How did NASA Steer the Saturn V?- Smarter Every Day 223

Pubblicato il 8 ago 2019
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Behind the Scenes:
View Linus's video:
Functional Requirements for the Launch Vechile Digital Computer
Launch Vehicle Digital Computer
Dr. von Braun (seated) examining a Saturn computer in the Astrionics Laboratory at the Marshall Space Flight Center
U.S. Space & Rocket Center,_Alabama
IBM's page on the Saturn Guidance Computer
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  • I would like to point out several things: 1. Luke Talley is awesome. 2. Every single frame of this video requires more memory storage than this memory module is capable of handling. Think about that. 3. On the second channel we talk about things like how they took into account gyroscopic precession with this bad boy. They also crashed this into the moon and used the signal as a way to figure out what the inside of the moon is like. It's a good video, you should consider watching it. ( ) 4. This is not the Apollo computer. This is the Saturn V computer. They're different. This steered the rocket. 5. People that support Smarter Every Day on Patreon are really cool and I like them a lot. ( )

    • tiny thing: about the salt audiobook, the garum you mentioned is essentially salted fish paste that was "cured" and transported in big amphoras, it would preserve itself very nicely. It also existed before the romans, as far as i know the phoenicians brought it to west southern europe from the middle east around the 8th and 6th century b.C. Cheers, A future archaeologist.

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    • Wait, theres a second channel?!!!!!

  • I have so many memories in that Davidson hall

  • This old scientist works better than sleeping pills

  • that polarized ring make me doubt moon landing.

  • After watching this I feel we are getting less smarter each day wow just wow.

  • Like me I drive past the rockets so much i forget they are there

  • But.... Can it run DOOM?

  • Ingenuity, capitalization, and raw motivation that it took to make these things amazes me.

  • So in theory you would only need 1 modern smartphone to fly a rocket to the moon? They did it with way less computing power.

  • linus doesnt apreciate those masterpieces, he just laugh about it :(

  • linus, whose yer daddy?? pop said, say my name!! :D

  • what a story. TY

  • 👨‍💻Another piece of 🚀Nasa 👩‍🚀history we don't see everyday👋👍 unreal

  • ask it to Stanley Kubrick

  • My mother was one of those women who threaded magnetic cores into the memories. Her qualifications? Mom.

  • "Hmm. That wasn't the problem after all." Yeah. Been there, done that.

  • Linus, for God's sake. please *PLEASE* don't drop it.

  • It's insane to think they were capable of all this in the 60s and were having such a hard time trying to do the same with waaaaay more advanced technology.

  • i thought it was Linus in the thumbnail

  • omg what if that computer crashed

  • im not nearly as smart as I thought I was

  • Dude! This is the coolest thing I have ever seen! Thank you!

  • Ft. Linus Sebastian

  • That's what I find amazing about old technology. It's hard to understand these kinds of things, but it is so much easier looking at old tech. When somebody says memory stores data, you get a general idea, but seeing physically woven magnets to act as data storage makes it really amazing. It's also why if you are interested in computers and how they work on a physical level, one way to get a general idea is watch Minecraft Redstone builds of ALUs, CPUs, etc. Closest thing you can get to working on the transistor level without being rich, haha.

  • I like Linus when he is more quiet. :)

  • Linus holding that gives me anxiety.

  • Linus and that dam hoodie...

  • Turns out Luke is a time traveller and has been working for Linus as a younger version of himself for a few years.

  • That's a great video, I recall "Curious Marc" had his mates trying to get the Apollo computer to work, they had issues with the core memory but they worked through it, so far they've made 26, parts it's so interesting

  • You should've had LGR talk to that man! He There would've been a dozen custodians armed with mops ready to go.

  • As close to the space and rocket center as I work, I really should go up there one day to go through the newer building.

  • can it run doom?

  • Read Salt, it is the best.

  • Who downvoted this?

  • When you see this you start to understand how Nasa can say they lost the technology to return to the moon. They're really saying we'd have to invent this all over again...

    • No, we didn't lost technology, we lost the spirit! It's all about profit, politics and political correctness nowdays ... May GOD bless America, cause we could really use some

  • so the sad truth is that they didn't have to rush out competitor countries to the moon and wait a few centuries to develop a decent computer that would allow them to go even further than the moon? Oh man that human-ish pride is just causing headaches and serves noone any good.

  • can it run minecraft?

  • Garum being made today as Fish sauce?

  • 0:59 - never do that, he will drop it!


  • NASA's dun goofed. They could just strap some RGB leds on that memory module to instantly get triple performance.

  • How did Linus not drop it or was that edited out?

  • No, they didn't program the computer by threading the cores. That's B/S. It's RAM! But its totally static. So even after years turned off, the data is still there. I used to have a PDP-8/A and I found my program in the core memory after many years. You might be able to actually read what you have in your hand here.

  • That is probably why you'll never meet a computer scientist from back then that doesn't work glasses.

  • The Navy was still using core memory in its air traffic control systems in the early 90s. I was electronics tech back then and I knew the AN/TPX-42. It had 64 kilobytes of core memory. My home computer back then had more memory.

  • Imagine believe the propaganda used against USSR ...

  • Linus daily dose of trip. . .

  • I tried to watch one of linus’ videos but it just made me feel incredibly stupid. He might as well have been speaking a different language.

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  • really fun and informative video thank you for making it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • This always be mind blowing to watch..

  • when debugging a computer literally meant picking bugs out of a cabinet the size of a car...

  • Don't stop ending with scripture

  • Garam

  • There needs to be more linus and Smarter every day... its like when jimmy neutron and timmy turner had that joint episode.

  • Hi, I remember when I was a child having a Casio calculator watch. I had a teacher tell me that it had many times the memory and I think computing power of the computer that took space ships to the moon. I can remember trying to imagine how that could be, now I understand 🤓.

  • well thats a scientisst

  • Linus just realized that he and all "nerds" these days, are not nerds at all.