How Was THIS Movie In The Netflix Spotlight? (Secret Obsession Review)

Pubblicato il 21 ago 2019
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I'm reviewing Secret Obsession starring Brenda Song.
...Please bring me back to the Suite Life.
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  • i prob would have watched it if it didnt reveal the big ''suprise'' in the preview video

  • I'm still getting fucking yt ads for this movie woohoo

  • What if he had shown up at the hospital with a book full of photo-shopped pictures and she didn't have amnesia?

  • Are we not gonna talk about the fact Jennifer CLOSED her FUCKING EYES while shooting a gun

  • G.g u are the man always make my day thank you !

  • Mista GG I love your reviews forever and a day

  • You could work for CinemaSins I'm giving you a hundred points. Very good observations.

  • The second gunshot around 30:15 sounds like a damn musket!

  • A working payphone in 2019?

  • Saying that they have the same awareness as a sandal is very offensive for the sandal.

  • not to rub it in or anything Mista, but I easily avoided that one. Ever since I was subjected to The Christmas Prince at a holiday "party" with some posh British people I briefly lived with... I've gained a sharpened sense for what's going to be a miserably pathetic piece of entertainment. Cliche tittle and cliche poster, plus actress in a thriller/horror flick wearing TV makeup everywhere while in distress... red flags my guys

  • 29:15 you are right, this is the best scene hahahaha

  • This was awful, I can't remember the better one, but I did see the better version if this.

  • Now I feel like I watched it, thanks

  • Throughout the whole movie, I didn't understand why she never got a weapon, especially after she found out about the guy. Kitchen's have knives for a reason, you know? Lol. Great review by the way. :)

  • This is Netflix’s attempted version of “The Room” isn’t it? I had no intention of watching this movie and I still don’t.... but the Allstate guy, it just distracts from everything when he talks. Sounds like a commercial. Every time. Why do detectives ride solo and never call for backup in movies?!

  • I got a commercial for this movie a couple days ago and I immediately remembered this review...

  • This doesn't even look straight to video bad. This looks straight to not particularly picky TV station bad. Goes to show, Netflix will put out any shit these days. Were they trying to recapture some early 2000's psycho-thriller charm or something?

  • I'll always love you forever and a day

  • nice and roomy but they don't fall off

  • I thought Brenda Song did a good job for what she was working with

  • Let’s me honest we came for Brenda song (London) and was disappointed.

  • I'm with you for most of it, but the title is *secret* obsession. Of course he built the photo book while he was stalking her. And yes, he broke in to her house to get the photos. But that can be done w/o anybody knowing. So ... I'll give it to the flick on that one point.

  • I was gonna say like Batman diet coke commercial but mountain dew works too.

  • It is "Open House" all over again..., also a highlighted Netflix movie which was truly a vile piece of garbage.

  • Never watch a lifetime movie please! Oh and why do all these movies for women have a plot around the woman getting kidnapped, or having a man obsessed with her? Seems like a really common fantasy or something

  • The review made me laugh so bloody much omg 😂😂😂 it was spot on and soooooo entertaining!

  • holy shit its the girl from the Suite life

  • 27:24 Brenda Thicc.

  • Yeah this movie just wasn't working for me lol

  • Honestly the only reason as to why I watched this movie was soley because of Brenda Song. She's so amazing and it was so nice to see her. She made up a good portion of my childhood. But the minute I saw the guy from the Allstate Commercials (Dennis Haysbert) I honestly lost it 😂 I'm like "Damn this movie has everything 😂" it actually made my experience more amusing. Puns, clichés, and honestly it was just so funny to the point I wasn't even mad at it. Sure, it could have been taken seriously but, I couldn't it was humorous. This is low-key a comedy! 🤣👌 Edit: I also just H A V E to add Before you Pass the Plate make sure it's in Good Hands.

  • Idk whats up with Netflix. It's like they let whichever 2 bit writer or studio in the door, give them a budget and say and say "Approved! I don't care about the final version, pump that shit out ASAP!" I mean, some of their shows and movies are really good. And the other ones are a hot garbage fire. Doesn't seem like there's too many that are... decent (by that I mean maybe a shit plot/actors but effort in writing) I guess watching them is like the mystery jellybeans. You might get gourmet chocolate or you might get decaying cat shit.

  • someone has been watching too much everything wrong with...

  • "Oh Bob."

  • Hey dood - if you do movie reviews, then you're a film critic.

  • i love brenda but this movie was really not it...

  • About a month ago, I had someone at my workplace raving about this movie to everyone. I'm glad I didn't take her recommendation.

  • V

  • Omg. I was so frustrated when I watched this movie like..ugh. Especially the part where you said "asking about her daily life" like yesssss! !! She should have been suspicious and straight away ask him why he kept telling her to not contact anyone by giving lame excuses. Or being curious with where her personal belonging was like the wallet. Also yes the identification part, oh mah gawd. About the duct tape, I almost screamed at my screen when she left the duct tape on the floor like b!tCH he'd see it and will know you're faking being tied on the bed!!! 😤😤😤

  • Why did the car alarms start going off?

  • Im not into asians all that much. But if i meet one like brenda song. Id be secretly obsessed

  • So, was Russell's whole plan from the beginning to give her amnesia? He rushed into the hospital, poorly photoshopped photos in hand, already ready to play the part of her concerned husband, but what if she didn't actually have amnesia. I mean, there's no guarantee that someone is gonna get amnesia just because they take a blow to the head, right?

  • The trailer for this movie even gives away that he isn't the husband. Even the fuckin name.

  • Imma just go watch Misery again

  • YOUR editing is A+ bro.

  • 30:14 I really wanna know where homeboy got a black powder 9mm Glock, is that what Hollywood thinks handguns sound like? lmao... The whole thing is essentially just Netflix-adaptation Stephen King's "Misery", that's just brilliant.

  • A R E Y O U I N G O O D H A N D S ?

  • I fucking lost it at the movie finale edits.

  • The tattoo scene was my favourite nonsensical part of this movie.

  • That beginning is also painful because why not drive to an actual police station? Or uh, toll booth manned by a person? Or, I dunno, just find a way to drive erratically (maybe not too fast, but just, enough to grab a cop's attention). Pulling over to use a payphone when you're in imminent danger? LOL

  • The worst movie i´ve watched..... ^^

  • Not everyone reacts the same way to different situations.. Brenda's character (Jen) clearly was blindsided and thought she could trust Russell at first. Why? because of his warm and welcoming presence he had at first and also cause she thought he was quite attractive. So, she fell for him and trusted him and didn't once questioned it till later on. Which then made her realize how manipulative he really is. She didn't trust her gut.. People react/deal to situations differently. It's easy to point people faults out first.

  • Oh! it also showed the backstory of Russell and his obsession with Jen when she was with her actually husband.. He probably had this all planned out from awhile back. Due to the fact that he was jealous of them together. All this built up anger and jealousy resulted him in doing this.. I was confused in some parts as well to the point where I chose to do more research about the story, the characters, and the scenes as well. I agree they could've done so much better..

  • Btw... if you re-watch the clips she does ask Russell about the internet. He then claims that he will get her a new phone however, it doesn't make a difference because the connection is cut off..

  • The photoshopping skills nearly cracked me up too

  • Thank god I wasn't the only one who was confused about that "Concerned Party" guy.. Towards the end of the movie I was thinking so.. who was he after all?.

  • Thanks that was hysterical!!! Now do Kidnapping Stella please. Lol

  • 19:40 I don’t know why but I lost it at this part!!

  • I mean it wasn't a good movie but it was like a cross between a 90's thriller and a lifetime movie that I found very mcdonalds

  • The All State guy? Nah, I'll always remember him as President Palmer from 24!