How to Create a HAND-DRAWN Whiteboard Video in ONE Day

Pubblicato il 15 giu 2019
Equipment I Mentioned in The Video:
Whiteboard -
Markers -
Camera -
Tripod -
Light -
Light Stand -
Desk Lamp -
Clamp -
Note that the whiteboard, tripod, & desk lamp are not the exact same one I use.
Unfortunately, the tripod (Velbon Videomate 300) & desk lamp (Satechi LED Desk Lamp) are no longer available. I instead linked a tripod my friend uses that I've seen first hand and a lamp that is has the exact same functionality. Also, any quality tripod/lamp should work.
I originally bought the black frame whiteboard in Walmart, but it appears they don't have it online. I found one that matches the size of mine and is rated highly on Amazon.
I hope my how to create a hand-drawn whiteboard video helps you guys out there create some whiteboard videos.
Special Thanks to Matthew Hu for helping me film a lot of the scenes in this video and to Roger Chang for all the hard work drawing these whiteboard videos. Couldn't have made this video happen without them.
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  • I hope you guys enjoy this video as much as I enjoyed making it. Let me know if you have any questions that I didn't answer yet.

    • আমি অনেক পছন্দ করেছি এই ভিডিও টি।

  • Thank you

  • Can i use a Gopro for this process

    • I'm sure you could. A phone with a decent camera should work too as long as you have good lighting. But if you're thinking about buying a dslr/mirrorless camera vs. a go pro for this, I recommend going for the dslr/mirrorless camera since go pro's sensor size just can't compete even if you get a go pro hero 8 black.

  • Awesome video! I make educational content using whiteboards. I don't have the finances to go for the rig set-up, so I use a selfie-stick to mount my mobile and film using daylight. Lol, it sucks when clouds show up and all the lighting is fucked up :( I am saving for a lighting set-up :) Thanks for the video!

  • you guys are amazing thank you for showing me how to do this

  • Super helpful!

  • wow

  • Can I do it using gopro hero8... Can u do a video...

  • Very well put together video! Thank you!

  • Very helpful for my channel. Thanks.

  • Verrrrry good

  • Seriously great stuff

  • Your editing idea is advanced creative but I think it will be easier & hustle-free if we use videoscribe software instead of hand drawing. Not everyone can draw in their hands, not everything can be described in this method, so videoscribe is better... What's your opinion, please tell us ?

    • @Debasis Nayak It'll always depend on the Density of Animation and complexity of drawings, but primarily due to the extra editing aspect in the hand-drawn, it makes it at the very least 1.5x longer. I'd say at first, it was more like 2x longer since we were still figuring out the process, but I'll also say if there were zero mistakes while drawing and we had a fleshed out storyboard to begin with, it's possible to do this as fast as videoscribe. Still more demanding than videoscribe either way.

    • @Dreamlet time taking comparison between videoscribe & hand drawing ?

    • I think it depends on what you're going for. If you're trying to tell a story and take a more creative approach, then the hand-drawn one will be better. If you're trying to just list points or teach something, Videoscribe is more useful because it's simply faster.

  • I appreciate how incredibly detailed you are. It makes it so much easier to follow the steps exactly. I feel like I’ll be able to troubleshoot just from watching.

  • Love this video. You are so creative!

  • Awesome! Love how put together and creative this video is!