How Matteo Salvini uses Facebook live streams to exploit immigration

Pubblicato il 17 dic 2018
Italy's anti-immigration deputy prime minister is Europe's most followed politician on Facebook, with 3.4 million followers. Matteo Salvini used live streams in the run-up to parliamentary elections to speak directly to his supporters and show, as he puts it, images 'they would never show' in the mainstream media.
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  • *Exposed

  • Leftists who support brown mass immigration are the enemy to the working class. No debate about this.

  • Typical guardian tripe. Salvini hooray 😁

  • Mr. Salvini speaks truth, and liberals do not like that. Bravo! America is praying for you, Italy!

  • Eventhough I'm not European nor Christian every single word this brilliant brave man speaks make me lot of sense. Protecting national identity, heritage, culture is the only way to free society which is not slaves to bankers , multinational companies.

  • Its not a crime to have the point that they dont want London which looks like Pakistan or Africa.

  • Guardian news...what a bunch of cow manure

  • BOOM! Tell the truth Mr. Salvini. We need real men standing up these days!!!

  • the savior of europe!

  • A reptile who should be hung from Mussolinis lampost

  • Salvini king

  • Now we see why the big tech companies want to stop freedom of speech on the internet, they don't want people like Metteo Salvini speaking out! (He is stopping their dreams of a One World Goverment) Down with the big tech companies, they either need to be broken up, or sued into oblivion!

  • wish we had a Salvini

  • Fantastic fellow!

  • Down with the Guardian News and all the rest of the old corrupt news networks!

  • most journalists should be shot.

  • I vote Salvini on sunday!

  • This vid makes me like salvini even more

  • Salvini is number 1

  • when he said instead of saying thank you they want more money, he sounded a lot like saudi’s and other Arabs lol

  • Salvini is a breath of fresh air for Italy and Europe He actually wants to make Europe work for Europeans and preserve our heritage and culture, The left will eat themselves. As for the Guardian they along with the rest of the MSM will become irrelevant.

    • Come fai a dire una cosa simile? Salvini e i suoi ci hanno trascinato in recensione!

  • The part of the "refugees that escape from bombs and what to watch football matches is infamously taken out of context! Shame on the guardian for this inaccurate report, a show of the corrupt media at play. He was saying that ironically, he wasn't actually referring to refugees, Salvini has explicitly said that he welcomes refugees! He is simply mocking those who take advantage of the refugee label to come and get free taxpayer money. Bottom line: Italians don't mind spending taxpayer money to help people who actually seek safety, but when our taxes are spent giving free cable TV and 35 EUROs per PERSON every DAY, it is foolish to think we are not justified to vent our anger and anyone who says otherwise can get a middle finger. END

    • @gnamorfra scusa ma non hai postato nulla

    • @Just Bangers quella che ti ho postato sopra...

    • @gnamorfra quale pagina hahaha

    • @Just Bangers rileggi la pagina che ti ho mandato, e cerca di capire cosa ci sia scritto...

  • I wish he could be the Prime Minister of the UK.

  • What he's saying seems quite reasonable.

  • Good to a potent man with good intentions for his people. Hope the other dumb europeans wake up and save themselves from their destruction.

  • il delinquente sei tu, pezzo di merda

  • Salvini is what the west needs. He's much better than that fool Trump.

  • Salvani will save Italy.

  • Italy for us italians. Love salvini

  • I remember when the Guardian used to be a serious newspaper

    • Neil Mo, like back in the 1960s? Boy, you have a looooong memory.

  • He is a failure, a ignorant racist who never graduated from a university. Say no to racism !!

  • “He’s tired because he’s fleeing war” Bloody brilliant

  • Uh don’t see any problems here with what he is saying 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • No wonder that mark Zuckerberg is landing a hand to politicians,after all he greatly benefits from them, Europe is a hot bad for billionaires to keep their cash in tax Haven to leverage not just business transaction but the currency, Italy and Zuckerberg and other billionaires looking to profit of the discord the UK has initiated virtually there is no politicians are out there who has not swindled tax payers and hiding the profits elsewhere billionaires like Zuckerberg is providing leverage,what we saw in the Panama papers are just the tip of the iceberg. Italy should be cautious because Facebook's#1 priority is data collection the Italian government list every persons name who does not pay taxes , Zuckerberg guaranteed he wants a peace of that and in exchange business opportunities for data collection, whatever might that be ,so just remember Facebook is not your friend.

  • He is a hero

  • I thought he was Prime Minister or something. Shouldn't he be running the country rather than harassing people on the streets?

  • Great man!

  • Salvini is probably the greatest European politician right now

    • Epic Rants you should meet him and hand out with him. You can make a fab couple.

  • Long live The Guardian that show's the true colours of these infamous Politicians.

  • I would have liked to hear the interview. He has stirred up enough hate over here. The equivalent to Farage, Trump and and other racists all over the world. Makes me cringe!

    • ​@Margaret Lovelock So protecting your country from a bunch of illegal immigrants is consider "racist" ? Maybe if there hadn't been so many of them, they wouldn't have to take actions like this now.

    • @Man Cheese against other races, yes!

    • @Luigi Gaudelli Thats your opinion, it's so obvious

  • well, I'm with him, british news didnt informed about mass rapes across the Europe. No for migrants, no for FRONTEX!!!

  • Finally getting some European leaders with some ballz to attack this problem.

    • Balls to discuss the real issue being face by natives.

  • How is he exploiting immigration by trying to save his country, you kniw whos really eexploiting immigration? ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS and people smuggling "charities".

  • Rubbish as always from the Guardian. At least they're consistent. The wool is slowly being removed from people's eyes but keep going with videos like this, it only speeds up the process 😂

  • Only the majority of a country has to deal with the liberals generosity, who cares about the majority? This is the problem in European politics, the majority will vote for who is representing what they want. That is democracy

  • 💋

  • 🇮🇹Forza Matteo 🇪🇺Forza Europa🇮🇹

  • Salvini is a hero and patriot. God bless him.

    • Salvini It's a hero of Italians donkey

    • Yeah you right salvini is a very respectful person god bless him

  • Hey "Guardian news" we see on what side you are working on and its certainly not on our side!

  • Oh no, guardian news, Salvini is "exploiting" your precious immigration!! Orange man bad, guardian news, Orange man bad!

  • Hey Guardian keep up the good dishonest work that you do. And also how many people did you lay off this year and how many people are they going to lay off next year because of your excellent journalism

    • The owners have deep pockets, very deep pockets. And anyway, the English Pravda cannot be allowed to fail. Who would be left to tell the “truth”. (Answer: the BBC, which recruits most of its staff via the Guardian.)

    • They're losing about $100 million a year, so my guess is a lot more layoffs are in store.

  • Mass immigration into Italy/Europe has been disastrous. Salvini is brilliant.

    • @Luigi Gaudelli... Salvini sara' la nostra piu grande delusione tra qualche anno... Quest'uomo e' solo bugie e fuffa...anche a me sta a cuore l'Italia ma Salvini NON sta risolvendo nessun problema. Fa solo campagna elettorale. Dobbiamo svegliarci e non credere a tutto quello che dice perche Grande Salvini! Bisogna usare la testa. Aveva promesso 800 Mila rimpatri in 6 mesi... E poi Non ha fatto come si fa a credere in lui?!?

    • Thanks I'm italian and I always watch your channel

    • Salvini, his party and their allied are leading Italy to a recessions

    • @Ecorigon IV yeah you absolutely right salvini is absolutely the savior of Italy salvini is a legend he is a good person he is the best

  • 0:38 well actually a day before that they "rioted" and protested cause they didn't have sky and couldn't watch the serie a (italian premier league)

  • 🇮🇹BRAVO SALVINI🇮🇹👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

    • 5 milioni di iscritti Aire e 4.5 milioni di i.migrati regolari e non... al mondo dovete ancora parecchio!!

    • Bravo salvini è il nostro capitano viva l'Italia e gli italiani


    • @Maxwell TM ci sono 5 Milioni di Italiani iscritti all'aire e 4.5 milioni di immigrati regolari e non di cui molti comunitari.. tanti si sono scordati che al mondo si deve ancora molto

    • EL DIABLO DOBERMAN siete patetici

    • Dobbiamo sostenere il più forte possibile salvini il nostro capitano

  • I hope Guardian "News" fails and shuts down!

  • Don’t the Labour Party and corbyn exploit grenfell to gain political points?

  • Mamma this man realy Razzist....

    • @Doctor Rao His words say so, his actions say otherwise. What did he do to promote legal immigration, after trying to block illegal immigration altogether? Nothing.

    • If he is racist then you are fascist

    • Racist? Only because he want a regular immigration? Idiot

  • Who is Mussolini? A guy who was tough in front of the weak, but totally useless and coward while facing the strong.

    • yes, Italians should allow uncontrolled mass illegal migration because, er, Mussolini...

    • @Vand 92 he's a jerk off historian.

    • @Asmobia how do you know that?

    • @Vand 92 Not a bad guy of course.

  • Then why the ‘F’ all these italians migrate to Uk ? 😡

    • Any european who is coming to my country for living doesn't brother me at all.

    • For the same reasons why britons live in Germany and Spain. Like if these northerners don't have expats abroad. Lol.

    • @Mr Lad If a proper parallel can be drawn, then I will. The immigrant class which is objectionable to Salvini, common citizens, et al is an ill-adjusted bunch who are not amenable to integration in a western society.

    • @Mr Lad not if they rip apart entire cities or walk around half naked in rome, or cook in piazza san marco (true story)