how to edit youtube videos LiKE A pRo

Pubblicato il 5 lug 2018
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In which I walk through how I edit my youtube videos - from syncing audio to the ~aesthetic~ effects I apply to lookbooks to color correction. I also answer some of my top asked questions about where I find copyright free background music that doesn't suck, what font I use for my titles, and how I make little animations. Though I do edit on Final Cut Pro X, hopefully a lot of these video effects/techniques are something you can also apply to iMovie or Premiere Pro!
// my go-to background music //
amsterdam in the spring:
june gloom:
pillow talk:
epidemic sound is another good source for copyright free music! ➭
// equipment //
my camera:
editing: final cut pro
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  • @bestdressed I loved the video and i will use the tips! Any tips on how to get your videos more popular for beginners?

  • She's rapping 😂

  • Saludos desde Uruguay 🇺🇾

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  • My video editing skills are pretty bad lol I really need to get better at editing my videos haha Love your videos though they are always really helpful!

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  • I could do vlogs for my channel but my face will just ruin it all

  • If you wanna get a clip back instantly you can use the shortcut command z to go back. But it’ll only work when you’re still on fcpx and you don’t exit out of it.

  • Great!!

  • your kind of a role model.. young kids are watching you..You seem to be very talented.. do you really have to curse.. it really doesnt make you sound cool.. its actaully makes me less attractive..

  • Thank you for the video and your excellent explanation too. oh, not to worry about opening up, i enjoyed it as well, thank you - made my morning.

  • fuckin shite waste of fucking time

  • This video was 1200 times better than what I expected. I'm subscribing

  • U talk wayyyyyyy toooo fasttttttt, I’m not registering

  • If you go in the youtube studio they have an audio library full of music that you can use in your videos so you don't have to worry about it being copyrighted in the future!

  • Thank you for the info! Will really help me with my editing skills! Although I just use iMovie. lol

  • I have no idea what you're talking about. I can't believe how much work this stuff is.

  • when you realize final cut pro is $300.00... :(

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  • Wow Im shocked. This was actually really helpful and useful, usually youtubers just regurgitate the same useless keyboard shortcuts. Thank you!!!

  • Her: *buys a £300 editing app* Me: *Freaks out when games are over 50p!*


  • Between the price of the software, the speed of her talking & the lack of tips for ACTUAL beginners... I checked out! NEXT! LOL!

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  • How come you don’t connect a mic to your camera? That way you don’t need to do the extra steps in the editor..

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  • you can search copyright free music on youtube

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  • this REALY helped so thanks I cant download final cut but I downloaded filmorapro

  • Plz stop with the bad words FAMILY FRIENDLY

  • What app will I use to edit in my Android phone

  • How to edit a video 1. Look like a potato 2. Use a cheap editor 3. Be good

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  • Out of curiosity, do you also speed your video up or do you just literally speak that fast? If so, how do you edit your audio? Thanks for the video btw, very informative. It was nice to compare notes

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  • Soon, but now it's not the time. Thank you❤️

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