage Auction. It had undercarriage damage that was not shown in the photos. It's a big risk, but it could lead to a bigger reward.
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  • Mmmm, Ferrari.

  • Yo sooo, what the fuck? What happened

  • Those wheels 🤮🤮 who would put those cheesy cheap looking things on a Ferrari

  • whoa! Nice find!

  • Sam. Lucky sob! ^5 buddy!!

  • “I think you might have lucked out my friend”! Yeeeeah as long as you don’t fuck it up anymore. Thanks

  • Reversing that Ferrari of that trailer looked SKETCHY AF!!!

  • No way ! This is filmed in land o lakes where I live. Realized I recognized where he’s driving, drive it everyday

  • Omg cliffhanger you bastid

  • Don't you have to have a Dealer's License to buy from auctions?

  • Honestly I love that you overfilled the oil. It's something I would of done.

  • Looks like the car jumped ovet something and landed and the wheels took the brunt of the hit.

  • Is he shifting a automatic because you do not do that too a automatic

  • Still waiting for the punchline. Will never watch one of your vids ever again. I'm just trying to work how to put you on a blocked list. How the fuck did it end poo jabber

  • How cheap is ridiculous cheap ???

  • O

  • Honey is amazing !! really works

  • Raffle this one off!!

  • What a crappy video

  • whats the name of the auction you get your cars from ??

  • A cliffhanger . . . dammit! :P

  • Dumbass ending from a dumbass

  • What a POS

  • Dude I love the gated shifter in that audi

  • How much was the car

  • That oil is BLACK..That motor is Ruined...

  • Anybody else came to the comment after that ending ?

  • Is it me or does he talk more then he works

  • Half this damn video is you advertising some other website. Go kick rocks.

  • Buying a totaled Mercedes or Bimmer is one thing; there are parts out there, mechanics, etc. With Ferrari, where the parts are just not there and the dealership network was a mirage, you were on your own. Even if you fixed it up, how long would that last? More to the point, and never mentioned in these stories, is insurance. To insure a real Ferrari is an experience; just ask your current insurer how much that would be...

  • 'lucked out' means no luck... no?

  • Honey doesn’t work at all for what I buy. It always says invalid coupon 100% every time.

  • Are you jewish?

  • Why didn't he stop on the car trailer to inspect the undercarriage for the listed damage?

  • hey excuse me but we just left the filthy linear television. We barely got out of this shit has been making people stupid for 60 years ... but you want us to come back to it ... we're in 2020 almost ... no thanks

  • Who ever previously owned this car didn’t deserve it with the amount of aftermarket stuff on it

  • Why does it have Audi badges ????

  • The car looks really good

  • I hate to see oil that dark coming out...better late than later.

  • i need know to know you paid for it

  • Did I just basically get Rick rolled ?

  • why dont you tell us just how much it was.

  • Never watch again because of the cliff hanger ending

  • how much did the Ferrari cost you

  • final bid was $36 250 USD for a car

  • Dislike 🖕

  • How much did you buy it for?

  • @ 20:10 SUPER TEC oil. Walmart in it to win it

  • That Walmart oil coming in strong

  • How much did you buy it for ? I’m in the auto industry I’m 18 and atm I own 5 vehicles

  • That's why so many Italians are in the Mafia, it's so that they can afford to runs car like this Ferrari :)))


  • Has Ferrari puts in walmart supertech oil XD

  • Why did you finish the video without showing if the engine works? It feels like I just wasted my time watching this video because of that. Everything else was interesting.

  • shitty video....wheres the end?

  • gotta check oil at 175 in a dry sump system , ya over filled, engines don't like that, drain oil, fill properly, engine will be fine,

  • What is Crac the quack up to now...

  • For right around $30,000, that's pretty cool you can say your own and drive a Ferrari. With a V8, it's still a nice supercar, pretty fast, could strap a turbo on the bitch. For someone like myself who is not wealthy, and has no line of credit it gives me hope in owning a car that will make all the women wet.

  • Definitely not going to subscribe

  • Yo how do you have a 10mm .... Did you buy it when you got the new battery? They are like unicorns or big foot