How To Have a Grunge Aesthetic Room

Pubblicato il 20 ago 2019
How to have a grunge aesthetic room 2019
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  • Face reveal(personal Instagram) :


  • Poser

  • Soy pobre:c

  • where do i get the album covers do i print orrrr buy them whattt???

  • Bruh, grunge is dead

  • I’m grunge but my room isn’t like that lol

  • Can you do another one of these for 2020?

  • This seems to be pretty ok but some people call e girls or edgy styles grunge. Grunge was anti fashion and carefree (ex. Kurt Cobain) it wasn’t chains, it was jean jacket and just laid back shit

  • Anyone else lowkey watching this is 2020 even though it says for 2019

  • my room is exactly like this 🖤🎸

  • I want posters etc on my walls but I dunno how to get them or where oof, do you guys can just print it out or buy it?

  • I'm so sad because I have a small room and I have no place to put it all :((

  • me: wants to buy pillows or pillow cases my mom: wtf why no ur not doing that

  • 0:35 BTS!!!

  • how to get a grunge room 1. money 2. money 3. money

  • Ok what is up with the grid patterns? They don't even look that good

  • Wait why am I even watching this I don't even have a room

  • i like how im looking at this w no intention of doing this

  • This shit was my vibe back in 2014

  • i think my room is pretty aesthetic but it is just messy :D


  • 0:51 oh gosh is a coward album there??? YEAH BABY TWENTY ONE PILOTS THERE

  • Querer ter isso nois quer...!!! Só Falta o dinheiro'~'

  • Funny that grunge is "i am poor and i don't fucking care abou nothing" so you all saying that your room is messy and poor are doing the right way.

  • Just don't care about anything and u will be grunge lol Btw i am grunge, but cuz of music

  • Man if this is grunge I’m a heterosexual

  • Mines just full of Kpop posters and Anime posters literally you can't see the walls at this point 🤣🤣🤣🤣 also have LED lights but that's about it 🤣🤣🤣

  • I currently have: Grid Bed Sheets and Pillows Black Pillows Metal Grid Panel Fake Ivy Fave Band Posters On Wall Record Player Record Discs on Wall Green Plants(Fake) Black Clothes Hanging Rail I’ll come back when I get the rest :) *btw this isn’t to flex it’s just a checklist and also if you don’t want to watch the whole vid you can just look at the list*

  • Grunge?

  • **Realizes I own all**

  • instead of 'Record disks' i thought it said 'Record dicks' , i'm going to hell now aren't i?-

  • going into your teenage years like>

  • моя зая?:/

  • Grids are more most of the aesthetics

  • I like all aesthetics so I’ll just make part of my room like this

  • November gang

  • 0:38 BTS❤️❤️❤️❤️😂

  • Well I sure wish I have money

  • Other people "I wish my room was aesthetic" Me "I wish I had a room" (I live on a couch at my GMA's house but hey atleast I'm in a house right)

    • Same exact situation ahaha

    • awww i feel so bad for u :(

    • same!

    • I felt that, but i have my own room now! And i hope you can get able to obtain one too

  • 1:15 Whoo else saw the 666 sticker

  • *cries cuz I share a bedroom with my brothers*

  • Dang my room was grunge without me even knowing it

  • My room is pink and cute but i love watching these kinds of videos so excuse me

  • I saw twenty one pilots

  • Oh honey if you think this is grunge....

  • all i need now is money

  • im way too scared of mirrors

    • Melted Cloudz my own reflex scared the shit out of me

  • Can you make a video about how to have a cute room?

  • 0:35 I love how BTS just comes out

  • Step 1: *avoid from being broke*

  • O:35 what are doing BTS here?hahaha💜💜💜😂😂😂

    • Dima Serbescu i thought of the same hhahs

  • almost all these pictures are saved on my pinterest 😂 glad i actually have an idea of what looks good

  • was that only me who saw bts pitures there? 0:36 omg... lav youuuu

  • my aesthetic is “room is a mess and i don’t have money” aesthetic

  • I was literally shocked when I saw my pictures on the thumbnail lol . Thank you 🖤

    • losttcreature whats ur ig?

    • @Maya Zaya no it's fine, thank you for using them.

    • They’re amazing. Sorry for not giving you the credit simply because I didn’t know your name and found them on Pinterest. ❤️

  • I love ur content about how to be grunge

  • a tip if you dont like your walls is to cover them with posters. my walls are pink (which I hate) and im covering it up with posters and it looks really good

  • Bruh i’ve been grunge LOL ;-;

  • Boom early.