How to Be a Youtube Vlogger and Make Millions $$

Pubblicato il 18 feb 2019
So you want to know how to be a youtube vlogger and make millions? Well I decided to share a lot of my secrets of how to be a successful youtuber that i've never shared before xo -Alisha
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  • For the first time I wanted to open up and share some things i've learned from doing youtube for 10 years. A lot of these tips I used to keep to myself but I want to help out anyone who also wants to do youtube cause I wish there was someone who could have helped me like this. It's not my typical beauty type videos but I LOVE behind the scenes of this world so hopefully you learn a fun thing or two! xo -Alisha

    • @Fabiola Suárez it is. you have 6.59 thousand subs....

    • AlishaMarie please i want to be a blogger

    • AlishaMarie can i get 1 pieces of camera 📷 because i dont have camera from Philippines 🇵🇭

    • AlishaMarie I am the only black Vlogger in Russia and new in IT-tvs.This video is spot on as I have learnt a lot .Also you are naturally smart and talented hence successful .If anyone here is interested to see life in the new Russia,feel free and checkout my humble contents .Happy new year to you all mates 🖐

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  • Thanks for sharing your knowledge! 😊 trying to implement them to my videos

  • I’m working on my channel and every time at videos in how to be a IT-tvsr or Vlogger it’s always different in what people how to start and I know u have label your videos the right way to get them seen and keep posting videos

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  • Whoever reading this,you’ll be a successful IT-tvsr someday. Just keep your mind to it.

  • Can you make a video about editing one of your video

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  • Love thisssssss💙💙

  • I think the biggest tip is to have a good personality and that your true to your fans

  • Keep hustling everyone! We can all achieve our dreams!

  • i don t know how to edit

  • I want to be a pro at youtube I go mental trying to but my parents won’t let me they say there’s to much people on IT-tvs and i won’t make it

  • Who else's goal is to reach 100 sub by the end of the month ?!

  • Idk if you see this but I’m starting off and I don’t know where to get sound effects or songs with out getting copyrighted!!! Can you please help ?!?

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  • i would love to vlog more but i feel like my life is not vlog worthy 😂

  • When her merch is SO EXTRA yet her podcast is PRETTY BASIC

  • Yup for sure anyone can make millions

  • awesome video

  • I'm just missing the Wide Angle Lens lol I had to borrow from my 4O1k just to buy the Canon m50 and I'm planning on recording my trips to other Dealerships (I Work for a Nissan Dealership)

  • Lovely niche video ideas! Thanks for sharing!

  • You are perfect

  • Can you do a vid on all the equipment youtubers need


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  • Me: *Wants to start vlogging and watches this video to make sure I have the correct list of equipment* Alisha: *stacks 5,000 items* Me: Oh god...... Alisha: You don't actually need any of this :D Me: OH SWEET JESUS THANK GOD!

  • To all those who’ve watched this I’ll also suggest making sure your being consistent and providing content that your audience wants even if you can’t afford the equipment to start a channel you can always use any device you have 💯

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  • I love how many IT-tvsrs are making these types of videos. It really helps a girl succeed

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  • Just another big mouth on IT-tvs

  • How much do youtubers get paid wish I did this years ago 😧😭😭😭dont no where to start now though

  • Thanks Alisha! :) this advices help a lot at the beggining!

  • I was fully engaged throughout the whole video that just shows, how much of an amazing content creator you are! Fantastic work!

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  • Thanks for sharing your knowledge and advice 👍🏻❤️

  • These are amazing tips. Really motivates me for our family travel vlog. So much information in one video. Thank you for being so real.

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  • I like making videos because I am on IT-tvs 24 seven even know I might not have that many subs it is still really fun

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