Hustlers: The Real Women Behind The Movie

Pubblicato il 1 ott 2019
Hustlers: The True Story Of The Women Behind The Movie
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2019 has been a great year for movies. The year has seen the premieres of Avengers: Endgame, John Wick Chapter Three: Parabellum, and Toy Story 4. You may have missed one of the year’s best films though, the Jennifer Lopez/Constance Wu crime thriller, Hustlers.
The film centers around a group of strippers who start robbing their high-class Wall Street clients. The story is pretty insane even by movie standards, so it couldn’t possibly be true, right?
The plot is actually based around a New York magazine article called The Hustlers At Scores. Both stories are pretty outrageous, but what parts are true and what parts are fiction.
Watch as we dive deep into the lives of the real-world hustlers Lopez and Wu play and what about them the movie got right or what the movie exaggerated. Not to mention the similar hustles some of the actors in the movie have pulled in their lives as well. Here is Hustlers: The True Story Of The Women Behind The Movie.


  • this trash movie is nothing like wolf or wall st. 😂😂

  • Jennifer Lopez did an awesome performance. I applaud her for her superb acting.

  • Cardi B is no damm musician.

  • hookkers & scammer they all are

  • Jennifer doesn't even need to be in this movie, OLY BC SHE IS OLD NO OFFENSE AND CARDI B WAS BARELY EVEN IN THE MOVIE

    • Matthew Leverett she’s old? She sure doesn’t look old which is the point why the cast her if she’d look old she wouldn’t of been in the movie

  • My favorite part is where Ramona takes Destiny under her fur while she smoking and agrees to teach her moves💓😍

  • I gotta watch this movie. . .

  • She should be honored JLo portrayed her because they definitely overshot it in the “beauty” department.

  • Destiny has tough time getting money but she sure has nice house .. ok

  • I'll take fiction over the ugly truth

  • Why didn’t they call the movie “Whores”? Seems more accurate.

  • Constance was the actresses in this movie. Sorry Jennifer, you did JLo on a movie nothing different than your concerts. Duh.

  • I was a waitress in a strip club and you didn’t have to drug them to do the scheme they did. Most of them are so drunk by the end of the night I’ve seen strippers “helping” them sign credit card receipts with huge tips. Not saying it was right or wrong just saying this isn’t news!!

    • It was was Wrong dummy

  • Cardi went to Bmcc it’s basically free

  • I just liked the main girl. The movies was ok.

  • In my opinion some men deserve it that’s what they get for cheating on there wife’s

  • This is a mean world!

  • Nice movie,I watched it

  • If you’re a feminist man hater this movie is for you.

    • Feminists and men haters arent the same thing, but based on your opinion of this movie, Im not surprised that you made this misconclusion.

  • I have no idea how JLO got nominated for a golden globe. What a joke🤮

  • Looks like an amazing movie. Hated Wall Street but this I will watch

  • Wtf

  • The real Destiny is beautiful woman!

  • I can't wait to see this!

    • You would think that At least if the men who see this know what’s going on that they’d at least see this bitch naked. Haha. She bamboozled you all again. Boy, have so many people been taken by this fraud. She can’t and doesn’t sing, she photoshops all her photos to the max and then promotes ad naseum a stripper movie in which she doesn’t even strip! Haha I’ve never heard of strippers who wear one piece outfits by the wSy. Doug heffernan does a better pole dance striptease number on the COMEDY show king of queens. Suckers

  • The real Ramona ugly

    • @Jumie Samsudin She is ok the one in the movie nicer face thiner

    • But the real Destiny is beautiful!

  • am i early

  • I would let JLO play me like that all she wants I would say "thank you"

  • Jlo made her likeable. She made herself look bad by suing them and looking crazy. If she was smart she should have co-operated and wrote a book right away but she’s looking for fast money instead of being smart.

    • Strippers are like entitled children

    • Who Ramona? But she did write a book about it.

    • Well said. That shows the mindset of these stripper women.

    • She could not

  • There was a 20/20 special from the real girl named rosie who is portrayed by constance wu as “destiny”

    • There is a american documentary/news show called “20/20”. They interviewed Rosie who in the movie is played by constance wu and thats the real story.

    • what?

  • I saw this movie. It was good.

  • This was the great movie.


  • This movie is made based on b*******if any man was smart they wanted to get laid pick somebody over the age of 45 they're online looking for young guys to f***also younger women are idiots

  • They are about to get deeply in trouble with the laws now! The real people of these scam stories. Just like the husbands of wives of New Jersey.

  • How could you make such an interesting topic seem so boring

  • Early I guess

  • I'm sorry, if Thee Jennifer Lopez was to play me in a movie - I would be honored! I wouldn't sue her plus she doesn't have a case cause the writers were smart enough to not use the real names in the movie - I will say, this was some of JLo's BEST work! 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  • Omg I’m early again btw your my favourite channel

  • Hi! Your one of the best youtubers i have ever seen!