How Illegal Items Are Found And Destroyed At JFK Airport

Pubblicato il 12 lug 2019
At NYC's John F. Kennedy Airport, 1,000 bags an hour are checked for narcotics and illicit food. Customs and Border Patrol officials are tasked with stopping these goods from entering the United States.
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How Illegal Items Are Found And Destroyed At JFK Airport


  • So cruel

  • Stupid north americans destroying healthy food and just eating mc donalds youre all fatasses

  • People need to stop being dumb..stop bringing stuff to this country that are potentially a risk to our society..its common sense..use it we are adults and be smarter on what you bring..also be honest and let the professionals check it to see if its a risk

  • Powerful information......amen

  • It's sad to see so much food get wasted when so many are dying due to hunger even though they mean it for security

  • Since when are cranberries and potatoes illegal hahaha

  • Yes because on 911 the terrorists use avocados and plantains to plant the bombs.. nice job fats why dont you try eating some of those fresh fruits and vegetables yourself. You call your self a expert. That's a joke right.

  • Wait they let you see the drugs but they don't let you see them being destroyed? 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  • Only 120 pounds of food at one terminal is nothing although I understand the disease it cone cause.

  • Problem is TSA employees don’t get paid enough.

  • What a tragic waste of food.

  • couldnt we be using the confiscated food to help end hunger in other parts of the world? i know that other countries might take the same precausions but it makes me so sad knowing that thousands of people starve and we have food to throw away.

    • Since all of this food is of unknown provenance and potentially pest infested, importing it to a different country could infest that country's agriculture with pests. It has to be destroyed

  • That bastard beetle made it all the way to vancouver island, Canada!!!! It is a real pain in the ass let me tell you!

  • He’s a hardworking hound. But at heart, he’s just a doggy! 🐶

  • 0:00 me throwing my candies into my secret stash before mom comes

  • The truth, entertaining food from different (Food) does no harm (but) the corporate interest , we get enough poisoning from Mosato . This is disgusting Bla Bla she says with they told her to say and with a smile The tourist eat those food in the country and come back fine . Its the corporations big one who pay off to not allow entering not only food but other stuff as well. They are the ones who want to ripe off the Americans not the outsiders , only if they bring in the stuff for their profit.

  • This is BS! Those agents will definitely be eating your chocolate bars and drinking your whisky!

  • What an example this comment section is of how provincial and ignorant Americans are about travel. The only countries in the world that don't take protective steps with food are those that have nothing to lose. The ignorant seem to think that America is alone in protecting its crops and its people.

  • Lots of work Ginger.

  • Some terrorist enters the scanning area Gaurd: what's that? Terrorist: a gun Gaurd: OK, what about that Terrorist: it's my airplane food sir Gaurds: give me, no foods allowed Terrorist smiling and happy

  • Biscuit is so cute!

  • My mouth watered thinking of the spices and fruit mixing together and what’d it taste like

  • "Illegal items" then they import the same product at the market. More like protecting the interest of the market.

  • I've never seen an officer so nice.

  • I'll just leave this right here...

  • How is food not allowed? American's are nutz.

  • 😂😂😂😂 yeah. Ok!

  • The location of the incinerator is top secret. Bullshit

  • That dog likes to work hard to play hard.

  • mmm, i wonder how many people could have eaten that food who need it.

  • you'll be a dead mf if you bring in any illegal veggies or fruits.

  • Am I the only one wondering why a couple of those bags were plastic wrapped?

  • No wonder we waste half of the world food supply thatbwe grow!!

  • that's so much food i want to EAT IT ALL!!!

  • At first I thought it said illegal memes

  • Ground not grinded.

  • wtf why are ppl flying w fresh fruits and veggies lol

  • Who the hell brings food in the first place??? Throw the whole bag in the trash, send them back.


  • They loose more when you bring plant virus or pest .. than your gun 😂😂😂😂

  • Man that’s wast of food. Give the food to Africa they will appreciate it

  • Excelente.

  • So any fruit that I bring will be confiscated and destroyed?

  • I like Ginger.. Nyum³....

  • They found my mangoes🍑 but didnt find the cocaine I jammed up my wifes azz💩💩💩

  • Thank you for sharing information. Good job

  • But why would u post it now people no how u do it 🤦🏾‍♂️

  • 120 lbs doesn't seem like a lot. but put a few guppies from your shitty fish tank into a pond and they mate, well there you now have a dead pond. i want a retired sniffer dog one day tho.

  • Do they do this for bombs too?

  • bad and naughty children get out into the tomato swirler to atone for their crimes

  • 😍Biscuit😍

  • 120 pounds = 54. 4 kilograms

  • fascists

  • bad and naughty vegetables go to the Food Whirlpool

  • So, basically they just waste tons and tons of good food that could be distributed to starving people all over the world

  • Well now I want to see dogs at JFK I go there so much and I’ve never seen one

  • It would be so much better to donate the food instead of throwing it all to waste. Some people don't even have the privileges of affording fresh fruit and vegetables

  • I love that food is illegal -.-

  • الورق عنب راح!

  • What? There was a Question as to How to Protect US from dangerous foods? Yet WE get GMO’s? They didn’t seek true answers I see. They Thought foreigners brought it too us.

  • Those foods they are destroying are Probably better than the GMO’s we get.

  • TSA is the biggest fraud. The organization was created from a false flag attack on American people which no one went to jail for. An attack that killed thousands of Americans and soldiers.

  • I remember going to Mexico and Jamaica 10 years ago and that was the law back then. We have to respect the laws.

  • Damn who will reimbursement the people of the food but they should just use bug spray on it

  • I have a beagle so that's why when she enters the house she runs immedietly runs to the kitchen

  • Agricultural specialist like ginger. (Pun intended from the narrator)

  • Such a good move for agriculture

  • Thats why America have too may homeless and foodless people. Without out distroy them why not give them to those people who dont have foods. And about diseases. If nature wants, it will happen any how.

    • you dont get money out of it.

  • 😂😂😂 Foods

  • I am so happy we actually could solve world hunger problems but we prefer to destroy tons of foods because the USA thinks it's bad!

  • So much good food is destroyed tho

  • They let me throw with liquids without even checking

  • Why are said food illegal? Edit:nvm

  • What a waste of food >:(

  • Bruh this is why so many countries are starving, the U.S is doing stuff like this

  • That's right , Get those 40,000 new breeds of "SPIDERS" 😲 !!!!! Way to go "Bisket" Yahoo 🙌 !!! 🔨🚫

    • you probably already have thousands of geneticly altered species running around on your continent by eating your GMO crap. so whats the difference?

    • Serenityafterall second like yay a yay a plus first comment yay a yay a.

  • I feel attacked by the "and leave the Serrano Ham in Spain, because biscuit, will find it"


  • A guy trained bees to sniff out drugs. Like dogs, bees have an amazing sense of smell and in fact, bees are apparently easier to train than dogs. The bees are put in special capsules (without getting stung even!) and a substance that smells like a drug, such as marijuana, cocaine or khat is placed near the bees. They respond by sticking out their proboscis, ready to receive a treat of sugar water, a substitute for nectar. The trained bees are then placed in a device with sensors that detect the movement of each bee’s proboscis every time one or more bees smells a narcotic. Imagine that- sniffer bees!

  • Waistefullness