how is Riverdale a real show

Pubblicato il 4 dic 2019
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Riverdale Season 4 is a mess...
Lemonade Mouth is kinda dumb...
Batwoman is a weird show...
High School Musical The Musical The Series is hilariously dumb...
The Knight Before Christmas is the dumbest movie...
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  • Lmaoo the song you made was everything

  • Watch midnight sun pleasee

  • PLEASE PLEASE DO A VIDEO ON STRANGER THINGS. I would really appreciate it and I love your vids

  • Why can’t I remember what song he is parodying at the end?

  • These writers... I swear they just look up Archie fanfics on Tumblr and mashed those fanfics together creating this show.

  • A real show??? Come on dude. The storyline really sucks

  • I'm feeling miserable since I realised that I'm watching this stupid show again because of his videos, I guess alex did a great job though

  • I love this song

  • Okay I used to LOVE this show , when you know , it was watchable and it was a murder investigation with drama , not all the plots that has ever existed cramped into a show

  • That song reminds me of the FCC song from Family Guy 😂

  • “Being gay in a small town is like playing Pokemon go”-Alex Meyers 2019

  • At 5:48, I literally drive a 1998 Toyota Corolla and I work at hot topic........but I'm a girl and refuse to go back to my highschool 😄

  • Don't sing, please!

  • 3:53

  • Your musical at the end tore me into tears 😪

  • My theory. Jughead pulls a Sherlock (fakes his own death) to get behind the secrets of this whole skull society

  • Season 1 & 2 were good but they completely lost directon in s3

  • Wow.... The song at the end was ULTIMATE 🤣🤣🤣 U NAILED IT Meyers..... 💓💓💓

  • I havn't watched riverdale in a long time but I thought sherel was adopted


  • One of the first names in the cast is skeet

  • Is everybody secretly half siblings? Is riverdale just one dysfunctional family

  • I just had an amazing idea Read the Harry Potter series Watch the movies Make a video on how the movies got stuff wrong

  • I just noticed the one kid's name in the photo is literally Charles Chickens... 1:51


  • Riverdale season 4 is a result of a cat who did a lot of tap dance on the keypad

  • Maaan you totally should write songs for all the shows

  • Ok but like if this whole secret sibling/twin think is how they address the while Jughead being murdered thing, I won’t not be surprised. Then again I wouldn’t complain because I don’t want them to kill off one of the only reasons I still watch the show.

  • Riverdale needs to get a new showrunner and new writers ! I myself can write this shit show better .

  • Apparently the writers of this show started doing jingle jangle

  • and yet awae got cancelled...?

  • You know what, let's ruin a beloved comic and turn it into a rom-com teen drama Everyone else: NO!!!!!!!!!!

  • So much oversexualasation in the show

  • It’s’s all unrealistic..but..I wanna keep watching

  • the song at the end as me deaddd

  • Why can’t they just stop the show?

  • I'm just upset they are killing off Jughead.. and HOW you ask. This shit better be a huge plottwist or I'm done

  • Is this a Family Guy on budget

  • How did he just accurately explain what it’s like to be a small town gay???

  • i give you credit be able to sit through this show and watch them to make content on your channel.....this show is just terribad

  • The high note at the end tho


  • Right now, Riverdale is pretty boring

  • When the vocal display at the end of this is better than any moment from the riverdale musical episodes....

  • I don’t know, what *is* it about feet?

  • *FUN FACT:* The tune to the song at the end is actually from the song, _”Volunteer Fireman Picnic”_ from the 1959 Broadway musical, _”Take Me Along.”_

  • I like the song Alex.

  • Waiting for the new one man... It just went from one place of madness to another.... Please make the next video quick

  • Greatest piece of cinema, right here 😂😂

  • and now there’s an uncle frank 😂

  • This channel is dedicated to hating on tv shows I LIKE IT

  • On the latest episode, Fred (archies dad) has a brother that Archie didn’t know about

  • Riverdale just got renewed for sesson 5 so here's to another round of alex making fun of riverdale 😂

  • "Jughead, which of your favorite horror writers did you bring into share?" Me: i bet it's gonna be H.P. Lovecraft "I brought the collected works of H.P. Lovecraft" Me: _you predictable fool._

  • The song at the end is everything. Alex, I tip my wig to you 😂😂

  • Woah, trust me Alex pretty little liars is muchhhh better than this, the writers actually took too much drugs actually 😂

  • I don't even watch Riverdale or most of the shows Alex talks about. Just love his commentary and the musical number on this one.

  • he should do the witcher

  • >:(

  • While watching river dale keep in mind that the ages of the characters are around 16-17 years old. Imagine a bunch of 16 year olds running around owning businesses, going to jail, solving mysteries. This is outrageous.