How I bought my Civic Type R replica for $5000

Pubblicato il 17 ago 2019
A few months ago, we took a road trip from Key West, Florida to Nova Scotia, Canada. One of the most popular comments on that road trip series was the claim that there's no way I could have bought my Civic Type R replica for $5,000. Well, in this video I'll go in depth into everything that I've done to the car since I bought it. Sometimes the best deals aren't the ones that you find for sale, but there the one's that you build yourself.
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  • You should set the rev limiter to 9001 so you can say "ITS OVER 9000" when you redline

    • Thats the dub its over 8000 in the original 😉

    • Bryce Czirr that’s funny and all until you see allmotor F20b running 10.9 with only 185 ft lbs. meanwhile v8s with 400 ft lbs are stuck running low 12s

    • Eli Herman But the thing is it would bounce off the limit so actually it would be like 8400 rpm up to like 8900 so it should be 9200

    • vegetta definitely would approve

    • @• SrFuerteGaming • sorry man did the same can't tell you why😂

  • interesting. if a civic type R is anything like the Integra type R, then all your build is missing now is, the factory reinforcements to the chassis.

  • found a real integra type r for 15k lol who bought that shit for 60k lmao

  • Fine youtube ill fucking watch it.. jesus

  • Alright... I was gonna mention the extra welding spots, but you got it ^^ Have fun !

  • everything has a price, even your life

  • Car is amazing but please.. please. Clean the reservoirs..

  • Lmao you can get these for like 2000$

  • You forgot to change the wheel nuts from 4 to 5

  • It’s so cheap modifying cars in america

  • You got lucky, from my experience and friends when you buy a car like that for cheap the previous owner plans on stealing it back.

  • Neat build. You could have left some of the more subtle modifications on it, like the Mugen valve cover which looked the tits imo, but nice nonetheless.

  • What a beaut

  • What are the head lights called

  • 2k and an 08 TL? Pleeeease lol

  • Now im even more inspired to build my EK im buying for $1500 bucks... all bone stock DX 96 Hatch

  • this is your typical dude that drinks monster at every sunday cars and coffee

  • Anyone can ask whatever price for what ever they are selling... Don't mean you are gonna get it. Resale value might be like $3500. I have never seen any type r sell for 60gs or even 10k. Lol not even full real shipped from Japan jdm cars. Maybe like 5-7k and that's a BIG MAYBE

  • What dumbass pays 5k for a CTR rep smh

  • In Ireland 5000 dollars is mad we can get them for a good deal with only 50000 miles on the clock clean for under 1000 dollars I've even seen them for 350 dollars

  • dont get rid of the read rear bracing and your lowercontrol arms thatwould be not smart they make your rear more nimble and less bodyroll just paint them silver

  • am i the only one who saw the kyle can?

  • I seen you in Nova Scotia!!, and I’m just watching the video now,

  • Wait, Jspec Richmond?

  • I need a John in my life 🙄

  • Great build and amazing car respects 🤟 nice real nice 👍

  • amazing work.

  • props on the color choice. #whitelife


  • He should've made it Yellow, Cause them black rims would go nicely with it. But still, Type R's with That White Is Beautiful.

  • Are u a purist

  • Yeh and the price will go up the longer you keep it in good condition 👌

  • that paint job along would of been worth 4k without the help of a friend….

  • They're about 5k in the UK

  • At the end of the video.... "...thank you for watching my For Sale Ad. I will now wait while my email floods with offers"

  • Legit taking of aftermarket parts to put shit stock ones on and why remove the air filter that was like 100 hp 🤣

  • Yea he ain’t get that for 5 grand suck a fat one


  • Wonderful bro.. Vtec ON 👍👍👍

  • Looking great bro

  • basicly same thing i did to my old ek but made is silver type r traded it for an 02 wrx with 116k on it

  • sidemirrors needs replacing

  • Awesome stuff, my man! A car is worth so much more, personally, when you have done most of the hard work yourself.

  • Where did you find the brake lines you buy? I can’t find them for my ek.

  • @upbadge slutshaming

  • So question is when is it gonna make it out to a NASA event? I wanna see this thing rip vtec on track!

  • Love the ek

  • Old wheels were better

  • FINE IT-tvs im finally watching it relax

  • Sike, told ya! It's not a type R. Well, not really..

  • Nice rebuild etc but DON'T call it a type R, it's not a type R's asshole. No disrespect to your car or build but just make it a nice tidy Civic that looks like a Type R, don't put the badging and everything on it. That's like putting M badges on a BMW trying to call it an M3 it's just embarrassing.

  • So you did a Vtec Delete??? why get rid of the intake, makes its sound FUCKING AWESOME

  • So you 3/4 cloned a type R and think you'll get $10,000??? Clone is a much better term when referring to fake trim model cars

  • Imagine paying more than $500 for a Honda Civic

    • Celtic Wind oh ok 😂

    • @Zkittles oh I meant the op not you lol.

    • @Celtic Wind I don't even have a civic 😂

    • person who doesnt have a nice car ^

    • Der König duh Honda Civics are pretty nice

  • I will like to get u number a have a built like da coming up soon like to get some help

  • 2019 car community in a nutshell; modding cars to make them as stock as possible

    • @Night Guide LMFAO he's making it more stock because he's trying to make it more like an original Type R, you don't get to just say what is a trend LMFAO

    • Nothing wrong with having a stock replica of a JDM car. In most cases, they're great in stock form. The Ek9 is one example of a car being great in stock form.

    • JK... I speak solely for myself unless anyone else wants to agree. But I was driving during the true Ricer phase, and now Clean looks with a little bit of sleeper status (The Stock you refer too) is the best. Open the Hood on a so called stock Honda... Bet if they are really passionate its got A+ plumbing and a bad ass engine. The exhaust notes are driver preference and the interior as well.. some people like it loud AF and some quiet. Interior, some love all the creature comforts and others love the race look. I love a mixture of everything

    • 🤔🤔Stock is the new Black 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️😂😂😂😂

    • In Cali we had to because of the new law smh

  • Stupid ass stock mounts ? Your a pussy with a piece of shit car

  • What kind of lip is on it?

  • nice work dude

  • 20k for a real ek9? They're 5k here. That's mental. Good car but no way worth 20k.