HOW TO MAKE SIMPLE TRAP BEATS THE RIGHT WAY! | Making a Simple Trap Beat In FL Studio From Scratch

Pubblicato il 31 dic 2017
HOW TO MAKE SIMPLE TRAP BEATS THE RIGHT WAY! | Making a Simple Trap Beat In FL Studio From Scratch
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  • ok ik what ur thinking, stop the trap beats pls. this was the last one for 2017 i got yall with some different waves next week Instagram 📷 Twitter 🐦

    • I wish you would explain what everything is, I'm new here. But, oh well not your fault, I shouldve made myself more literate before k came here. good video anyways.

    • The song name is noyz narco gue pequeno bastardi senza gloria

    • which program are you using to make the beats

    • The trap sound is what's popping right now. People need to get over it. I don't like trap music but out j. Cole or Kendrick on a trap beat and it can still be hip hop.

  • Please make melody video. you are use in intro melody

  • Flp please

  • Ima be fine ♥️♥️♥️ Like if u noticed

  • Internet money - great video , and thanks for your time. In about 2wks I'm gonna put some money on my wal mart card and purchase a few of your kits( and Simon servidas.) I've never done it but I have a homie and hes GREAT at installing and "finding" vsts lol. But I want to help support you guys , legally ! because you all really help and give up so much free game.

  • 😱😱😱What the fuck was that 7:33

  • yeah..simple

  • tf did he say at 7:34 ???

  • That's a lit plugin for sampling

  • Whered u get that phone sound?

  • Excellent excellent, now I understand. Peace

  • 0:00 I'll Be Fine - Juice WRLD

  • 253

  • how do you add all of the channels/tracks to the playlist w/o having to switch back to the channel rack? thas cool.

  • 🔥

  • damnit i need omnisphere

  • A simple trap beat is just a 808 , hi hat , claps , fire fucking snare , and about 2 percs

  • Didnt save the project after finishing the melody... gotta start again man

  • Im interested in knowing what you said @ 7:35

  • The interface he uses makes it v hard to see

  • Intro - I just popped a bean, yesterday it was a long niiighttt

  • what 808 is that

  • What is that ring called? And where can i find it at?

  • 2019 💲

  • What pack is that bass from?

  • I like this one alot

  • Tbh, i hate the 808's he's always using..

  • 808 beating hahah

  • This beat is dope

  • Hey bro I think that shit go hard can u make me a beat

  • Can you make a video on how to make a beat on garage band?

    • He dont use garageband.

  • Does anybody know how to get a soundfont reader for 64 bit

  • Who’s watching in 2021

  • 7:34 wtf

  • Any link for this template or templates for FL 20

    • Find any?? I just changed my fl walpaper to intenet moneys and changed the grid color to black

  • Get Juice 🥤 or A boogie on dis now son!!!! 📞🎵🎤

  • 2019 gang!

  • Ayee that juice wrld be fine beat in the intro 🔥

  • hello where did you download omnisphere please and thanks

  • i liked it is beat, keep up the good work!!!!