How to Whiteboard Effectively

Pubblicato il 26 ago 2011
When talking to a group of people many times it is more effective to communicate an idea by stepping through a whiteboard presentation instead of a powerpoint presentation.
This is a quick whiteboarding techniques discussion based on years of experience making sales calls in a technical industry


  • Nuances abound and very practical thank you.

  • Why did this turn into science ?? Dislike

  • I got fired from my job because I thought my boss said to waterboard with my employees instead of whiteboard

  • Started off good.. but you didn’t talk about when to /not to whiteboard, color marker to use, posture, etc. Best way to practice is to whiteboard how to make a PB&J sandwich

  • Here's a tip: don't choose the squeaky marker.

  • This was a GREAT video. I don't care much at all about PBX systems, but I stuck in there with you for all the details BECAUSE you were engaging with me at the whiteboard. WELL DONE

  • Good vid, I do mine similar, but with less detail on the PBX

  • What's the speed and data connection requirement for a hypothetical VoIP system operation with 10,000 or less customer base using a V-Sat without traditional PBX using the internet to land calls elsewhere? Any idea how much the Cisco hardware cost?

  • Hahaha same here - I was looking to buy whiteboard but now I want to buy whiteboard and IP PBX :)

  • I am impressed. I found this video while looking for whiteboarding techniques but halfway through I found myself wanting to buy ip telephony. It is clearly a well executed tactic

  • That's a good one - thanks! Maybe one day I can write like one of my professors who was able to write with the chalk held backward in his hand while he was facing the class, in beautiful letters no less. It may be why so many people degenerate to using powerpoint, because they can't handle a little awkwardness in presentation. When I look at the end results of most of the white boards I have done, they are mostly messy drawings - but I connected in an interactive way that worked.