How Samsung 'fixed' the Galaxy Fold

Pubblicato il 5 set 2019
Samsung’s Galaxy Fold had some major issues with the display and hinge back when we reviewed it in April. Samsung now thinks it has addressed the problems after making some key hardware changes to the protective film and hinge. We’re taking a first look at the Galaxy Fold changes. The phone will be available on September 18th in France, Germany, Singapore, and the UK, but Samsung hasn’t revealed an exact date for the US yet.
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  • Are these changes enough for you to buy the Galaxy Fold?

  • Wow, I have always hated the folding phone concept, but that is one slick phone.

  • Samsung: I decided to make a galaxy fold! Apple: omg this s*ck i will add MORE VERY MORE NEW FEATURES NOW Samsung: *adds 1000000000 features* Apple: no way our phone are horrible!!!! >:(

  • you can see the line clearly in the middle ...i know OLEDs are very flexible which would also prob apply to microleds but those are waaaaay too expensive.....but OLEDs that are flexible are gonna prob be even easier for it to mess up....these foldable touch screen smartphones are not fully ready yet ...theyre gonna mess up pretty easily..i rather have just a bigger screen

  • The small screen seems to be good for 1 hand use

  • Honestly this new host makes really boring and below average reviews

  • One of the biggest recent tech history.

  • There are better foldables with no crease in the middle

  • This is so cool this is the first smartphone scene the s6 egde that made me go wow

  • A little angle like a triangle

  • deeper grooves at level 1

  • Just wait till apple brings there's out so you can see how it's done

  • They probably didn't screw in the components with confidence.

  • You can barely see the crease in the first version, on this one you can.

  • Yeah. All fixed.

  • I can’t wait for the ifold

  • this is the importance of sending review units.

  • Awesone!

  • price

  • So because some ppl mistaken the screen and force it off and wreck the screen = now we're stuck with bezels on the inside?

  • Jesus, ok so that massive hump running down the middle is just supposed ok? Screw this lol

  • Huawei Mate X seems to be too much better

  • I don’t trust it

  • Am I the only one who is annoyed when a reviewer shouts to get my attention? I like Tom's laid back approach.

  • Man, I'm just still not feeling confident with this phone, and that's just seeing it in videos. The design just seems overly tedious and fragile to have as an everyday phone :| pass. I'll just keep the S10+ or S10 5G on my wish list :)


  • Samsung: Note 7 - boom Fold - "oh, users actually peel of protectors and often simply apply others?"

  • *bella merda*

  • *Scratches at level 3 with deeper grooves at level 4*

  • Samsung is a company who directs the Smartphone industry

  • Looks to me like they just had to compromise the design to fix issues around the screen. Either way... How tf can they alter their entire supply line and manufacturing processes to make those chances in just 6 months?!

  • Samsung is best choice

  • Thanks for the coverage. I love the Galaxy Fold. Fingers crossed.

  • The fixed one looks way better just with it folding tighter and without the peelable thing

  • 2000$ and no 5G 🤣🤣🤣

  • Dude needs a translator with that mumble.

  • Huawei mate x is like 12908371982734981 times better.

    • Animated Anatomy really? u must be joking...mate x looks horrendous

  • Unlike other companies who can't even make a proper wireless charger and gave up without trying. Samsung really did a remarkable job

    • How exactly is a $2000 gimmicky phone “remarkable”?

  • sep 18 2019 damn thats my grandma's birthday.

  • Didn't really have an issue with the guy talking tbh you guys?

  • So it's now a heavy duty flagship fold phone that will last for years of hard use , right ! Or is it just a flimsy fragile expensive yuppie toy with a few tweaks?

  • Thank Goodness for that.

  • How many times do you need to say "ummm" "uhhmm" "umm"????

  • Terrible mumbling...

  • 4:25 i think you're exactly right, but missing the point. phones have gotten boring, but that's because they've reached the point of being a basic utility item. smartphones are "navigate your everyday life" devices now, and people just want something that does what they need as efficiently as possible with the technology available today. the Fold is fun and exciting for reviewers and enthusiasts, but the technology is clearly so immature that it's irrelevant to anyone who has to actually use the phones they purchase.

  • Still a terrible execution.

  • Makr this the most liked comment ever

  • Did someone remember ZTE AXON M ?

  • they need to get rid of the camara in the big screen..

  • I'm still waiting for a smart phone to fold into a smaller size. I don't want a tablet folding into a phone.... Hint hint Samsung.

  • That hinge is hideous

  • 3:00 its still showing crease

  • Waste of money for futuristic prototype that would not be used to the common users until we will have technology to be thinner and foldable

    • The galaxy fold is limited it won't be sold in every store since they are targeting a different market of consumers. The technology is there and will advance with every release. Till then I'll wait for the next gen of this tech to get better

  • Sounds like there was a gun to your head

  • Still a gimmick. I don’t see any practical use that makes it better than the standard slabs.

  • Samsung need to fix the price also..!

  • 🤮🤮🤮

  • 2:34 "Duh and dust"

  • It folds! Big deal but so many other potential issues and so thick and so expensive

  • The "duhrt" stuck in hinges