I Bought A DRUG DEALER'S Storage Unit And MADE BIG MONEY! I Bought An Abandoned Storage Unit!

Pubblicato il 11 apr 2019
I Bought A Drug Dealer's Storage Unit! I bought an abandoned storage unit that belonged to a drug dealer! I bought an abandoned storage unit and found drugs is not true this time, but I did buy a drug dealer's storage unit! I bought an abandoned storage locker A LOT with epic storage unit finds but this storage auction locker was definitely an INSANE storage locker! Storage unit auctions and storage unit buying have become our full time job, so each storage auction has to provide BIG MONEY!
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  • We recently had our BIGGEST SCORE EVER! Check this storage unit here out! it-tvs.com/tv/video-qYw5_7_pZmw.html

    • Do ur still have those 10000 1000 & 5000 bills ¿¿¿¿¿¿ cause by now u should know those billz r real congratz great find

    • Treasure Hunting With Jebus where do you go to buy cheap storage units like that???


  • "DRUGS!! My favorite" Lmaoooo

  • The masks are raver masks and the battery packs are either for lights or for the fan to cool the estasy driven raver down

  • I think j-pop stands for Japanese pop music.

  • Face masks

  • Really interesting to see everything sorted. It takes a lot of time to look through the unit , then you have see what is worth anything, so it is quite hard work .this time you found a bargain unit .you will be a millionaire if you keep going.

  • Dude gets released. IT-tvsrs vanish.

  • The cowboy boots were lovely

  • Antifa's closet

  • They wher mask with voice changer

  • What do you do with the drugs?

  • I used escocartel com ,they are the most secured and reliable online drug dealers

  • Lol. Divid...

  • the facemasks are rave gear (shown in beginning of go thru at end of video)

  • Who ever owned this unit was into kpop big bang specifically that's the face mask they found pretty cool

  • That mesh mask is for airsoft depending on the brand 20 to 60 bucks and the other mask are rave mask

  • Amazing videos

  • No ones gonna buy any of that maybe the watch 😂

  • Bit rude with the sushi comment

  • Big money ??!?

  • Divided is H&M

  • How u like boondocks but not martin ? 😂😂😂 but no lie u r the reason i started buying storage units🙌

  • They are face masks.

  • "Idk what that is". Youve never heard of Venom?

  • What about that storage unit made you think it was a drug dealer?

  • Adam cousin is a well know Indy racer

  • I want that Nirvana poster

  • Find Disposable syringe oh nice beautiful beautiful

  • Bisexual Drug Dealing Cowboy

  • Omg theres money in here *pulls it away* Thinks in mind it’s mine

  • Cool video now i want to buy a storage unit

  • It’s a face mask

  • I wouldn't be letting the world know you bought a drug dealers storage unit. They might come after you.....

  • Bro why you allways saying they drug dealers have you done your research on them

  • It is motocross that is dirt bikes racing

  • After you found th@ bread you started sweating! 😂😆😆😆😂👍🏾 I would have too! Nice find!

  • My guy you can seell them boots for at least $100

  • Hahaha, actually enjoy the strong white American status attitude haha, your boi saying weird to just a different culture of style 😂. Enjoyed it thouroughly, nice haul on the unit.

  • Should be careful digging in bags and pockets never know could have needles in them

  • Lol that’s a Piesas stash with all those assortments 😂😂

  • Жесть ))

  • Those bucket feet shoes on poshmark I saw started at $300! I hope our scored big, I love your videos! Vegas Jamie

  • Thats probably one of those face masks that changes the sound of your voice

  • The picture after the deadpool and spider man support equality is of Carnage

  • You find baggies and pill bottles and act surprised that the guy was arrested for drugs.

  • Bruh u betta she respect on Martin dont sleep on em

  • The pink purple and blue flag is the bisexual flag

  • I just want to congratulate you guys on your 49er's making the Super Bowl. lol

  • I cried when I seen the mcr jacket I would've loved to own that😭

  • Cant wait till the guy gets out and hunts them down for pocketing his money lol

  • Chucks are a model of Converse. You were correct as those were Chucks, that iconic siluoette is a Chuck Taylor All-Star High Top.

  • Save the Louie box...if it's legit, you can sell for a lil something. Not as much as a Rolex box but can fetch something.

  • Find some clippers and cut the hair homie

  • He is a bicar

  • Buying a storage unit in gernarl always dump the bags on the ground and scader with your feet search for needles I never know dude they will go right three your gloves please read this take caution man please be safe I love your vids tho man I'll give u a like on this vid

  • Sushi hella good fym

  • Hope everything's okay with you two and two. Missing you all!

  • “Much respect” then blast him for being a drug dealer 🙄

  • Between the "bead things" I saw, some of the clothes and hats and all the face masks it seems like the owner of the unit liked to go to raves. the beads are "candy" and face masks and weird hats like pokemon characters and other silly cartoon characters are pretty common. But ya, that person had all sorts of face masks, might've been a low key kink or something.

  • U guys are pretty freaking awesome!!!