Pubblicato il 28 nov 2017
a full length beat tutorial for all the people who have been asking! this is probably the only one i'll do so enjoy :)
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  • And he still doesn't show the damn mixing.

  • thumbnil shows me a girl trying to explain how to make beats now im bamboozled by a trap

  • more please

  • Is there a reason you sidechain the bass to an empty midi track rather than just sidechaining straight to the kick?

  • how do you turn midi into audio

  • Thanks for the tutorial, bruz. Sharpen those pencils though, it's making me nervous as all fucking diddly.

  • wow. ive never seen you using UAD... what plug in do you like the most ? of uad plugin...

  • can you make a video where you show the controls to ableton? or where you compare DAWs?

    • like how you add automation two handed?

  • how can I lease this beat bro for real

  • I loved this, very inspiring! Pleaase make more :)

  • 😍 wow

  • Dude.. please don't let them see everything... you give em bunch of gold without you knowing GOD....

  • what sounds do you usually like to use for background ambience?

  • please make a future bass tutorial I loved your 'for you" tune. Please...!!!

  • great video, put some more out pls

  • What is the name of the song in the intro called

  • 7:19 R.I.P. headphone users

  • More videos like thisss!

  • where can i get omnishpere

  • yo what software do you use?

  • where can I download these sample kits?

  • Ur inspiring

  • very flume sounding in parts straight fire my man

  • amazing dude, i can't believe how well you manage to record everything so evenly. even working with metronome, i still have to move notes by miliseconds which i haven't noticed in your video. kudos

    • It’s near impossible to record each note perfectly in sync even for the best producers. There’s a tool for quantization that aligns the notes your inputting with the closest beat. In FL studio it is ctrl+Q or shift+Q. This prevents you from having to manually check each note and slide them over. Hope this helped even after a year lol

  • This Bones cousin?

  • Welp, i have to buy Ableton, so i can do this

  • INCORRECT, it was 33:45 not 30

  • RAMZOIDDDDDDDD PLEASEEEE I BLOODY BEG YOU.. AT LEAST MAKE INE VIDEO LIKE THIS EVERY FORTNIGHT.. On a serious note I find these kinds of videos the most helpful when it comes to learning what and how to make music. But srsly I love this keep it up

  • Seems like omnisphere is an essential. Best part of seeing your workflow is I could think a sound is completely out of place and then the effects and EQ make them perfect

  • more vidoes

  • Can u make music without talking just making music without explaining or anything just ready your pre made samples vsts you're going to use

  • i really appreciate this

  • So dope

  • How are all his levels so high yet he never clips?

  • what softwares do you use.

  • yesss make more like this πŸ™ and different genres

  • nice video bro

  • ur sick bro.

  • This better be worth my 30 minutes of life

  • This might sound like a noob question but... what are those adg. files? Are those presets that you created and then have saved into your directory to use again later? Also, how did you get so many damn plugins? Do you have a solid source for easily getting them? seems to me like everything i try to download lately is a virus

  • pleeeeeaaassseeee do moaaar of these...with a cherry on top.

  • plantzoid

  • What's the cmnd (23:15) to add midi/remove length?

  • Thanks for the good ol beat tutorial. 😁

  • this helped a lot. woow im new to beat making would love if you can check me out! Haven't been posting in a while but will be upload frequently soon~

  • make more of these man, super informative and helpful

  • Great video! 1 question. What buttons did you hit at 3:27 to flip the midi notes in the piano roll?

  • You should do another one of these but explain more thoroughly all the small steps you are doing

  • Yo definitely make more of these!

  • *inspired me to go make a beat*

  • yep love the uncut and real. nice man keep them coming

  • Do more vidoes like this and videos on arranging

  • heyday you should make a vid on your gear and your setup

  • guys check out seri beats, him and ramzoid are the only two youtuber producer that makes actual music intead of garbage trap beats with three notes loops over the whole song. he make hour long video but it's so worth to watch

  • love it!! please make more vids like this! i really learn a lot from your vids!

  • Am I the only one who thinks that this is garbage???

  • I just noticed u have pouya's hair p much

  • I like this more than the shorter beat making vids πŸ‘ŒπŸΌπŸ‘ŒπŸΌ

  • Good video bro! Im proud that u did this...