I Bought a Supercharged Mercedes AMG from Salvage Auction! Insurance TOTALED it with MINOR Damage!

Pubblicato il 21 ago 2019
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I Bought this Supercharged Mercedes-Benz E55 AMG from Salvage Auction really cheap with really light damage and we're going to rebuild and mod it!
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Instagram: instagram.com/samcracc/
Email Me: SamcracAuto@gmail.com
I am not a Copart employee. Please contact Copart if you have any questions about purchasing vehicles in Copart auctions. This video is sponsored by Copart.


  • That battery is a Varta silver AGM battery, in had one in my swift Suzuki, they last quite long

  • If you're looking for a car that has been messed up underneath by a giant fork lift truck.. Copart!!

  • When are we doing this cars update?

  • Good job. Love that body style

  • i cant believe he didnt say anything about the l5p duramax , fuck the mclaren for real

  • What kind of jackstand or adapter are you using to hold up this W211 body?

  • 20:14 engine hand built by a fellow Albanian 😍😍😍

    • thats why it got totalled. that explains a lot

  • Good god that m5 is fucked

  • That coil over shock system is awesome.. much superior then the airbag setup. More reliable. That's going to be a sweet ride once your done

  • Dont you worry about engine damage by running the engine low (almost empty) on oil? Liked the video 👌

  • Are u Jew .?

  • ME: "sam should just join a random auction and buy the first car that he sees" everyone: *[ENTERS REASON WHY HE SHOULDN'T]*

  • It’s so boring that every video is a copart advert

    • @L V Well, ya can't please everybody.

    • It’s an advert and it’s boring, the car stuff he actually does is great but a 2 min copart advert in each video is dull

    • Does it really matter? He just wants to help you do what he does.

  • That’s kinda funny. I just bought a 2004 C230 with a few problems for CHEAP! $1000 and it’s pretty much road worthy.

  • The front passenger tire is flat

  • You are a true teacher!

  • Great content and I also enjoyed how you did everything all in one video. I've always wanted to try doing this kind of build being also from west palm ( The acreage ).I may.call on you one day for guidance !

  • You do Many 3 tight finger tests 😂😂

  • 🤔 3 fingers, and you say that's tight 🤣

  • I'm looking for other options, copart doesn't have what I need right now :(

  • You converted from air to coil?!

  • nice Segway Sam..."I needed a car faster than my 911, so I bought a Mercedes"...Don't you already own a few other cars that are faster than that 911?

  • What happened to your nice garage??

  • WE NEED MORE CONTENT PLEASE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • In the recent animated movie "Ralph breaks the Internet"; I think they used your personal aura for the Ralph character.

  • Where da hell is the RS? :)

  • Hey Samcrac, I actually live over in Largo and wanted to ask, is it worth buying salvaged cars and fixing them up? I know I've seen a few videos where you got lucky but I wanted to start doing project cars so I can learn about them more instead of taking apart my already working daily.

  • hey man any suggestions for a car? i’ve got 10,000 usd and looking for something sporty

  • Sam lives in Florida...hope everything is okay! Stay safe.

  • Just binged watched his videos...does he ever show the finished projects?

  • Go Ahead, Sam and scratch these nice exhaust pipes 12:05

  • this guy is absolutely slow and lazy for putting any content

  • Nice little filler project, looks to be a nice easy fix !

  • Carfax : car was started bone dry metal on metal enjoy

    • Closer to half full.. These hold a lot of oil.

  • Hey, how about some content? You on vacation this month? If so, tell us. This is one of my top 5 channels, but if you don't start updating more regularly, I'm going to disappear, like you seem to have.

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  • Could you maybe put more ads, 63 is not enough

    • In today's episode we got the See 63 AM... ADS!

  • Stop this nonsense about cars, your true calling is making bagels at the mall

  • Its time to upload a new video about the Ferrari!

    • It's time to upload ANYTHING. It's going to be hard to keep subscribers with 1 upload every 7-10 days.

  • He should finish his previous projects or should I say forgotten projects

  • Dude your videos are brilliant! I'm not really into cars but you are getting me interested... props to you from the UK!

  • There is one thing i do not understand. Why the heck dont you get a car lift. does not cost that much. AND it will save your back and knees. Even a sizzorlift is better than this. an the Sizzorlift is movable.. Aaaaanyway.. love your work, and how you deal with things you are not eduacated for. pardon my English, i Live all the way over in Norway. There is no way in hell, that it is possible for a private person to buy a incurance totaled car. Only Licenced "carbody specialists" can buy cars like this and repair them. Impounded cars, are scrapped, only cars that has been reposessed by the bank, are possible to buy on a public auction

  • If you buy anything from Copart check it in person first. They are an unethical business who will rip you, then sitte T&Cs if you call foul. And don't underestimate the costs of getting these vehicles back on the road.

  • God...Why not S ? And I thought Sam is "S" class guy unlike other budget YTer (Sorry Randy but Congratulate you on your new Navy blue Porsche, copied from Sam)

  • My issue with Copart, isn't really with them. In Georgia, if a salvage title is issued, you HAVE to have all repair work done by a licensed shop (unless you know someone who will fudge the documents). Which sucks for us just north of you.

  • I need to meet Sam I live in Florida I need a cheap first car

  • This guy buying cool cars left and right and I can't even buy a new NBA 2k20

  • Where is the wrecked Tesla??

  • Would you ever consider an early 2000s (2000-2005) Audi S8 as a decent daily driver? Found one with very superficial body damage with low miles.

  • 👍🏻

  • Fcp euro is awesome I been using them for years. Customer service is top notch

  • Love what you do Samcrac! Good stuff check them out JMR Nation!

  • Dude all your vids are sponsored by different companies that make your cars affordable to work on. Even the auction sites. Half of the shit you pitch isnt even feasible.

  • It´s Porsche not Porsch, I should know that as I´m from there, they come from.

    • carfaxts daily I know that, but my phone sometimes does stupid stuff.

    • You should also know, "should" is spelled with an H

  • M5 looked like a hatch back

  • So....what happened to the green Ferrari? How many open projects do you have?

  • I would have checked the oil quality before up-fillig, because if the car needs a oil change, the now filled oil ist wasted.

  • Yea but how much did u spend?

  • I mean u bought it for almost 5k and lets say u spend 1k on repair thats a total if 6k for a 03 i dont think thats worth it for a salvage car 🤓

  • One flick of the key, and it’ll crank no need to hold it over