How We Left BuzzFeed, from 4 Different Perspectives

Pubblicato il 2 dic 2019
The story you’ve all been waiting for! Welcome to our new mini series: Story Try. New episodes every Monday through December! Happy #Trymas!
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  • Shop our Cyber Monday 24 Hr. FLASH sale! Up to 50% off NEW select items and 25% site-wide! Get our new merch and exclusive deals on NOW! Happy shopping Try-Tops! 🛒

    • Speaking of the Try Guys' four colour palette: Disney totally used it in Frozen II, just sayin'.

    • 10:55 This is why small government is better.

    • i love baking without a recipe, please do more of that

    • Feels like a lot of a cash grab now. Always advertising your stuff. Maybe not be so "In your face" about it?

    • Hey can you try teakwondo for 4 months

  • Let’s get them to 10!!!

  • Do you wanna hold the baby Eugene? No I don’t😂😂💀

  • Purple is the gayest color I felt this... purple is my favorite color

  • "didn't wanna pay us enough" Loved how Keith was just to the point 😂 ...❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️love you guys... This is my Favourite You Tube channel by far cause you guys remind me of my squad Love you.. love from India 🇮🇳

  • Arent these the guys with 1/3 the testosterone of normal male adults

  • This made me so emotional and genuinely happy.

  • buzzfeed: *puts 4 guys together* *makes them make videos* *starts making hella cash* try guys: *aight finna dip* buzzfeed: 👁👄👁

  • 5:01

  • I notice none of them left because Buzzfeed is a ridiculous show that had nothing more push a hateful far left-wing agenda.

  • So, Eugene and I agree on which the best video is hahah

  • Keith, the word is fewer.

  • I subscribed only to beat Jake Paul

  • need that gay vibes tee that eugene was wearing

  • Purple has the gayest color.

  • Whatadick

  • Wait! Why would they say its Ned's idea? It was clearly Zach's, Ned just polished the idea.🤷

  • I literally love them so much. Like I really am so grateful they exist. They went from meeting each other by wearing womens underwear to being family to each other and not only speaking about it but showing how great life is without toxic masculinity. They are all so different and it syncs so well together.

  • I wanna know what name they tried to call the company first, like what on Earth did you think before the try guys? The guys try?

  • 6:14 terrified me

  • My bad I just realized I wasn’t subscribed yet so I made sure I pushed that red button 🤗🤗🤗

  • As a casual viewer, I enjoy Try Guys videos always. But this video only came up on my feed after watching several videos of Without a Recipe. I was unaware that they had left Buzzfeed & thus didn’t really bother to check if it was a different channel (I know it’s really obvious but I didn’t pay much attention to it coz Buzzfeed had so many channels & I thought I was already subscribed to them) Probably why there’s a significant amount of viewers who haven’t subscribed yet! They probably aren’t aware!

  • I didnt know you guys left buzzfeed. I always a silent watcher of buzzfeed, but decided to subscribe to you guys as form of my support, and never i buy merchandise from any IT-tvsr, but i want to support you guys ! Cheers from Saipan !

  • And not stupid prospective 😂 Omg Eugene i love you LOL

  • Wait is ugene gay?

  • Rly not that hard to file for a new company or to change its name

  • Keith aggressive rant about wanting to have more subscribers made me subscribe 😂😂 i already am subscribed with my other channel but his competitiveness to best jake paul made me want to help👏🏼

  • What was the other name option

  • 6:12 = how babies are born :3

  • Please make more four perspective videos!!!

  • I've recently watched a few videos but hadn't subscribed. I felt called out by Keith. I just subscribed.

  • Buzzfeed is cancer so...

  • you really just turned into a youtube channel made for children. Or maybe I'm just getting older? idk, I feel embarrassed when I watch your videos now

  • I have just subscribed to your channel. It’s not because I don’t like The Try Guys or because I didn’t know who you were it’s because I don’t care for Buzzfeed. I honestly didn’t know that you, like Saf, had left. The only thing, besides you 4, that I watched is Unsolved with Ryan and Shane. I’m glad y’all left there and Keith spoke very true words...there’s NO REASON that Jake Paul should have more subs than you. It’s ludicrous! 😉❤️

  • I got unsubscribe for some reason. I thought IT-tvs stop doing that but I guess not.

  • Subscribes because I can't beat Keith's logic that they're better than Jake Paul

  • "I picked purple cause it's the gayest colour" - Eugene Purple has been my favourite colour for as long as I can remember and it still is I see a connection

  • please make a tour for the uk

  • Let's be honest. I only watched buzz feed for tty guys after awhile 👀👀👀👀

  • Ned: Do you wanna hold him? Eugene: No- I don't... Any people who don't like kids or babies can relate lol

  • BuzzFeed v paying/respecting their employees

  • Quick, make sure no one tells Ned that his colour is actually pink and not red.

  • Im from israel and i watch you all the time. Keep making videos 😊🥰

  • I'm not crying, you are!!

  • I feel bad saying this but I don't like Zachs scripted videos.. it feels too "I went to film school". Idk. I'm easily pleased with "Keith eats" videos

  • Beat Jake Paul! 😂😂

  • I knew why Eugene picked the purple one from the start😂😂😂

  • Not gonna lie I subscribed just because Keith said there’s no reason they should have less subscribers than Jake Paul and James Charles and I 100% support that statement

  • Keith's last lines had me dead 😂😂

  • a) I absolutely loved the Barksheler b) I used to be subscribed but unsubscribed, sorry guys. Only watching this now because IT-tvs keeps recommend it. I just wasn't interested in baby stuff or the gay stuff or the hair stuff (that was the final nail I think). And it's not that I'm not interested on a human level, if you were my real life friends I'd be very interested - but not for some casual entertainment while I'm waiting for the bus.

    • Because they might be interested in feedback and I used to like their content and I still like them as people.

    • dierckeatlas then why did u comment?

  • Ok fine, subscribed :p

  • Zack is so underappreciated

  • And now we know what that name was going to be. Thank God they succeeded in keeping their original name, The Try Guys. KNZE would probably a good boy band from 90s name but nah, it should always be The Try Guys.

  • Is Eugene actually gay?

  • 0:36 my birthday! 0:

  • Lol Zach got areal pissed at 2:28

  • The ad is killing me 😂😂

  • I'm sorry but Keith's face is very mouthy

  • Is anyone else super curious as to what the other different name was gonna be???

  • Please my delulu ass wished Eugene picked purple for BTS 😭