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Pubblicato il 17 lug 2019
Check out the official Hustlers Trailer starring Cardi B! Let us know what you think in the comments below.
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US Release Date: September 13, 2019
Starring: Jennifer Lopez, Constance Wu, Cardi B
Directed By: Lorene Scafaria
Synopsis: Inspired by the viral New York Magazine article, Hustlers follows a crew of savvy former strip club employees who band together to turn the tables on their Wall Street clients.
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  • @ 1:08 when they threw their drinks away 😂

  • The blonde actress/stripper looks like the late, pretty Brittany Murphy

  • I saw the movie last night. And tbh Cardi b is only like in the first 20 min of the movie.Also the movie was good like the first hour and then after that it was getting a bit boring.

  • holy camole Julia Stiles got HOT!

  • This movie is a feature length irrefutable proof that the Gender Pay Gap is a myth.

  • I didn’t need lizzo in this no thanks hard pass

  • This has got to be the worst movie ever made

  • This definitely awakened my inner stripper

  • "And say what? 'I spent $5,000 at a Strip Club. Send Help?'" She killed me

  • CardiB looks like a dog.

  • JLo did really a great job on pole dance, but sorry the movie was trashy. I just watched this movie.

  • I just saw it today I just got back from the movies and i was sad because cardi b didn’t really come out :(

  • The Story of Cardi B

  • They should’ve called the movie “Cardi: How I took advantage of men and rose to fame”.

  • if they only made a movie about men drugging woman and taking advantage of them and glorified it.... wonder how well that would go over

  • Oscar nomination 😏🤩

  • Why did they give Constance such ugly hair??

  • This movie is just like the women in it. Trash. .....

  • How likely is it that a 450lb buffalo would get hired as a stripper?

  • JLo is a legit actress

  • Wonderful movie!

  • Who knows the background music?

  • Great movie although I wished it had more nudity for an r rated movie. It's still better than showgirls

  • It was quite boring to be honest

  • I watched it today

  • Cardi and lizzo have tiny roles in this!! Jlo is a main character I'll give it that, and one of her best acting roles. They should've promoted constance instead of cardi and lizzo more!!

  • ?? Why does everyone keep saying this was a horrible movie was it really that bad

    • Zoe sooo bad, just watched the movie

  • Another overhyped and overrated movie of course this movie get praise because it all about women feminist

  • okay but lili Reinhart🤤🤤🤤🤤

  • Betty cooper went from stripping in front of her bf n HIS DAD.. to this. Talk abt reaching full potential

  • Based on a true story *whips out phone during an interrogation*

  • bro this must be the oddest movie ever made

  • Finally a Movie that Shows what Women are good for.

  • Ew

  • Who else saw the trailer in an ad and had to come find the comment section?.

  • The movie Ocean's 8 wanted to be.

  • Making heroines from people who drug and rob men. This is empowerment? Bread and circuses people, now ultra depravity is celebrated as the ideal. This story is a SAD story.

  • 1:03

  • I want to watch this movie in Korea....but I don't see it being released here. :(

  • Great movie , loved it , will be seeing it again tomorow

  • MY GURL LIZZOOO I preachhh 👏

  • Looking kinda chubby there for a stripper, Constance (0:00)

    • There are plus size strippers in real life. Why would her tiny bit of body fat mean anything?

  • Mate Lillie Reinharts comming back from snotty old riverdale

  • Great Movie!

  • Don’t kill me but this movie was horrible, all over the place literally and the slowest and most confusing storyline.

  • Can’t wait this movie 🥰

  • J-Lo is almost 50 in this o.O

    • Tiki80 She is 50 now bit would have been 49 when this movie was shot. Either way she looks great!!!

    • She is 50

  • constance wu is bad! dont care for these movies glorifying stripping. the life is nothing like the movies portray them.

    • Ben Marx I mean it’s based off a true story so..... their life was exactly as the movie portrayed them

  • Cardi B is a roll model

  • Look how thick and wide these girls are. Old 59 year olds don't deserve this.

  • My mum legit asked to go to the Cinema and watch this with me, so we’re going tomorrow 😂😂

  • OMG no veo la hora de verla

  • Great movie 🎥 just watched it today

  • Evan, Eddie and Emery need to come get their mom

  • Kinda like Monalisa by Lil Wayne

  • Who's watching this movie because Cardi B in it

  • Jlo should do her age movies. She looks ridiculous and old

  • Is this supposed to be cute? Yikes

  • a bunch of "heroic" hustlers.

  • those b**ches rip men off.

    • Those same men did the same...