How to Install Cinema HD on Amazon Firestick, Fire TV & Android TV Box!! NEW May 2019 Update

Pubblicato il 25 mag 2019
How to Install 💥Cinema HD💥 on Amazon Firestick, Fire TV & Android TV Box!! NEW May 2019 Update - Works on Amazon Firestick 4K, Fire TV, Fire Cube, Nvidia Shield & more
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  • You are SO GREAT! What I liked most about your directions, you go SLOW IN YOUR DIRECTIONS. You don't go at TOP SPEED. You give the audience time to navigate. I was able to keep up with you as you explained and showed us what to do. I did not have to keep replaying the video. Keep doing it this way! I was able to install Cinema without any problem. I did subscribed! Thanks so much again!

    • i tried to install HDCinema and it would not install.

  • It worked but when I press on a movie it just keeps loading. Someone help😭

  • I can't seem to get to where it says cinema hd

  • you make this so easy, thank you :)

  • I added it but the only version availible was cinema HD v2.1.1 and after I did the download and tried to open it, it said app not installed? I followed your directions step by step. Please help!

  • Thanks for your help I love my app

  • It only says cinema HD v2.1.1. Won’t work

    • Mine didnt work either! Just tried it and that was the only option! Keeps saying it's not installed

  • Where is the step by step for the android devices

  • Everyone talks about the video. No one comment on the app. I guess it has no source just like all?

  • Thank you so much!!! My daughter got ahold of my remote and deleted it off my firestick your video helped me 100% get it back!!!!

  • Is it free, because when I downloded the app it said something about 6 months.

  • Amazing!!!Thank you!!!!

  • Thank You

  • Thank you for this video! I followed every step and you made it so easy to do. Great job!!👍🏾

  • U are so awesome ty so much was very very helpful

  • How do i add and use this app on my phone?

  • You’re terrific. Thought I would need my children to set up my program but you made it so easy!!!

  • What can I do with all the buffering?

  • Pin #

  • Please speed up the video in the typing sections, it’s painful.

    • SittingNow thats what you have a fast forward button for..

  • I did everything in the video but it doesn't work. I can't find the Icon to open the app.

  • The movies are playing in a different language need help

  • Worked perfectly

  • Anyone have any issues with no sound

  • This is by far the easiest video I've come across for installation. Thanks! 👍🏽

  • Didnt work

  • Love you guys and glad to see you back up and💕💋🥰👌

  • Great video it really helped. Thank you

  • You are the best... thank you so much!

  • Thanks your awesome

  • Very helpful thank you

  • I don't have that version of Cinema HD listed on mine. wtf. I thumbs upped and subscribed too :(

  • I’ve been having the MOST trouble getting someone to help me download this app, But Thank you soooo much for providing us with this tutorial! It was fast and easy! you’re the best!

  • Thank you. Your step by step was superb.

  • Thank you :)

  • very good and you explain more easy thanks

  • You say button weird...

  • literally the best tutorial ! I am subscribing!

  • Perfect🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Thanks!!

  • You created such and amazing video! The best!!! Clear and easy to follow. Thanks so much!

  • Thanks so much! Excellent instructions!

  • Is there a link for live channels? Sports channels?

  • Thank you

  • I can't stand this recorded robot voice with all the thumbs up and begging you to subscribe. What a turn-off. I go elsewhere.

    • @Mindy Monell There's no personality in the voice.

    • She just has a nice, clear voice. Wish I sounded like that !

    • I'm a real person. Not a robot.

  • Amazingggggg video. Amazing app. Bye Kodi and good riddance

  • This is honestly the best tutorial ever thank you so muchhh!!!!

  • Works Great, Thank You Much

  • Thanku so much you were a great step by step help for my young son..

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  • Great video! Cant wait to down load this. High winds tonight and no power! 😥 Awesome video tho. Thank you!😁

  • Love you! So awesome!

  • Awesome thanks for the easiest way to go

  • Hey this was so helpful tysm 😊

  • easy to follow instructions. works perfectly

  • this was sooo simple and it actually worked this was an amazing video!!!!!!!

  • Thanks you have earned a new subscriber and video liked

  • Do you recomend a vpn

  • Thank you, you were great!

  • Can you download it on the fire tablet? I’m thinking on getting a fire table an I wanted to know if ur able for download it on the tablets like u can on the fire stick