I Bought 10 Products With The FUNNIEST Amazon Reviews!

Pubblicato il 13 dic 2019
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Hey, do you like a good meme? Welp, if ya do, you're really gonna enjoy todays video because it is one big meme fest! We searched and bought 10 products from Amazon that have some of the funniest reviews that were left by customers who also bough the product, However, there's a twist and we need your help! We wanted to challenge the customer by leaving our own funny review! Now, I know what you're thinking, why do you need my help? We need your help because you can vote using the polls down below to let us know who review was funnier! We're excited to see the results!

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    • ligit cant find it

    • best the I

    • Ink Sans You should get the original game called snake oil

    • Thierry face was a Larry us

    • can you make review with TBH picnic basket?

  • did anyone notice that Michael spelled insane wrong?

  • Who’s here the same day Kobe and Gigi Bryant died #RIPLegend #RIPKOBEANDGIGI #SADDAYS

  • I laughed at butt and I am over 8! How offensive! I am furious 😉 jk it is not offensive

  • 😂😂😂

  • I use it because I’m in a magnet school since 2nd grade

  • Tanner has a tattoo on his wrist at 3:05.

  • iAm DEaD InSiDE

  • Tanner doesn’t like holes? Guess he won’t have kids

  • You guys should have googled the most expensive TV on amazon and see the reviews on that. It’s the funniest thing ever 😂

  • omg michael should have put why is wolfstreet called wolfstreet if there is no wolf (faulse advertising)

  • In WI we dont need pepper spray we get guns and very conservative knife laws

  • and this file:///Users/kidroy66i/Desktop/Screen%20Shot%202020-01-24%20at%204.50.37%20PM.png

  • The Vacuum cleaner at 14:44, is just one bag less Mothersucka, LOL ;-)

  • there were no polls I waited nearly 6 years for the polls to come up but they didn't and now I'm hungry after not eating for 6 years. I also am now throwing my life around for this poll

  • for the vacuum I would have said. " class pet... RIP Mark the hamster."

  • my uncle is in wolf of wall street!! Henry Zebrowski is my 𝕌𝕟𝕔𝕝𝕖!

  • Wolf of Wall Street isn’t even a good movie

  • I heard it

  • I did not latef

  • I’m 10 and I laugh at when tanner said butt

  • There is already pepper spray that takes a camera of the attacker and sends it straight to the police

  • Who else went on Amazon?

  • TANNER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!💕❤😂

  • I have the horse mask

  • The comment for the book doesn't exist :(

  • 1:38 that’s what she said hahahahahahahahahahaha

  • 4:48 WHY COULDN'T YOU STICK WITH ALASKA? I live there!

  • (pepper spray review). "Don't use on tacos..."

  • in polish mayaya would be majaja which means my eggs

  • 14:49 I thought it said BAGElss instead of bag less

  • 3:18 Any kudalaper fans out there?

  • one of my favorite videos!!!

  • (23:00) Soap Joke , this cheese dont taste too good.

  • Yea

  • 24:01

  • IDK. I just did a random time. 10:35

  • When there’s no pole on the top right corner:b oof

  • The dope or nope remembers you or snake oil leave a like

  • am i the only one who looked up all the products on amazon to see the reviews lol

  • Fkn love it

  • 18:11 that’s a Swiss army Pocket knife to me it looks more like an apocalyptic weapon

  • Don’t you know police use pepper spray and Matt what does a limo have to do with pepper spray

  • Yo yo homie G

  • 911 how can we help you? *Ahh yes, I’m just cooking, and I was wondering how much trouble you can be in for selling meth.* You wanna know how much trouble you can be in for having meth? *yeah, I mean you’re the ones to ask ask that.* Is this -- ---? *uhh no, -- is not here right now.* The police is coming to see you sir *oh shiii, gah! I mean, oh ok.* 😂😂😂

  • Mathias wrote perfect one liners... then he ruined them all

  • W

  • Y’all should review craft products from amazon!

  • ★★★★★ “This vacuum is also good for transferring paranormal canines.”

  • You guys are really not funny

  • "I have a fear of holes!" ~Tanner Mamedal, 2019

  • That I Need A New Butt book was at my book fair at school and I was so confused!

  • Tanner: this vacuum sucks and blows Me:😳🥴😏

  • That comment about safety not being allowed there is pretty ironic coming from Commiefornia.

  • I have sprayed myself with mace i feel your pain

  • love you guys

  • What if you gave 5 stars but in the comments you say 1 stars

  • My grandma bought my 3 year old sister that Butt book for Christmas last year

  • Hey this video can out on my dads birthday

  • Probably wierd that I got the same soap as in this video