I Bought A DRUG DEALER'S Storage Unit And MADE BIG MONEY! I Bought An Abandoned Storage Unit!

Pubblicato il 11 apr 2019
I Bought A Drug Dealer's Storage Unit! I bought an abandoned storage unit that belonged to a drug dealer! I bought an abandoned storage unit and found drugs is not true this time, but I did buy a drug dealer's storage unit! I bought an abandoned storage locker A LOT with epic storage unit finds but this storage auction locker was definitely an INSANE storage locker! Storage unit auctions and storage unit buying have become our full time job, so each storage auction has to provide BIG MONEY!
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  • We recently had our BIGGEST SCORE EVER! Check this storage unit here out! it-tvs.com/tv/video-qYw5_7_pZmw.html

    • I want those reflective jeans!!! 😭 Can I buy them form you???

    • Them are masks go on your face. Like, it's voice and sound activated and lights up

    • Rip team gohon tat XD

    • Come and see JadeExotic 🌸's LIVE in #BIGOLIVE slink.bigovideo.tv/FpHQ9O

  • Venom for the last sign

  • “If I get scammed with fake money again, I’m actually suing” 😂😭 I laughed so hard, I forgot to breathe 😂😂😂😂

  • He thought the pride flag one was a country im dead

  • If the nirvana poster is original . That is going to be worth some big cash .

  • 👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • That’s a bisexual flag… js 🤷🏼‍♀️

  • Can I have a shout out my name is rubie

  • Who tf would buy a stained polo shirt ? 🤦

    • @Leslie Owens they wont ..i dnt think this guy really knows what hes doing lol

    • Fatgod Doebeezy I don’t even think the Goodwill will take that...

  • Your channel always puts a smile on my face, such an awesome family..Margaret n Iceland

  • The look on your face was priceless.. I'm a DBZ fan myself.. just seeing the look on your face.. I laughed until I almost pissed my pants. 😂😂😂🙈

  • That is Venom spider mans ejector atmosphere man

  • That is Venom spider mans ejector atmosphere man

  • How much you want for the Harley belt buckle??

  • Just left that area, kind of miss it

  • how u not notice the ethika boxers

  • That 1 comic picture of the red monster is Carnage a villian from the Spider-Man 🌎. This drug dealer looks like he's a ThrowBack from the Club Kid days

  • "Is that a country's flag??????" 7:59 Me: *sigh* no...no it really isn't

  • Venom was one pic

  • Nice guys !!! Storage legends here to say we are new subscribers!!!!!!!! Keep up the good work brodsky. ! I’ll see u at a auction !

  • those are airsoft game mask. Also in music fest. When the battery on,flash.

  • If it is drug dealer's unit. The crazy variety of sizes of clothes, and the expensive watches and such were likely stuff they had gotten from drug buyers when they don't have cash money, but the have valuables that they use to get a fix, or pay off "tabs" of sorts.

  • He’ll be busy when he gets home 😂

  • Roses are red Violets are blue I just got clicked baited So did you

  • This video was such a waste of time

  • Run the numbers on them and you can see if it's real

  • The black and gold, and blue and white "weird things" are masks normally worn at raves and anime conventions. The power button and volume control is for the sound activating lights on the front of the mask. As in it lights up with the beat.

  • those are signed by famous people and it goes up to 1/000

  • I’m a redskins fan ....

  • Jebus! For the first time you made sense to me when you said that nobody wants to watch you go through every single pocket of every single piece of clothes in a 2 1/2 hour unedited video. Yes sure you were right and that’s why you are making a success doing these IT-tvs’s is because you move it along and make it interesting. Praise to both of you for making a successful goal at both buying units and displaying them on your IT-tvs channel. I know I have been critical of you and certain issues but this time I am giving you kudos and if you go to the pharmacy right away they make some salve that will clear it right up!!🤠

  • could be a molly or e dealer he seemed like a raver based on the kandi and face masks

  • Do you not know who Venom is?

  • The only person ever to see Martin DVDs and say aww man

  • Rave masks

  • I swear I know whose unit this was.

  • The pocky is sushi in a bowl and j-pop is pop music in Japan.

  • Seems like a weeby stoner to me probs like living in an apartment or something and put their excess in the unit then just forgot about the storage unit (until they got arrested I mean), Honestly looks like a Con haul like they went to a con recently and some of those bags are just what they got at the con

  • You Guys Rock I found a rattlesnake in my first unit..

  • The colorful flag is the LGBT Bisexual flag. And the anime books you found are Doujinshi which are fanmade manga, generally yaoi (gay love) or yuri (lesbian love). I would kill to have some doujinshi lol I am a die-hard anime fan lol

  • *throws comics and posters on ground*. My heart! Bruh they are worth money! “What’s pocky?”* Bruh!!!! Who’s this? Uncultured!!!!!!

  • i want that hollywoodundead tshirt

  • That’s a bisexual flag lol

  • This person was definitely a raver

  • They are LED ravers mask

  • Goth stuff = big bucks.... I guess.

  • Raveers. LBGT ravers and those are raver masks (beginning of vid)

  • Leeches and grubworns

  • The pink purple and blue flag means bisexuality

  • Gotta be from Maryland

  • Think it would be and not so rushed to check every item

  • Love you two guys, cute and intelligent girl you have there cherish her

  • A bisexual, emo, drug dealer.... That's a new one

  • That guy was a hard racer jealous they found all those masks that get pretty expensive and have no clue what they are

  • What makes the owner a drug dealer lil baggies don't mean that it's for drugs I use them for my coin collection if you found drugs then I'd believe that it was a dealer

    • Maybe the literal arrest record of him being arrested for selling drugs like we said in the video?....

  • The shirts asap rocky, he was a hardcore hip-hop fan?

  • Bro you still got that misfits and Nirvana poster I'll give ya $30 for the pair

  • The signed Venom and Deadpool with Spiderman are worth something!

  • I know a guy. Hes a drug dealer. But he collects old things. especially toys and books and stuff. Has 3 units full. If anything ever happened to him and someone got his units. Theyd probly make millions. No joke.Ive Always wanted to buy units like this but i get pist playing scratchers and losing cant imagine spending hundreds on something and finding zip...

  • Sushi is amazing monster👺👺👺

  • Sushi is amazing