how to edit youtube videos LiKE A pRo

Pubblicato il 5 lug 2018
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In which I walk through how I edit my youtube videos - from syncing audio to the ~aesthetic~ effects I apply to lookbooks to color correction. I also answer some of my top asked questions about where I find copyright free background music that doesn't suck, what font I use for my titles, and how I make little animations. Though I do edit on Final Cut Pro X, hopefully a lot of these video effects/techniques are something you can also apply to iMovie or Premiere Pro!
// my go-to background music //
amsterdam in the spring:
june gloom:
pillow talk:
epidemic sound is another good source for copyright free music! ➭
// equipment //
my camera:
editing: final cut pro
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  • She talks so fast 😱😱

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  • *clicks on video to find an easy way to edit* Her: I just bought Final Cut Pro once for $300 Me: *ight imma head out*

  • Should edit the title to 'how to edit videos like pro in apple'

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  • for music (old news?)

  • But IT-tvs offers itself music which you may put in your video

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  • what kind of editing software do you recommend using for IT-tvs videos

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  • my broke ass usin cracked ae cc 2019

  • or you can use ae for free-

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    • I find it hilarious at how easy it is to mesmerize people with basic vfx, animation and editing knowledge

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    • chxrry effects ya of course, it’s just a joke buddy, everything’s a joke nowadays. Come up with better excuse next time. It obviously wasn’t a joke.

    • Vfx KORE sorry i didn’t know that you would be fucking mad at me for saying something, perhaps maybe instead of calling me bitch, maybe be nice about it?

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  • Because My dream is to become a youtuber ever since I was younger so let’s help each other!! 😊

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  • Person: How much time do you spend editing your videos? bestdressed: yes.


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  • Awsome Video. Thanks for sharing. 🙏🏾

  • For non-commercial videos you can also use the facebook sound collection. You can filter by genre and mood.

  • ok for all of u saying “but it costs so much” here’s a way to get it free: •get the free trial (it comes with all the effects and same stuff if u pay for it, meaning that everything is unlocked) •each month before it expires, reset ur mac’s time and date back to when it wasn’t expired. voila

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    • Army Moa yea, they probably think around that

    • Army Moa you would need a new email every time

    • If you were to do the trial then delete then app and re download it and do the trial again would that work?

    • ya girl jina I think it’s kinda risky bcuz it’s technically “stealing” software and you can go to jail/get a fine so I wouldn’t try it, but if you’re willing to try it I guess u can :)

  • because im a BROKE bitch im gonna spend *£300* on ONE editing software

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  • Really nice, helpful video! But minuscule suggestion: when wearing short shorts, avoid spreading legs in front of camera. Looks a tiny bit crass. Cheers though, sister of tech & tease! 🙂

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    • @Glen M. Danielsen "Sister of spicy statement" LOVE THAT. Fair enough though. Agree to disagree?

    • Luna Fotris Hold on there Luna, sister of spicy statement! IT-tvs is not private; it is a public forum. Everyone is accountable for what they publish, and its anyone’s privilege to comment. Cheers to you though! God bless,

    • @Glen M. Danielsenjust don't think it's any of your business and you shouldn't really comment... She spends hours editing her videos don't you think that if she had a problem with it she would have done something?

    • Luna Fotris Ah, thanks Luna, I will clarify. Ash: secret garden should be kept secret! Close aperture, put on lens cap! 🙌🏼😯

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