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My fat loss training and nutrition guide (10 week programme, approved by GB Olympic Team expert) + MOVE (how I train):
Plus, my brand new resistance bands to get the most out of your training!
These tips have helped me so much on training / working out smarter to get the best results without wasting time (: I’ve learnt them from speaking to top coaches and from mistakes I’ve found myself and others making when making exercise a part of life (:


  • Hey my friends!! I’m super excited to share workout tips this year to help you along your training! If there’s anything you’d like me to cover then please let me know!! All my love and enjoy the rest of the weekend! ❤️xx

    • This video is AMAZING! Thank you for sharing your wisdom and for your positivity!! Much love <3 <3 <3

    • This video made me reconsider my training routine. As always, great video!! PD. Pull ups for dummies (beginners who are afraid of pull ups😅), pleaseeeee!!

    • The hardest for me is to focus on one thing. I want to squat a 100 kg, do a handstand and splits. I set these goals like a year ago and guess what... I can't do any of those things! One step at a time. Now I'm focusing on splits. Thanks for the tips xx

    • With your amazing tips I was able to hit my goal weight in the past months by weightlifting while I was studying abroad. In a few weeks I will do an internship abroad and I won't have as much time to go to the gym. Could you make a video on how to maintain your weight after losing so much?

    • Listening to this I am not sure I give it my all when working out. I fell tired after some time and I don’t longer have proper form so I know that I am tired. But I never felt like I was dying only when it’s summer maybe because it’s too hot. How to give it your all?

  • Thank you for this video

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  • Smart girl

  • I'm starting off with just eating healthy and doing some type of exercise everyday. I can't go to the gym in the week cuz of school but i will on the weekend

  • Thank you for your content! It helps me so much!

  • Glad I watched this. I did a mega workout and I have been so sore and only stretching and walking the last few days. I felt so down that I was taking ages to recover but I guess it's normal! Thanks.

  • As much as I enjoy working out I walk in the gym alone I don’t do well with partners , I want to get there get my workout and leave , so I don’t talk to anyone or take pics or selfies I go workout and out .

  • I love ur voice 👍🏾👍🏾

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  • I love your videos , there so good , and intertaning !u

  • for how long can you stick with the same routine?

  • Lovely video. Great tips. I usually am hard on myself when I skip a workout. (I've made a schedule to work out before I get ready for work; however, sometimes I go to bed too late).

  • TIP NUMERO UNO IS SO TRUE. It feels like most influencers only show the intense workouts and this can cause overtraining fairly easily, which sets you back in the long run. Thank for preaching the truth!

  • *luv a bit of efficiency*

  • Hi Natacha! Do you think light weight (or maybe bodyweight only) with high reps in a circuit training fashion is the way to go if i want to get slim and toned? (think models, kayla itsines, etc). Thanks!

  • how to train for better result? for teens out there:go to sleep early!

  • Absolute sense!! Thank you. Your mindset is amazing and its helped me apply myself so differently

  • I like this content 👍

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  • Really helpful advice, thank you :) xx

  • you are so inspiring and i’ve learnt so much from watching your channel, thank you ❤️❤️

  • Thank you so much for this video. Just needed to hear this to make me feel more relaxed. I always have the feeling I need to give everything, to push myself. That stressed me already before I went to bed and went on when I got up. It scared me. But now I think I can see it from a different point of view. Thank you so much. 🥰

  • I really like your videos! This video was what I needed to hear! Especially the advice for the tired days! We just don't need to push ourselves so intensely when we are tired. Thanks for this encouraging video! I can relate to so much of what you speak of! Thanks :D

  • Hey, Could u do a video on how to train more efficiently in terms of the actual workout. there's an LA trainer who is famous for training ppl and knowing how to make every single exercise more effective by a slight movement. If you have any tips, that would be great

  • The 5th one is hardest for me cuz I think I spend a lot of energy during working sessions but I just don't have appetite and eat about 1,600 calories a day approximately, while I think it should be more... Any advice or opinions?

  • The first tip literally blew my mind and will definitely change my training style. Just one week ago I got my second injury of the year (now achilles tendon, in September my knee) and I'm so sad about it! Before I never had any problems! However, reflecting on my training sessions throughout a week, I would aim for a 90-110% literally 5-6 days a week and never giving my body a full day to recover. I thought that that was the only way to achieve my goals but you're totally right, the rehabilitation part is so freaking important. Super annoyed that the coming weeks/months I have to build everything up again but due to this I'm more motivated to create a healthy balance within my training schedule! x

  • Hello I have a workout plan (push pull) that I like to do three days a week. I have buddies that are on a different plan that involves more cardio! I’m a social person and love to workout with friends so lately I have been doing my workout at home in the afternoons (2-3times a week) and working out with them in the am (3-4times a week). I don’t feel like I’m over exerting myself. My goal is to lose the 30lbs I have gained over the last three years. Your thoughts?

  • you. have. such. a. nice. and. healthy. mindset!

  • I have to say...HIIIIIGH FIIIVE! thats maximum rate over thumbs up! I've been following you for couple of weeks only, yet i fall in love with YOUR energy, you give smart and clear advices with a touch of humour. I feel very connected to your background and experiences. I study to become a PT so you are very inspiring on your way to pass informations! Clap clap girl! Love it xx smash it xx

  • Hands down - your Channel is THE best on IT-tvs! Keep up the good work!

  • hey you, whats the best way to correct muscleimbalances, for example, if the left butt and legs are much weaker and have less muscletone? and how much to train the right leg, when the left one starts to get bigger? :D

    • Hey babe, thanks for coming back at me so fast. Okay, i will try it.:)x

    • Hey sweetie! So for muscle imbalances it’a very individual. If I’m trying to fix an imbalance I look at the whole body rather than just isolating a particular muscle as it goes beyond just one glute being stronger than the other as you’ll have other muscles engaging to compensate for any weakness. For me when I had a weaker glute I was engaging my lower back and hamstrings to compensate. I needed to properly isolate the movement of the glute by lying down on the ground front forward and lifting the leg back and up using just my glute. It took a lot of time, With Little to no weight (: In your workout you can also add an extra set per exercise on your weak glute until you feel more even. And focusing on asymmetric movements (: Hope this helps! Xxx

  • Thank you for all the tips and information... can you do a video on what’s your arm routine!!

  • Yes, THANKYOU! I totally agree with you on the "start small" thing! I once tried to return to intermittent fasting, start a completely new workout plan, do a 30 day running challenge, stop drinking everything besides water and plain tea, and doing yoga every morning all on the same day/week Needless to say, it did not work out hahaha But whenever I start tackling new goals one at a time, I usually stick with it and find it much easier to balance


  • Thank you so much for this video! You give such good advice. Love you so much Natacha! You give me tools to reach my goals 💜

  • I feel like you’re so much more comfortable in front of the camera now! Just little things had me chuckling 😂😂

  • Just found ur channel, subd, super informative!