How To Make Your Drums PUNCH HARD! | FL Studio Tutorial

Pubblicato il 4 giu 2018
How To Make Your Drums PUNCH HARD! | FL Studio Tutorial
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    • Internet Money Check out my beats. Anyone that comments or subscribes to me I’ll subscribe to you

  • Why not put the limiter just on the drum insert?

  • Even when I do these things, my drums still don't thump like I want. Do you think not having an audio interface or me using the audio technica m40's, that are flat response headphones is the problem?

  • so happy to see the blue dot again

  • Great video thnx

  • can anyone tell me which kit is the yk - portofmiami kick in?

  • How do you get your fl to look like that?

  • is sometimes okay to move the kick's volume up only a little bit instead of all the way like nick did?

  • "Harmonically gooder" LMAO GOAT

  • so THATS how you made the Cutthroat 808

  • @4:55 lmaoooo

  • nick been the truth

  • Everything you do is great. Except that Fl Studio dark Theme. Idnt like it

  • Ehhh, like he said music and mixing is free game but ... I disagree to putting an eq on the master and then a cliper or either or because the mix shouldnt have any limiting when is going off to an artist to add their vocals. You can use parallel compression to make your kick harder. You can eq it on the track add 5% reverb. You can add a transient shaper on the kick.. You can add a bit of analogue saturation on the kick.. There is tons of things you can do to make that kick sound good! It can be as simple as raise the volume on the the faders... I leave the two bus strictly for master purposes. Maybe a lil post eq is okay but thats it. None the less i come to internet money from time to time for little tips and tricks but this one in my opinion is not the route to go. You can find me online at Colorboy047 to see my work🌚. Happy music making 🌠💯

  • If your kick and 808 clash together and cause some clipping, you can click reverse polarity in the mixer, this worked fine for me for a few times

  • Shitttt?!!!???!!!

  • How do I make my 808s tuned with my melodies lower frequencies?

  • Anyone got that kick please been looking for it

  • These lessons/video's will be absolute gold forever, thank you man.

  • Thanx for this video bro it really helped me improve my kick. Appreciate u man!💯 Love u bro♥️🙏

  • Clip mira

  • I learned a couple things from this buuut... does no one else see why this is bad advice? Like if you want to get really good at making your beats/drums clean I suggest not to be clipping because someone else is gonna end up having to do more work to undo all this loudening nonsense when the vocals are being recorded. Some artists make clipping sound good but I suggest not making that a habit when you’re learning how to mix and master. I wasted a lot of time doing this same stuff. A lot of time I could’ve used making everything sound clean rather than loud.

  • Why is Mira Blue and Green, why does Mira scratch his eye every 5 minutes... We will never know

  • Hey guys..!! I need your help lol I just started producing, and i've made a simple trap beat. After that i wanted the kick to be super punchy and loud, but when i try to do that and increase the kicks volume somehow it squashed(??) the melodies and other clap/snare, percussion...everything@&★♥# everytime it hits!!(I even cut the low's in the melody for the kick and the 808) So could anyone tell me how to fix my problems?? (Plus, i only have stock Fl Plugins) me out bro lol Another thing what is clipping?????

    • You probably have a limiter on the master track. Delete it, or lower the release time, but probably just delete it. Clipping is when the sound is too loud, and so it cuts off part of the sound. It's similar to a strong distortion, but typically comes from bad mixing.

  • lol wtf was up w that random reverb on Nicks voice??

  • When this punched his camera i was dyin😂😂😂🤣

  • This shit hella overcompressed dawg

  • Nick how do you get your FL studio to light up

  • you could have put that fruity peak preset in the desc

  • Y’all give the man some credit he’s teaching legends in the making

  • 0:47 bruh that’s a waveform wym frequencies

  • THANKZZ BROO !!!!!

  • This aint working for me

  • Can someone email me that peak controller preset?

  • who was the autist in the beginning?

  • Anyone needs plugins like omisphere keyscape trillian sektor heat up 3 diva waves bundle komplete 11 the list goes on all maschine sofware full verison fl and studione 4 sounds toys fabfilters hit me up on ig onetwoseven

  • So how can we edit the kicks to have a frequency of 60.....he only told us to FIND kicks....not edit them...

  • I ***LOVE*** this no-nonsense, straight to the points, informative, quality content. Thank you for everything

  • He clipping in the beginning... they never gonna tell u the secres sauce

    • I dont think that his mix itself was clipping, mightve just been how OBS in conjunction with his interface recorded the sound. Ofc im always open to learning new stuff, to my knowledge you should never clip the mix, however the master is kind of open to be clipped.

  • What was that quick key you used to stretch the notes out longer?