How to Have the Best Year Ever! - Personal Development Life Coaching by Jim Rohn

Pubblicato il 22 set 2017
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The secret to a happy life is always within each individual. No one else can create your life for you but yourself. In order to change you have to change. Personal Development tips and Life coaching by Jim Rohn, how to have the best life ever.
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  • He’s pretty good!

  • December 2019 oh yeah .❤️

  • 3:34:30 OF COURSE Kids should pay taxes 😂

  • minute 1:38 is one of the best minutes I have seen on the internet that deserve to be rewind ....angelical, Father ...I love you, you got everything on this video :)

  • I can listen to him all day ❤️

  • GREAT presentation BUT the ending kind of really creeped me out lol

  • Work harder on yourself then you do your job. Job will make you a living, yourself will make you a fortune.

  • Instead of criticising few issues none of you would not understand anyway, I will say only this. DO NOT READ. It takes too much time. Listen instead you can do other things at the same time. Like I am listening speaches, interviews, debates, books etc. while I play racing simulators for example, so I do two things at the same time. It also trains me in english at the same time, if I don´t listen in my language. Then it is 3 things at the same time. You can paint, you can create something or repair, you can work while listening, you can commute, you can cook, clean your house, there is a lot ways, how be multi-tasking like this.

  • Gold.

  • when has this taken place guys?

  • ✨🧘🏻‍♂️✨

  • INCREDIBLE 17 pages worth of notes! Jim Rohn is one of my favourite people to learn from. The notes that I`ve taken are so exciting for me - now need to recap and execute

  • I just did.

  • 00:00 Chapter 1: 5 Major Pieces of the Life Puzzle 27:28 1. Philosophy 48:00 2. Attitude 53:38 3. Activity 1:03:33 4. Results 1:12:46 5. Lifestyle 1:24:24 Chapter 2: Personal Development: The Proven Principles 1:28:10 Money [Value] 1:38:20 Life is Like the Seasons 1:41:37 1. Winter 1:45:35 2. Spring 1:48:09 3. Summer 1:55:10 4. Fall 1:56:20 Physical 1:58:45 1. Appearance 2:00:07 2. Spiritual 2:00:58 3. Mental 2:05:12 4. Library 2:20:28 5. Keep a journal 2:29:50 Chapter 3: The 5 Abilities 2:30:10 1. The Ability to Absorb 2:32:17 2. Learn to Respond 2:39:25 3. The Ability to Reflect 2:48:55 4. Ability to Act and Take Action 3:05:53 5. Develop the Ability to Share 3:11:54 Goals 3:25:35 1. Don't Set Too Low 3:27:00 2. Don't Compromise, Don't Sell Out 3:31:15 Chapter 4: Financial Independence 3:42:01 1. Keep Strict Accounts 3:43:00 2. Develop a New Attitude Communication 3:49:00 4 Steps to Communication 3:51:38 1. Have Something Good to Say 3:56:39 2. Saying it Well 4:00:58 3. Read Your Audience 4:06:47 4. Intensity Conclusion 4:10:35 Master Negativity 4:13:25 The Day That Turns Your Life Around 4:19:25 The Greatest Challenge in Leadership

  • Jim Rohn classic, I love that guy!

  • Thanks

  • truly my life mentor.

  • can for me sub this video

  • Amazing

  • Thanks for the no ads. I can focus! Much appreciated.

  • One of the great person I have ever seen!

  • This man is amazing.

  • Thank You Mr.John

  • I could cry, LIFE CHANGING!!!!!!! 2019!

  • Tony Robbins’ mentor! It’ll be 10 years since his passing, and people are still making good notes from his talks. ❤️💯🔥🇺🇸

  • I watch this daily for 20 mins at least.... and repeat it when I finish it. So much knowledge from such a legendary man.

  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Jim Rohn is the man to listen to

  • ++++

  • The very end of the video is ominous and haunting. It reminds us that we're watching nothing more than just a digital copy of a man!!

  • Chapter 1 - 1:00:00 (Fundamentals) Chapter 2 - 1:24:28 (Personal Development) Chapter 3 - 2:30:00 (The Five Abilities) Chapter 4 - 3:31:10 (Finances)


  • *✅We✔️Must💫do🔹Better😇*

  • I love listening to him.. he's a Bible man, he's wise, and that's fantastic!

  • The apple that he talks about can be whatever good habit you choose to develop, including listening to him everyday.

  • wish I watched this in my early 20s, now in my early 30s, but it is better late than never!

  • One of the Videos kids should start listening ... But how ??? Very informative.

  • Only half way through but really loving this seminar so far. So simple and entertaining and helpful.

  • He says for those who are in America, are blessed because of all the resources available to us. Not sure what year this seminar was held but everything he speaks on still holds true today in 2019. In fact, we are even MORE BLESSED to live in era with youtube. The greatest minds in the world are now at your fingertips. We have no excuses to not become the best that we can be. 🙏

    • So true Danny!!!

    • @twonulator "Of Couuuuuuuuuuuuuurse" Lol :)

    • @Business & Self Development Resources "Of Couuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurse" lol :)

    • It's true. Because it's all easier today, most of the people just don't dedicate 100% to whatever they want to achieve and just Let It Slide...

    • Those people paid money to take notes they heard one time. We are fortunate enough to listen to this over and over and over again until we understand and apply it all. That's a lot harder to do if you just have a note pad!

  • Thank you......

  • The Richest man in Babylon!! yes I read it nice!!

  • awesome! now i am learning to deal with time!! and I work part time! ad La Lopez lingerie hahaha!!

  • Who's taking notes in 2k19?! ✌

    • Giuseppe Gasparetto thank U!

    • Guys can yall send them to me please

    • Giuseppe Gasparetto offffcourrssssssseeeeee! 😌

    • The same folks that were taking them back then. The winners in life.

    • @Giuseppe Gasparetto Thanks, G, but no worries :) My notes are quite comprehensive (all 19 pages of them!!)

  • god came to the earth as jim rohn than he had to go back.

  • ...that ending though.

    • Since you're one of the few come in so I don't think many people made it to the end like we did. Over I'm thankful for everything that he said

  • Everyone needs to watch this, but in particular Democrats and even more so than that, Socialist Democrats. The rich aren't holding you back, it is your philosophy! Take control of your own life, don't get out your blame list.

  • Been listening to Jim rohn since I was 13, remember the name!

  • What happend at the end??

  • Just came across this video. How old is this seminar out of curiosity?

  • Amazing pen drumming at 3:26:12

  • 5 Important things to be a successful person said Mr Rohn 1 Personal Philosophy 2 Attitudes 3 Activity 4 Result 5 lifestyle

  • I listen almost every day to this video, excellent and extraordinary pieces of advice!

  • God bless Jim Rohn!

  • Thank you so very much for posting this!!

  • I know something, you don't know. And I don't use idioms to describe what I have to say. Well, okay. Sometimes I do. Sometimes I use riddles. I was once called a "Sphinx". I took it as a compliment. You either have to blindly follow his advice or you need to understand exactly what he is saying. I understand exactly what he is saying.

  • He's my smartest friend lol

  • Can we all change our life today?? Yesssssss offf Courseeeeeee

  • Thanks for posting this. Jim Rohn has helped transform my life and I expect to go back to his lessons throughout my life. In just a short time he’s helped me so much. I plan to use what he’s taught me and help others transform their lives.

  • Me encanta su filosofía de vida lo he escuchado una y otra vez y no me canso de escuchar sus consejos!

  • Thank you Jim Rohn. You are the unique to make me unique. Thank you