How to Take Charge of Your Life - Jim Rohn Personal Development

Pubblicato il 21 giu 2017
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Take Charge of Your Life!
Jim Rohn made the biggest impact on personal development in business and life.
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  • Such an amazing mix of motivational, serious and funny!

  • “Good people are not trained, they’re found”

  • 23

  • hooked ! forever hooked

  • Mr Rohn could speak for 2 hours without referring to notes. He is the best speaker (is caused he lives on and still is still changing lives to better)

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  • No matter the weather you have to do it.

  • Great video but random free ebook in description

  • who thumbs down this?

  • I don't no what power he has I listen him everyday

  • I don’t know why anyone would give Jim Rohn a thumb down.

  • I love this guy honestly he’s the best💕💕

  • I watch this as many times as I possibly can 💯 Jim, brilliantly disguises hidden clues in every topic 🙃😁 I learn something new every time !

  • 👍

  • Richard Dreiving ist ein Hurensohn

  • my personal mentor in podcast,youtube..thank you mr.jimrohn.your the best ❤️❤️❤️

  • First time watching Jim Rohn. Wrote 43 pages of notes (i got all excited :p )


  • @27.00 Pablo Escobar was Jims one of brilliant students who end up becoming rich af

  • very awesome video 👌👍

  • 1.09:0

  • He was simply the best.

  • I felt it interesting to note that Mr. Jim Rohn talked about how he was never taught how to set goals until the age of 25. Despite working at "Sears"? I'm not sure when this video was filmed, but does anyone else find it ironic that Sears "may" have never of taught their own employees on how to set goals and in January of 2018 they ( Sears ) go bankrupt and out of business? Was this a prediction? ( 3:47 - 4:15 ).

  • The people who were able to attend his live seminars/workshops were the most fortunate people on this planet. What a great charismatic, inspirational, professional speaker he was! May Lord shower His blessings upon him.Amen.

  • Life has a mysterious way of hanging on to all the answers and only gives them up to those who are inspired, to those who have the reasons.

  • Watching this at 14, wish me luck everybody!

    • @Diogo Ferreira ofc brother. Good luck

    • Beanie Do it man, I’m basically broke and I just started my own company. Feel free to reach out! Everything is possible, you got this! I would also recommend Tony Robbins, Les Brown, Eric Thomas and Norman Vincent Peale for you to watch.

    • @Diogo Ferreira thanks man, im gomma keep doing my best and maybe one ill finally become the man i wish to be

    • Beanie You got this!

  • A true man of God. Beautiful. My first time ever listening to him! This really blessed me. Thank you, faithful servant. 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼

  • Guys, do these notes work in 2019 or it's expired? I need honest opinion.

  • YT just give a Noble Prize to this speech..

  • I love the way he speaks...

  • Happy birthday Mr. Jim Rohn

  • One of my favorite Mentors! Love you Jim.

  • Mister, you are really something. Love it.

  • All these people in 1981 were so lucky they don't even realize, they just had the best Personal Development course they could ask for. I'm glad all was documented so we could benefit 38 years later. RIP Jim Rohn.

  • "some people do well for respect, thats a good reason" - Jim Rohn

  • Priceless information, superb analogies

  • Don't be a follower, be a student .. :O That is so strong my head froze when he said it ..

  • Grazie infinite Signor Rohn... Grazie.. 😊

  • load of waffle

  • His facial expressions are great

  • Brilliant speaker, well thought through message... Sound like Mathew Mcconaughey

  • Mr. Rohn was amazed by the power of books but specially the (then emerging) cassettes and videotapes. He'd be dazzled by the internet.


  • 1:53:00 is the best part

  • I set up my goals a year ago but that didn't change anything !!

  • Thank God for letting me use this phone and internet. There is so many people in the jungle naked and sick 🤒 now eating dog sh$$

  • I was inside my dad sack in 1981

  • I am comenter # 778. 😼

  • Wow, this teaching from 1981 (I was born in 1982) but still applicable today in 2019.

  • My life changed a lot since i started taking notes from Jim Rohn . i was really shocked when he said that people from other countries know their dream, while people from here dont know what they have in their hands. this man was phenomenal. even though he is gone but his legacy is still with us. Goodness . i do lidten to him daily where ever i am So do you so?


  • I really learned a lot about Jim Rohin talks . He has surely impacted me and learned a lot about him . Life is too short . It’s not what happens , it’s what you do about it ? Great ideas .

  • Who can tell me what is misheard in the second and third line. where I work but the time you struggle 47:30 home it's late you got you two by two 47:32 separate watch little TV get to bed you 47:34 can't sit up half the night reading

  • This dude should of been a voice actor.

  • Jim Rohn, I love you!!!

  • Seems 1K people who disliked this couldn’t handle the truth.... this man changed my life along with Les Brown.... brilliance in action here

  • There's 2hrs of this dumbassery?

  • I was born in 1981 lol and I'm here now taking notes

  • What a wonderful man!

  • Reasons for doing well 1. Personal reasons (feeling of being a winner 2. Family reasons ( affected by family )