I Arrested a Convicted FELON (again)

Pubblicato il 10 lug 2019
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Saving the day, one bald guy at a time.
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I’m a 24 year old manchild living in Los Angeles. This is my life.


  • Was that his dad

  • Is this shit real

  • The climax is better than ksi vs Logan paul

  • I’m that one girl: WeAr SaFtEy GoGgLeS

  • Vlog something that you normally do everyday. The 2016 - 2018 Lp. Simple vlog was the best vlog to be honest. But now all is gone. And it is so sad.

  • Simple ones like going out with friends, going to an airport, talking to a friend, having sleep over, making music videos. Your activities are too much. Just the simple ones bro.

  • Logan Bro you are not entertaining anymore. Why? Your videos are more on doing stuff that are really too much but what we really wanted was your vlogs about your everydsy life like a simple tour to your life, not all these activities that are so huge. We want the simple ones. Bring back the 2016 - 2018 Logan Paul. You are becoming boring. I loved your vlogs but I no longer find joy in it.

  • Hi pogan laul

  • I would have drop kicked his ass

  • listen logan your not gonna see this but u inspired me to fight like boxing and stuff and i had a decent year but like a real " Rocky " type story i was a good boxer with a record of 18-7 pretty good right but then my coach told me in 4 weeks i was fighting this guy who was to top boxer in colorado and i wasnt ready so trained i trained for 5 hrs a day except sundays and the time had come i was fighting a 15 yr old fighter who was the est in colorado 1st round i got FUCKED up he hit me with the hardest hits i have ever taken it had now been clear that only luck could help me win this we went into the second round and i ducked his right hook and got low REAL low then used my legs to spring up brought my gloves to his chin and fucking drilled him, he didnt get up when they were at 10 i stood over and helped the EMTs get him into the vehicle where i found out my wrist was fractured from delivering that punch, never been so proud in my life, and thank you.

    • he was the champ of our league and went to state not champ of the state the champ of our league which was still like 200 kids plus the ones who were like me and just the begginers

  • Good decision not giving jake a gun

  • That is a very fat ass car

  • dude you arrested your dad? not cool

  • Cringe

  • Who else searched in Google for why shouldn't give jake Paul 😂😂 because his dumb that what I got


  • me: Logan:me first me first

  • honestly fw these

  • 1hbucrt

  • Jake going ham on the taser

  • How come both of the felonies are bald??


  • 7:50 when me and the boys get a victory royale

  • I hope you realise you are a psychopat

  • Logan paul shit

  • The lady they met is one big Karen

  • jake is so useless🤣

  • Am I bad for preferring the old Logan paul over the new one?

  • MORE I LOVE THESE VIDSS 7:15 the ass crack though

  • Yes tell gogol why jake can't have a gin

  • Damn jake is mean when he is a cop

  • This has to be fake and if it’s not this actually pisses me off

  • you stupid LORGO PUAL I CAN FUCK YOU

  • I though Logan was rat tazer guy

  • 5 30

  • What is this

  • Oh boy oh man

  • Why

  • Wow jake actually did something good

  • But Patty mayo makes fake arrests tho.... They have a whole film crew is stuff... He even made it into the news

  • Duh=bro

  • Is they drunk again

  • betting 100000 i am the fastes

  • 2:01

  • 2: 01

  • He’s big....and bald!

  • Fake

  • He said ploagon laul

  • Shit is so fake 😂

  • Fuck Logan

  • That lady needs to shut her mouth

  • Pogan law 🖐

  • Go rainbow six mode and grapple

  • Was the real of fake???

  • Anyone thinks this shit is real just proves that IT-tvs has gone to shit. Please people think with logic that police guy has already been exposed and has admitted it

  • Imagine getting arrested by Logan Paul Biggest L of all time shhh 💦

  • jake is so stupid lol

  • How many bullets did this woman take dang

  • Logan a ssvage

  • And that’s why you wear safety goggles.

  • Jake yo u keep tasing him😂😂😂

  • paty mayos fake

  • Logan freakin went in even with a broken finger- I'm so amazed xDD

  • That woman fucking pissed me off-

  • I got a invite for a marrige Jake And The Tazer

  • "I'm puttin you to sleep!"

  • These guys have to be kidding like seriously the girl is just doing her freaking job like WTFFFFFF!!!!!!!!!


  • Nobody: Lady: SaFtEy GogGlEs

  • What would safety googles do when a big piece of wood is getting thrown at you

  • If I was Logan I would of tackled him and then I would of thrown some punches at his bald head

  • That there new job

  • Cccccccccccsccccccccccc Have you spotted it

  • This is the only Paul video that's entertaining

  • From Patty's 30 min video Logan did 10 min video We love you Logan

  • That's fake as shit that girl is a badd actor


  • I would bloody hurt that woman because I do karate oh I would of went off it

  • Go job

  • This lady deadass ran her fat ass over to them for fucking safety goggles