Pubblicato il 19 ott 2019
I had 4 Huntress in a row...
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  • 13:13 that was me LUL Mon-toooooooooooooooooooooooooooes!

  • hit boxes are the best

  • gg now means goose game

  • f

  • praise be to yevon

  • Monto: *Escapes two Huntresses in a row* Me when I go against a Huntress: *Dies 2 minutes in*

  • You are toxic, Monto! You have not recpect!

  • Nothing wrong with huntress :3

  • Monto play with Anal Princess whole game?

  • Why "I'm not Adam Francis or Tapp" she likes black people?

  • We should have chucky lol

  • That save at the end lol

  • I don’t know if anyone told you but the devs themselves said that they won’t be adding the Creeper from Jeepers Creepers.

  • You should do the eye tracker when you play

  • 15:00 "i found the hatch by the way" 50 years later, he realized that he had a key.

  • Fs in the comments for David.

  • Beautiful toxic instaheal

  • Anal Princess in both games really looking out mate

  • F for david

  • 16:23 it’s so toxic hahha 😂

  • Huntress's survivor is David not Tapp.

  • Don't talk about your toes unless you plan to show feet

  • The creeped would work I feel like his fly would work like demos teleport he can just fly to gens instead of teleport them

    • @Julian Martinez thats why, i dont want another re mastered killer ability. That would be boring af.

    • Titan BT-7274 how? It wouldn’t be any different then freddys teleport or demos?

    • That would be extremely boring

  • yesterday i had 12 leatherfaces in a row :') #feelsbadman

  • Anyone even notice that the feng mins name was "anal princess".

  • You should do blood warden with rancor and furtive chase so you can Mori every time you change the obsession and block the exit gates

  • Chucky

  • Werewolf, Dracula and Frankenstein would be good

  • You love 13 Ghosts?! I'm so glad someone else loves that movie. Most people I know don't even know about the movie.

  • Maybe for the jeepers creepers, they could do kind of what they did for nurse, but instead of blink and teleport sort of, you would leap into the air. The the longer you charge it the further or higher you could go

  • 4:00 protection hit lol

  • Jeepers creepers could work if you focused on the scarecrow thing instead of flying. Maybe he could teleport to different dummy scarecrows around the map and do tons of jumps scares from them.

  • Thirteen ghost jackal is a good idea


  • Press F to pay respect to David

  • Mr X from resident evil for dead by daylight!!

  • happy u game with satt haha i seen he was a killer for u i think once

  • So Monto is barefoot ? 🦶 🤔

  • In the beginning of the video, with shitty reception, David looked like a damaged T-800. Would be dope to give him a terminator skin.

  • What if they give Trapper a Jason Mask ?? Or what about that naked chick from 13 Ghosts 😏😉

  • Due to DBD having a peer to peer connection initially as long as 5 people play on a platform, hypothetically speaking I think with a dedicated fan base the game will never truly be lost.

    • @Monto I think because the game started out peer to peer when the servers inevitably go offline there might be someone who could restore the connection type and maybe keep the game alive, or perhaps even the devs would restore it before going offline so people could still play the game. P.s Monto thank you for all the great content it makes my day everyday. :)

    • There is no Peer to peer right now. They have been testing dedicated servers for a little while....

  • F

  • Man I thought legacy was back

  • I love how you're able to find somebody called "Anal princess" in the episode after Inspection doctor

  • We need a flying or jumping killer

  • if you think about it , spirit is kinda like the princess from 13 ghosts

  • I mean, considering Matthew Lillard was Ghost Face in Scream, some from 13 Ghosts is already in the game

  • Thirteen ghosts is amazing 👌

  • I think they should have a Killer that's ranged, but not like the Clown, Plague, or Huntress, oh no. A Killer that pulls Survivors towards them, like, just fuckin' yank them away. This would also be a great anti-hacks killer, especially against speed hackers.

  • F for david

  • 0:55 Makes me remember of Tru3

  • 0:19 please tell me I’m not the only one who noticed feng’s name

  • Wow Monto I never hear anyone talk about the movie Thirteen Ghosts. It's one of my favorite horror movies. The Jackal always scared the crap out of me!

  • DBD devs take notes: Jeepers Creepers

  • Forgot to like until the “I’d remove the devs” comment. Liked instantly

  • i literally just bought my favorite movie as a kid 13 ghosts, watched it with my family, walked upstairs to take a shit, and turned this video on to watch u say that it was ur favorite movie as well!!! lmao

  • Jakel scared me so much as a kid. Can’t have a killer that can fly as their power, nurse? Spirit? I think you could make his flying work like a combo of spirit and nurse.

  • David screams like a bitch low key

  • I love how he says that he “Dodges with his toes” yet something was stuck in-between them and bothering him earlier 😂

    • not to mention how he was talking smack then gets hit out of nowhere LMAO that shit was PRICELESS

  • Pyramid head?