i became a minecraft GOD (part 2)

Pubblicato il 17 lug 2019
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  • guys I used creative mode for the wither meme at the start obviously lmao

  • Just came back to say that im swedish

  • He says he is vegan but... he kills other animals

  • 13:26 Australian man accidentally creates the first rocket jump (colorized)

  • hey how come the diamonds that lazarbeam mined in 13:21 was like more than 6 chuncks?

  • lazarbeam:CAN YOU RIDE A TURTLE?...................................FBI OPEN UP!

  • That purple thing is a flower

  • The 9 k dislikes are all the 9 year olds that want him to play fortnite

  • I'd rather be playing Minecraft than season 10 fortnite

  • Jdos

  • I’m a default and I can did deter fan you what do you what me to dips on mine craft 😁😁😁😁

  • What minecraft is that

  • My beet carrot farm ALONE is at least 5 times the size of this melon farm

  • PewDiePie plays Minecraft for like 2 hours everyday doing whatever and this guy is focused on playing for 12 hours and beating Pewds to the ender dragon

  • This just proves lazarbeam and ginji ARE A GOD SWEDENS GOIN DOWN

  • Melon is good

  • Bream is not vegan

  • When u killed wither u still scared from skeleton

  • the fuck bruh im raging so fucking hard like how how do u die on lava twice when u have fucking diamonds like wtf like dude

  • 👏 bread has milk in it

  • they will trade you good stuff

  • smart

  • You are awesome

  • ive been playing minecraft since the begining and i havent found a single dimond ;-;

  • Hey laser beam you know in a fortnight I deter buddy use code laser Bowie please set up me please

    • Hey laser beam you know everybody here use code laser beam don't get free lucky for 24 years

  • I had the same expression as u you with the enderman😂

  • I got a frozen 2 trailer from this

  • 2:52 Discord

  • Lazarbeam: Im gonna build the worlda biggest farm. *a hella melon farming later* *has a melon farm with about 1000 melons* You did it Lazarbeam

  • You found fucking diamond before freaking gold like wtf

  • Why are people disliking this vid

  • Your trash pewds is better

  • if i remember correctly if you put a gold nugget in a well you get really good stuff

    • Cassidy Lawrence that is with a lucky block well

  • I feel so bad for him when he dies in lava every time😂

    • K

    • iTs_DreamZ_ YT oh ok i see

    • Lenz What im saying is that I feel bad for him (LazarBeam) And this video is a month old so I have no Idea of what you’re talking about..


  • He say this is getting trending doesnt even get it🤣

  • After watching since i was 4 and found the best youtubers ever lazarbeam

  • What is Alex ace up two??

  • Lazerbeam I'll help u get better at finding diamonds y cordinate level 12

  • You are not trash

  • Yess borrissss the tortuuse!!

  • I now how to build a mansion in mincraft so you are a defult

  • Red fox is bum

  • Keep doing Minecraft your doing great people are just hating cause your actually really good at the game

  • Llama!🐎

  • You are eqwivilent to a Minecraft ninga

  • The blue thing you need it to inchant

  • I beleived

  • U are a so dumb I have lot of good Amor

  • your a god lazarbeam im your bigest fan

  • Lazarbeam I would never insult u man ur my favorite u tuber

  • Waaaaaa

  • 2:32 look at dat face man

  • 1:12 look at where he cranked nineties lol 😂😂😂😂

  • the villagers pray for lord alex.. BOW DOWN PEASENTS

  • vegans for life

  • Don’t hurt villagers the golem WILL KILL YOU!!!!

  • I’m missed my small peen

  • When ur phone automatically connects to your speaker and ur watching porn 13:28

  • When your vegan your can not eat bread

  • F😈ck you Red fox!!!!!!

  • Why r u raiding villages leave that to the pillagers

  • i know who has been putting the pumpkins alex ace look at his channel its suppose to be secret.

  • According to a Google search, there are about 3.097 diamond ore per chunk, which by default each yield one diamond, meaning there are about 10.9 trillion diamond ore in a Minecraft world, or with unenchanted pickaxes, 10.9 trillion diamonds to be collected in a Minecraft world.

  • He did beat the ender dragon on episode 6

  • how do u make a boat with paddles

  • Ok guys You can trust me or not but yesterday i found 12 diamonds at one spot!

  • That's not how you do it. You are supposed to put it above and let it spread.

  • i fond won as soon as i spawned in my world i think seed is dipadoculas

  • you only one layer of fences because you can't jump over it

  • Let’s go lazarbeam

  • only og fans remember boris

  • I killed the enderdragon with a iron pickaxe and no armor

    • And also, iron pickaxe is to weak to destroy the glass crystal thingy on the tower that heals the enderdragon. If you want to lie, at least be better at it.😑😑😑

    • Nice lie you just told us. You need an enchanted bow and a potion for slow falling and you also need armour or else endermens or the enderdragon will 2 hit you instantly.

  • Sub to my channel I’m a small you tuber

  • wonder if anyone noticed that when lazarbeam went into the house it said lord ALEX with pumpkins. it was alex all along

  • You can install keep invintory on

  • I AM GOD!!

  • No more achievements

  • Keep putting some diamonds

  • How did you find so much diamond!! Mind doing a tutorial or recommending videos